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CHCLEG001 - Work legally and ethically
To complete this project, you are to access two policies or procedures from the workplace and conduct a detailed analysis and review. This review is designed to determine how and where you could improve the legal and ethical practices within the organisation. It is not expected that this be a formal review whereby the new policy or procedure will be implemented into workplace practices. However, if this project supports the review process, then that is acceptable. Access the applicable policies and procedures for your existing system Accessing legal and ethical requirements to inform review of the policies or procedures Source information on any specific legal requirements that must be met Accurately interpreting the information you have sourced Recognition and analysis of legal and ethical issues and requirements that must be addressed in the policies or procedures Using methodologies to seek feedback from work colleagues and supervisors Using feedback to make any necessary changes and sharing the changes with colleagues and supervisors Review policies or procedures through consultation Please use the sub-questions given in the main question to expand your answer to these...
Child development / philosophy ECE 100
I need help passing my exam for child development ECE 100 due at 11:55 I need a c or higher nothing below a C or i won’t pass the class or course and won’t get my credit...
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