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Contractor Claims Statistics for California & the U.S.

I work with a masonry firm in the Los Angeles area. The owner has authored a book about how to find, vet and hire a contractor as a homeowner. He is looking to gather some statistics as a part of the project that shows shocking statistics involving contracting, unlicensed contractors, law suits, complaints, etc in the state of California and US wide that will capture readers and entice them to buy the book. 

We have found some statistics with the Department of Consumer Affairs, but they are hoping for a deeper dive than this if the information can be found through other sources. Here are some examples of the stats he is looking for: 

1. How many complaints are placed every month / every year? 

2. On average, how much does a homeowner lose when hiring an unlicensed contractor? 

3. On average, how many homeowners are scammed by contractors? 

4. On average, how many licensed contractors are fined for violations? 

5. On average, how many unlicensed contractors are fined for violations? 

6. How long do investigations take? 

7. Do homeowners get their money back after investigations?...

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