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Does the presence of a nutrient increase the likelihood of evolving the ability to use that nutrient?
USE AVIDA ED TO COMPLETE PROJECT LINK: https://avida-ed.msu.edu/app/AvidaED.html ALSO USE PEER REVIEW SOURCES AND THE FOLLOWING TEXTBOOK TO WRITE PAPER AFTER EXPERIMENT Evolution, 4th Edition, Futuyma, ISBN 978-1-6053-5605-1 Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology, Ayala & Avise, 4th Edition PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW AS WELL, THERE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 10 TRIAL RUNS AvidaEd Project The assignment is to design a simple experiment on evolution that can be performed using the AvidaEd program, demonstrating some simple evolutionary principle that we have learned about in class You must design the experiment, perform it, record your data, analyze your results, and then write it all up in the form of a scientific paper. A scientific paper has 5 parts: Abstract The abstract is single paragraph in which you summarize your entire paper. It is a succinct and clear explanation of what you did, why you did it, and what you found. Even though the abstract comes first, you write it last. Introduction The introduction is an explanation of the general area of science in which your work fits, and how your work fits in...
Evaluating an exponential function that models a real-world situation in R
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