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Machine Learning Prediction model
I have to create a prediction model for the variables: Pollution of CO2, Population, Oil Reserves, Food per capita The data sets for these variables have to be up to date I will then compare the prediction models with the models from the book "Limits to growth"...
Stock Price Prediction ML Python
Using a stock price with more than six years of history, build a classifier at a daily level predicting whether the next day’s highest stock price will be higher or lower than the previous day’s highest stock price. I recommend excluding 2020 and 2008 from your analyses; 2012-2019 is a good range. In addition to the previous day’s stock price, please create at least four additional non-trivial features, one of which must cite and implement a feature you find in academic literature. Lagged versions of other features do not count as additional features. Feel free to use any source of stock price data you wish (as long as it is accurate!)...
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