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Data Analytics for Fashion Business
Data Analytics for Fashion Business Task You have been hired by a small company that sells women's apparel. The owner has asked you to perform some data collection and analysis in order to determine a strategy for improving sales. You have collected past customer data from 2017 to analyze the company sales. Using your data analysis skills, complete a series of data analysis tasks to create a report for your boss. As you complete the questions below, please note: * For the following tasks, you can decide to use either the Excel formula or Excel Analysis ToolPak. ** Make sure the title, axis, cell format ($, decimal points) are consistent, accurate, appropriate. *** In your written answers, make sure to be specific and offer insight based on the data analysis. Use the actual numerical data to support your suggestions. For example, don’t simply say “need more users”. Instead, “given growing annual sales in x, y is suggested”. Make sure to answer all the questions!...
Marketing exam that is 2 hours long, 30mcq and 3 written answers
I have a Marketing exam that is 2 hours long, 30mcq and 3 written answers that you from out of 4 questions. Its is it June 9, 7 pm Ottawa time that I would like to get done for me...
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