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I have a Microsoft excel assignment to do. You just follow the steps. I have instructions I have to follow and create an excel project. All the answers are already there. You just need to follow the steps and do what is on the instructions. Needs to be done by 11:30 pm....
Microsoft excel to show apr on biweekly mortgage pymt
I need someone to show me the way to figure the apr on a biweekly mortgage payment in excel. I have the mortgage amounts, the interest rate, etc. I have an excel file I can upload....
I need help completing my first Excel Exam
I already completed the first question and part of the second. I need the second part of question 2 and all of 3 completed. It has to be all on one excel file. I uploaded the data and the questions....
how much for this excel sheet to be created
This project requires you to develop a course gradebook from scratch using MS Excel. Do you wonder what grade you might earn in this course if you do well on the rest of the assignments? You can create your own spreadsheet to predict your course grade! Look at the Gradebook in this course to see what assignments and discussions are required for this course and how much each one is weighted towards your final grade. In one column, list each of these assignments. In the next column, either put the grade (as a percentage of 100) that you have earned on the assignment (if it is already graded) or the grade you hope to earn on the assignment. Underneath the list of assignments add a cell labeled "Final Score." In the cell next to it (underneath your list of scores) create a formula that uses the weighting of each assignment to calculate your final course grade. You will be graded on use of all features, professional impact, organization, creativity and overall impression. (Remember, creativity makes an impression!) Be sure to include these key features (and more): number formatting, wrapping text, merging cells, naming worksheets, font styles and sizes, borders, adjustments to column...
Complex Excel-Analysis Assignment
It is a 2 part assignment with 2 worksheets provided. Part 1 needs you to impute the missing data and then turn into a visual where a wider audience can understand Part 2 needs you to Calculate the weighted average for “urban,” “mostly rural,” and “completely rural” counties for each U.S state. Then to list any inconsistencies, if any. I've attached all the instructions in a pdf and the two Excel worksheets. Please let me know if you need anything else....
Completing Project Assignment in Excel
Follow Excel instructions. Some of the instructions are done although I had trouble doing the rest. The instructions on what to do and the excel that needed to be done is already in the files. Thank you in advanced....
Excel small assessment (20min)
It is just a small assessment of 3 excel questions that probably take about 15-20 minutes. I am looking for someone who is experienced in excel and is 100% sure to give the right answers....
Excel Data Analysis Survey Sheet
Please review the attached data and create a one pager in Microsoft Word that outlines key insights and recommendations (feel free to format however you'd like)....
Excel formula to calculate ETA for a list of orders.
I need a formula that calculates the ETA for a list of orders, One sheet is a list of parts that are needed by sites and on another sheet there's a list of parts that have been ordered for those sites and the ETA associated with quantities to receive....
Excel project for my school (Clemenson)
Guided Project 4-3 Clemenson Imaging analyzes expense reports from field representatives as well as patient and image data. To complete the worksheets, you format data as a table and build an advanced filter. You import a comma-separated text file (.csv) and use the Subtotal command. Finally, you display data in a PivotTable. [Student Learning Outcomes 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8] File Needed: Clemenson-04.xlsx (Available from the Start File link.), ClemensonText-04.csv and ClemensonWord-04.docx (Available from the Resources link.) Completed Project File Names: [your name]-Clemenson-04.xlsx and [your initials] Excel 4-3Word.docx Skills Covered in This Project Format data as an Excel table. Build an Advanced Filter. Apply conditional formatting to filtered results. Sort data by multiple columns. Import a comma-separated text file. Use the Subtotal command. Export data via the Clipboard. Create a PivotTable. Alternate Instruction for Microsoft 365 Apps icon This image appears when a project instruction has changed to accommodate an update to Microsoft 365 Apps. If the instruction does not match your version of Office, try using the alternate instructi...
I need to build query in excel
need to build query in excel do the following: - Compare customer locations (latitude and longitude) with branch locations and find closest location and calculate the distance in meters....
Excel Project. I need someone to complete
Instructions: 1. Project 1: Use the Raw Data (SumIFs) tab information to create a table for each location in the SumIFs tab with Clicks, Impressions, Cost and Conversions for each location. On this project the use of a SUMIF or SUMIFs statement is required. 2. Project 2: Using the data found on Raw Data (Pivot Table) create a Pivot Table that shows the same information and layout as the SumIFs project. In order to do so a Text-to-Columns in the Raw Data sheet is in order, and then once the Text-to-Columns is complete the Pivot Table can be created. Once the Pivot Table is created, create Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion formulas by using the Formulas -> Calculated Field feature in the Pivot Table. (Cost per Click = Cost/Click, Cost per Conversions = Cost/Conversion) 3. Project 3: Using either/or a Pivot Table or a SumIfs create a Heat Map using the Raw Data (Time) sheet that demonstrates what day of the week and what time of the day this account gets most of it's conversions on the Heat Map tab. Use conditional formatting to color the heat map to visualize performance. Within the same tab, provide a written recommendation for where you suggest this client focus their ...
eSkill assessments on Excel 2016
I have two eSkill Excel assessments that I need completed ASAP. These are part of a hiring process that has been rushed and I do not have time to complete them tonight before the requested deadline. I can provide the access codes to someone confident that they can complete and perform well on two Excel 2016 assessments....
Excel vlookup formula is not working correctly
I need help with a completion tracker at my work . I get a daily completion report in csv format that has completion of two trainings 101 and 201 . My formula was working well for 101/ but 201 is not getting tracked...
Independent excel Project 3 to show skills have been mastered
Due by 7/26/2021. I need my excel project completed to demonstrate that I have master the skills taught in this chapter. If you have excel expertise it is greatly appreciated....
Independent excel Project to show skills have been mastered
Need assignment completed by 7/26/2021 no later than 10pm. Excel independent project to show that I have master skills and techniques of excel taught in chapter 7....
Microsoft excel calendar project
1.Create calendar in Microsoft excel and develop a time sheet for two weeks for a work force of 10 construction workers. In week 1 of the project, the workforce will work five consecutive 9 hour days. Include a calculation of the total weekly hours at the end of each week. Calculate the total gross wages for each week, assuming a base pay rate of $20/hour. Any overtime hours worked should be paid at a rate of (base pay) * 1.5 Save assignment as an ms excel workbook...
Excel Project - Family Budget with 4 features
PROJECT 1: EXCEL Over the past two weeks, you have studied some of the advanced features of Microsoft Excel. The exercises in this project will reinforce some of the concepts learned. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Using Excel, you will create a NEW spreadsheet, using formulas, functions, and formatting tools, based on a budget for your home/family (you can use general items if you prefer to not list your specific items). PROJECT REQUIREMENTS For your completed file, you MUST include FOUR items that you learned from the assignments readings for Weeks 1 and 2, such as (1) advanced charts, (2) advanced graphics, (3) advanced formulas, (4) advanced functions, (5)goal seek, (6) pivot tables (7) all types of advanced formatting, etc. Be creative and innovative, and include many items from Excel to visually represent your budget, both as calculations for income and expenses, and for charts and graphics. Here are some more items you can include for expenses: Retirement savings, 401K investments, parking, getting coffee, expenses for cars, car maintenance, yearly registrations for vehicles, gym memberships, clothes, shoes, student loans, interest on items such as mortgage (principal and interest list...
help with excel word and powerpoint
i need someone to do some assigments on my behalf its for an agency i am applying for and there are 30 questions each on how to use excel , word , powerpoint and outlook. Once you start them you are timed so i cant stop them. i will send them an email a link my username and password where they can complete the tasks. as long as i get 70% or 80% and above im happy with that , this needs to be done before saturday 10pm...
i have a test and need help the topic in excerl are DAX and POWER BI
the test ends in 1hr 20 minutes so should be quick and should have good knowlage in the topic in excerl are DAX and POWER BI. the test will consist of 5-7 questions...

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Ms Excel is an electronic spreadsheet that was developed by Microsoft for Windows, Android, iOs and MacOS. It is used to organize, manipulate and store large chunks of data. Excel is one of the most widely used computer programs, necessitating need for students to learn it. However, the concepts are not a walk in the park and can be confusing at times. Students are assigned different projects that require them to use Excel, which they might not be conversant with.

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One can filter the data necessary for a given task, reducing the data to be analyzed. There are also other tools in Excel like Pivot tables that hasten the decision making process. Excel is highly compatible and can be used anywhere, saving the time that could be consuming relocating to an office.

  • Collaboration

Several users can simultaneously work on a spreadsheet, which is made possible by Excel Web App. Therefore, teams can share ideas and large data sets with no difficulty. The ability to collaborate means that there is no geographical hindrance to sharing any information.

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