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Recently Asked PHP Programming Assignment Help, Questions and Answers

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PHP and MySQL homework in XAMPP application
Create a MySQL database and tables, Query database using PHP (list, add, search for, delete records in a database),Implement best practices to secure user password, Implement form-based web authentication in the user log in process,Use prepared statements and user-defined sanitizing functions to prevent certain injection attacks,Provide client-side validation using JavaScript and server-side validation with PHP,Implement session management on chosen web pages,Design a dynamic web database application. Answer all the questions in the document below and also make comments to your coding to explain what you are doing in each line....
PHP QUIZ - Constitution Final
Hide Assignment Information Instructions Please note: It is just a given in our industry that your code has to run! If your code does not run, you will not receive any points. You will be creating a PHP-driven web site that is a practice quiz for people taking the civics portion of the United States Naturalization Test. There are 100 possible questions for this portion of the test; however, in practice applicants are given only 10 questions, chosen randomly. An applicant must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test. Your task is to use the 100 sample questions provided in the official Civics (History and Government) Questions for the Naturalization Test document. (Dr. Alfaro will provide a PHP code snippet with two arrays, one of questions and one of answers, which you may use.) Your application should display ten questions at random along with a text input box for each answer. The user should be able to input a short answer, and the script will compare the user's answers against the correct answers. Be sure to convert any special characters to HTML! When checking for correct answers, CASE SHOULD NOT MATTER. Also, your...
PHP homework
I will give details later....
I need to direct a PHP form to the correct directory

For right now I just to figure out how to find the path to the correct PHP database. I imagine it would take like 5 minutes for someone who knew what they were doing.

I need help with php homework with codeigniter

The project is student brigade evidention with xampp / localhost database ( students firstname , lastname , email etc , doesnt have to be complicated , keep it simple )

requirements are 

-> application has login form ( email and password from database , registration is voluntary ) 

-> application has to be connected to database => working adding ,deleting ,editing ,viewing (this basic stuff)

-> there has to be page accesable with button where are at least 4 graphs from database using InnerJoin 

-> responsive design

First 4 requirements has to be done , doesnt need to be perfect , it just has to work 

you can use any type of boosttrap for design...

->bonus requirements are 

=> ajax search -> to be able to search in database

=> export to pdf 

Web Component creating applications using MVC architecture

Instagram Style Web App using Boostrap, PHP, and jQuery

Specifically, you will create the following:

Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery

Home Page

Contains information about your application (be creative)

Provides links to Register/Login

If a person is already logged in, goes to the photo browsing page

Registration Screen

Users of CITPics must register for an account before they are able to login and upload photos.

All registrants will be normal users (0 for value of u_isAdmin)

Registration should ask the user for:

First name

Last name


I need help with my web progamming lab, I haven't started yet and its due in a couple days.
  • Create and troubleshoot database connections using PHP
  • Accept user data, and save it to a database
  • Recall data from a database and display it to the user
  • Develop a feature to delete a user
  • Build a feature to show deleted users
  • Finally demo your lab via Zoom Session(1-3 minutes/student)

I haven't started yet, the database engine I'm going to be using is MySql and I'm also having trouble installing it into my computer.


PHP Web Progamming Help

Create an order page for a business that sells one product. Customers (users) will enter their name, their shipping address, their phone number, select the quantity of the product, and select a delivery method. Form must be neat and styled functionally. Include a picture and description of your ‘product’. All data must be validated and sanitized. Order data should be saved to a database. Your order form must use at least one of each of the following: text fields, radio buttons, drop down lists, and checkboxes (you can add additional questions to meet these requirements).

Your form must be sticky. That is, if a user fails to enter in valid data in one or more fields, the user will have their previous entered data presented to them. 

This form should use single page processing/be all-in-one. Use POST.

You must validate all entered data.

Specifically, names should be letters, spaces, and apostrophes only, addresses should be broken into appropriate parts and check for validity (for example, zip code should be 5 digits; also, assume all addresses are US addresses), phone number should be in the format you reque...

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PHP programming assignment help

PHP Assignment Help courtesy of expert programmers

If you want PHP assignment help, then you are at the right place. We are here to assist struggling programming students with their PHP assignments, which can be often complicated. Our expert PHP assignment writers possess in-depth knowledge about this server-side scripting language. So, you’ll not just get help with your homework, but develop analytical and writing skills from their model answers too.

PHP Assignment Help

What is PHP and why you need php programming assignment help?

The student confusion with PHP language starts with its name. PHP is simply Personal Home Page but is a recursive backronym of Hypertext Preprocessor.

It is a server side scripting language, meaning its codes are interpreted at runtime. Initially it was designed for the web, but has since become a general purpose language used to develop Static and Dynamic websites, and Web applications. But still, you only require a web browser to access the PHP scripts, which means it is not dependent on the operating system.

In use, a PHP file contains PHP tags and possesses an extension “. php”. These files are embedded into HTML code, or used in combination with various web applications, including web frameworks, and web templates and content management systems.

Areas Student Seek Online PHP Assignment Help

Our experts handle many areas in PHP, but there are common areas students get stuck often, leading them to seek the help of professional program writers. Such areas include:

  • Basic Syntax that defines how programs are interpreted and rewritten.
  • PHP forms, which is a lifeline for data retrieval.
  • PHP math functions
  • PHP exception handling
  • PHP cookies
  • PHP sessions
  • Database access in PHP
  • Arrays –associative, enumerated, multi-dimensional etc.
  • File system functions of PHP
  • PHP filter
  • User defined functions in PHP, and many more.
  • Validation of user credentials.
  • PHP with AJAX
  • Database programming
  • Network programming, and much more.

We can’t mention all the areas, but our scholars provide PHP assignment help for virtually every PHP field.

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