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Presidential forms of government are superior to parliamentary forms of government
For the take-home exam, you will be writing a paper that is identical to the paper you've already written in terms of structure and analysis. In the paper you will be taking a position on a topic and writing your paper in such a way as to provide a supporting argument for that position. The essay will be typewritten, double-spaced and a maximum of 1,500 words long.Papers will be graded on: (i) argument structure and flow, (ii) depth, breadth, and originality of the analysis, (iii) research and sources, and (iv) style, spelling, and grammar. You should cite the textbook but you can also do outside research and cite a few extra sources if you wish. The take-home will be graded using the same rubric as the paper you've already written. Take-home exam is 34% of final grade The topic for this paper is: Which system of government is better, presidentialism or parliamentarianism? You will be embedding (and, if you wish, adapting) one of the follow two thesis statements into the first paragraph of your paper: Presidential forms of government are superior to parliamentary forms of government; OR Parliamentary forms of government are superior to presidential forms of government. ...
essay on a book 10 pages
For the paper, you should continue to provide the summary, but spend more time and space assessing the persuasiveness and validity of the argument and working out its implications. You might think about this in the following way: why should we pay attention to this author and this book? What do we learn from it? What implications does it have for the future of American (and/or global) politics? Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition Book by Roger Scruton...
Simple correlation between two variables. Need help to analyze data

I have a simple dataset that I need help to analyze.

There are five variables in total in the dataset, but I do not need to check the relationship between all of the them. 

Variable A has two values, and variable B has five values. 

I need help to check the answers I have got from the data, and to see which measurements and test are appropriate.

Data file is in SPSS. More information, and the dataset can be provided, for those interested. 

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