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Postgresql Assignment Help: Find Postgresql Questions and Answers

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I need a capstone project finished ASAP. Please make an app that follows requirements. 350 is my offer.


The final version of your app will need to meet the following requirements:

Your app must do something interesting or useful

Your app must be a fullstack app using React, CSS, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL.

The client and API should be deployed separately and stored in separate GitHub repos.

Both client- and server-side code must be tested.

At a minimum, you should test the happy path for each endpoint in your API and include a smoke test for each component in your React client. If time permits, include tests for the unhappy paths for each endpoint and add snapshot tests for your client where appropriate.

Your app must be responsive and work just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop devices.

All code must be high quality, error-free, commented as necessary, and clean. When a hiring manager looks at your code, you want them to think, "This person has great coding habits". There should be no errors in the console.

The styling on your client must be polished. That means choosing fonts and colors that make sense, correctly sizing different components, and ensuring that it looks great on both mob...

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