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Lab report: Build your own thermometer lab answers

For the portfolio assignment, you will complete a lab report for the Directed Inquiry: Build Your Own Thermometer worksheet. Follow the instructions below to complete and submit the lab report. You are not required to complete the Communicate section located on page 129. 

  1. Using a Microsoft® Word document, create and complete a table for the data you collected.
  2. Complete all parts of the lab and submit them as one Word document in the following order:
    1. Pre Lab answers
    2. description of your thermometer scale
    3. data table
    4. Analyze and Conclude answers
    5. Post Lab answers
Cardiovascular Activity Lab Report
I will create a title based on the activity you decide to conduct. I have included the rubric and requirements for this lab report. My professor is a "by the book" type of grader. He cares less about whether or not the experiment was successful or not, but more about if you're meeting all of the criteria in the rubric accordingly. Feel free to get creative or keep it simple....
Quantitative data analysis for political science in excel
Assignment 2 Quantitative data analysis The aim of this assignment is to descriptively analyse and present data in a clear and correct manner with the Excel software. More concretely, this assignment examines: 1.)students’ understanding of how to analyse quantitative data;2.)students’ ability to analyse quantitative data, and to present the data and results in a clear and correct manner;3.)students’ professional skills of working with Excel, which is a widespread software in the professional world, user-friendly to present data and more accessible than other statistical programmes such as SPSS. Democratic backsliding, that is de-democratization is an increasing concern in many democracies around the world. Next to the rise of right-wing populist parties which tend to favour more authoritarian governance styles, neo-liberal policies that enforce marketplace mechanisms on the educational sector and thereby hamper the role of education in raising autonomous and critical participants in democracies, are seen as a potential threat for democracies. In this assignment, you are asked to investigate two questions: 1) Is there really a change in th...
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