Overview of Tutlance Freelance Tutoring Service

Tutlance is a top tutoring exchange marketplace where students, teachers, and other professionals in need for help can connect with highly experienced experts. Tutlance is a highly interactive website providing enough features for you to hire the right expert to complete your task and answer questions online. This platform eliminates the need for third party companies which exaggerates the price of getting online help with school questions.

Academic Honesty Policy.

Our Platform aims to offer online tutoring and help our customers learn and help businesses flourish by providing sample projects. Please note that our Platform may not be used to obtain answers to exams or quizzes. As a result, clients should not ask Experts to take their exams or quizzes. Besides, our services are Sample-Based because it offers concepts. As a result, under no circumstance should a Client submit any Sample as their own. Our Platform does not tolerate any form of Plagiarism. As a result, tutors should uphold high standards of professionalism and offer quality Samples to the customers. Besides, under no circumstance should an Expert agree to take quizzes or exams for a Client.

At Tutlance.com, we only onboard the very best experts in over 100 fields. Our experts undergo a very vigorous process before they are allowed to bid on projects.

Here you will be able to post your request for free, chat with our handpicked experts, and hire the best expert in your own terms. These features guarantee that you are able to hire only the best expert online.

We maintain a commision free escrow service, a feature that ensures that you only release the payment to the expert once you are satisfied with their answers.

Here are the steps involved in getting your questions answered:

  1. Post your project for free: Posting your order for bidding is free of charge. Post the requirements, budget, and deadline. You will only be required to make a deposit when you select the best tutor.
  2. Receive bids from the experts: Sit and watch while the experts outbid each other.
  3. Chat with the experts: Use an inbuilt feature-rich secure chat system to chat with the interested experts. Ask the bidder about their experience, education,..e.t.c Review their profiles and assess whether they are the right candidates.
  4. Choose your preferred expert: It is time to choose the best expert among the interested experts. Agree on the price, timelines, and deliverables. Sign the agreement and pay the deposit to our escrow.
  5. Communicate with the expert directly: Once you assign the order, keep open communication with the expert and ask them for constant updates if need be.
  6. Evaluate the completed work: Once the expert uploads the completed answers, deposit the remaining amount to the escrow and take your time to review the work. If you need amendments, contact the expert for revisions otherwise, approve the work (and rate the expert) for the expert to get paid