how to write a classification essay

How to Write a Classification Essay Guide

There exist properties that distinguish one item, thing or data from another. The moment you establish these properties, you classify them into suitable categories. You can now write information regarding these classifications which mostly appears as a comparison. Middle school, high school, and college students are likely to experience these types of essays. Their instructors assign them to establish if they can identify the most appropriate way to group certain things. In most cases, students find themselves hiring essay writers online to help them write perfect classification essay papers. 

What is a classification essay?

A classification essay, therefore, is a piece of writing that arranges topics or themes based on similar properties. The majority of the students are used to writing narrative essay, argumentative essays, expository essays, imaginative , and other different types of essays. They might find classification essays to handle but upon grasping the requirements, it becomes more straightforward. An effective classification essay will show that certain things or ideas belong in the same category. This essay further provides information about each of the established groupings. Hence, classification essays require thorough research to gather adequate material for each category. Some of these groups may be quite contrasting.

Writing a flawless classification essay

The writer requires adequate preparation before starting to work on this type of essay. Take your time to determine why you are placing each item into a given category. The following steps will help you to come up with a perfect english essay.

1. Gather ideas on an appropriate topic

This step is crucial, mostly, when the instructor has not provided an area you should focus on. You need to identify the most appropriate title and subject for your essay. Consider how much information is available on the items or things you intend to analyze. Therefore, it has to be an area with at least three ways of subdividing the content. Consequently, you will get enough ideas to place in each of the subdivisions. The topic must also be something that not only interests you but the reader as well. How long will it take you to collect the information that best fits each of the classifications?

2. Come up with a thesis statement and categories

Your thesis statement should enable the reader to identify which approach you will take. After reading your thesis statement, the audience must now anticipate more information. Your thesis statement can take a format such as; (topic)… (Mode of classification)… (Category 1)… (Category 2)… (Category 3). For example, The American audience has embraced three film categories; comedy, science fiction, and action movies. The most effective way to come up with appropriate categories is first sorting them into useful groups. For instance, in an office, while tidying up, one can organize papers. There are those that need filing, being destroyed, given out or others worked on immediately. Similarly, your essay requires that you consider how your topic can be grouped. Then, ensure that you apply the same principle to organize each category. Finally, give examples that best fit each of the categories.

3. Conduct thorough research

Now that you have your categories and various research paper topics, you must dig deep and come up with information regarding each group. Use definitions to help the reader figure out what each category entails. Ensure that you use credible sources that validate each content you include. In each category, be as informative as possible. Identify the characterizing features of each category and accompany with examples. As you write about each category, name the arising similarities and differences, if any. Do not forget to write down the sources from where you derive your ideas. Use a proper essay outline to draft all information that may be useful while writing your essay.

4. Structure your classification essay

Essays follow a certain structured order, with a varying number of paragraphs, depending on the required word count. Your classification essay also requires an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

This paragraph explains which items you are grouping as well as the purpose of your essay. Your introduction must be catchy lest the reader will lose interest at the beginning. Start your introduction on a high note and create vivid images in the reader’s mind. If you are talking about sports, you can describe a vibrant and typical stadium. In discussing films, make the reader visualize the theatre before even taking them through the movies. End your introduction with a short and clear thesis statement that automatically gets your audience to the net paragraph.

  • Body

The body paragraphs range from three to more, depending on the number of categories. You may also be discussing items that contain a lot of crucial information. If so, split the sections in each category instead of using one long paragraph. Describe each of the categories in a separate paragraph. Start by detailing the criteria you adopted, the pros and cons of the items, and relevant examples. Most writers organize the categories beginning with the less popular/ specific, moving upwards. Use a logical flow to avoid getting mixed up. This technique will also make it easy to compare and contrast the different categories. To move from one paragraph to the next, use signal phrases such as; in this category, classified according to, and this type of, among others.

  • Conclusion

Provide a brief summary of the various items that you have discussed. You can highlight their strengths and weaknesses and make a recommendation where possible. If you must pick a particular category, give the reasons for coming to that decision. Ensure that your conclusion is not a repetition of the whole essay. Restating the ideas requires that you do it uniquely to ensure that you end your work on a high note.

Review your classification essay

Most students skip this step, especially if they are in a hurry to submit their papers. The mistakes present in your essay may cost you several points. For instance, wrong spellings could give the wrong meaning to your category. Look for a peer editor to help you proofread your work and make the necessary amends. In this digital world, students have embraced online academic writers to help edit their essays. They are professional and reliable especially when handling urgent classification essays.

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