Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics And Ideas To Write About

So you have been assigned to write a descriptive essay without any other instructions and you are wondering how to come up with a good idea for the topic.

Well here is a list of 160+ great descriptive essay topics and also a few things you should keep in mind while trying to find your own descriptive essay topic.

Characteristics of a good descriptive essay topic

  • Must be interesting: A good descriptive essay topic should be interesting enough to capture attention from readers right from the start! And if it does, then we know our next step will be easy.
  • Must show creativity: the second thing you need is some creativity.  You must think outside of the box when thinking about ideas for your paper so using already used topics or subjects won't do at
  • Must be clear and concise: Come up with a clear topic for your essay, something that will catch the interest of your readers and add clarity to the overall presentation such as "What I did on my summer vacation" or "My favorite food". Avoid vague topics like "The importance of friendship" or "My last birthday party".
  • Avoid controversial topics: Avoid controversial descriptive essay topics such as abortion, politics or religion unless you know what you're talking about. The more specific and detailed your essay topic is, the better it will be presented in your descriptive essay.

Some general academic essay topics that are suitable for descriptive essays include:

1) scenery, country and place where you live

2) personal possessions such as your house or car and what it means to you

3) people, their attitudes, interests and looks.

150+ Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics With Examples

These topics are very interesting and can be used for your descriptive essay writing task. You can also review some interesting research paper topics for better ideas.

#1: Describe an interesting hobby:

The first step to writing this kind of essays is defining clearly the topic . You probably know already what it is, but make sure to pinpoint all the attributes that define specifically this activity (characteristics, specifications, causes are some) and decide how much space you want to dedicate on each one of them.

#2: Describe your favorite place to relax:

This type of essays is slightly easier than the previous one since it does not require introducing an activity but rather describing a location . However, do not make the mistake and think about just any boring spot around; this should be a special place where you always feel comfortable and relaxed. In order to make your article more interesting , mention how you discovered this place and why it became so important for you (how did it change over time).

#3: Describe a great place for family holiday:

This kind of essays should be written about the location you would never want to change , where even spending couple of weeks is just not enough. The place must be described as detailed as possible: public infrastructure, local population, cuisine etc… Everything that surrounds this destination will have an impact on your future and final decision whether it is worth visiting or not!

#4: Describe a favourite cartoon character:

The topic can sound childish at first glance but if you think carefully what are children's favourite cartoons most likely they are those who possess outstanding individual characteristics . Those personalities might inspire us further in our lives' decisions therefore I believe we still can learn from them. Again, the most important part here is to choose a specific character and then visualize it in details (i.e list its main traits).

#5: Describe your favourite place near home:

The aim of this type of essays is not necessarily encourage people to visit that spot but rather explore places they may never heard about before . Describing such location should be approached with care since you do not want to scare away your reader by revealing too many minor details! To make it more readable let's focus on describing scenery instead of objects inhabiting it .

#6: Describe your favourite teacher:

This type of essays is probably one of the easiest to write , since you can use just a few common sentences (i.e: "My favourite teacher is Mr/Mrs Smith because he/she has…").

#7: Describe a place you dream about:

If there's something we all constantly think about it is how to spend our free time the most effectively . In such situation reading a descriptive essay on such subject may be an excellent idea. To make it more interesting try not only describe that place but tell something about its history . This will show your readers you have some deeper knowledge and although they also will not know where this place is…they'll still envy you!

#8: Describe a friend who has changed your life:

The aim of this type of essays, like previously mentioned in How To Write An Essay About Your Friend , is to show via real-life examples what type of company can influence us in a positive way . Such person must be described as detailed as possible (personality, life story etc…). This will help readers visualize that person and understand why they should behave in similar way.

#9: Describe a place you want to live:

If we are being honest there are few people who don't dream about their own house or flat . And if you have found it – describe this place as detailed as possible (i.e list all its rooms and furnishings) to show your readers how much you love this place!

#10: Describe the most beautiful sunset/sunrise:

The aim of these type of essays is not necessarily convince us that particular location is worth visiting but rather encourage us to explore our surroundings more often in order to witness such beauty .

#11: Describe your dream job:

The aim of these type of essays is quite simple – describe a perfect job for yourself based on what you like! Such description must be limited by its main aspects (i.e list all necessary skills, salary and level of responsibilities).

#12: Describe something frightening that happened to you

#13: Describe your fishing experience

#14: Describe a place that makes you feel calm

#15: Describe your childhood friends.

#16: Describe a place you've always dreamt to visit.

#17: Describe an achievement that makes you proud

#18: Describe a place the university that you would like to join for Masters studies

#19: Describe your favorite place to spend time

#20: Describe one scientist with important contributions for mankind

#21: Describe a place where your parents met

#22: Describe a place where you'd like to live in the future

#23: Describe an impressive technology

#24: Describe a place that you like

#25: Describe how you perceive God.

#26: Describe a place where you had fun

#27: Describe what is it like to be a football player

#28: Describe someone who was very important in your life

#29: Describe food that is memorable

#30: Describe what a special gift means to you

#31: Describe your house

#32: Describe something that saved your life

#33: Describe a day as an ER doctor

#34: Describe your role model

#35: Describe how to make a pizza (a process essay)

#36: Describe the strangest party you have been in.

#37: Describe your experience in travelling in a train

#38: Describe yourself - self identity essay examples

#39: Describe a happy occasion

#40: Describe your favourite subject

#41: Describe a man you admire

#42: Describe your neighbourhood

#43: Describe your favorite movie

#44: Describe a messy place

#45: Describe a neighbourhood you dream about

#46: Describe your favourite christian song

#47: Describe the room where you have grown up

#48: Describe an unpleasant experience in a hotel

#49: Describe when it's raining outside

#50: Describe a fictitious exciting weekend

#51: Describe the experience of being the only child of your parents

#52: Describe the friend that has helped you grow

#53: Describe being given as a present

#54: Describe succeeding despite failure in multiple tries

#55: Describe the feeling of being afraid

#56: Describe your father's appearance

#57: Describe the most memorable meal of your life

#58: Describe someone who means everything to you

#59: Describe your favorite place

#60: Describe a nightmare that you will never forget

#61: Describe a book or article of your choice

#62: Describe the qualities of an interesting person

#63: Describe your last night dream

#64: Describe the villain in any novel of your choice

#65: Describing any object of your choice - How to write a descriptive essay about an object 

#66: Describe a scene from your favorite movie

#67: Describe a person, place or thing from the past

#68: Describe your first love

#69: Describe an important event from your past

#70: Describe an important person from your past

#71: Describe an important object from your past

#72: Describe an interesting event that happened in your home

#73: Describe an interesting place that you would like to visit

#74: Describe an interesting person you would like to meet

#75: Describe the events of 9/11 bombing in United States of America

#76: Describe an interesting time you have experienced in the last one month

#77: Describe your daily routine during the holidays

#78: Describe your favourite animal

#79: Describe your favourite short story book

#80: Describe your favourite celebrity

#81: Describe a country you have visited in the past

#82: Describe your favourite halloween costume

#83: Describe your favourite family holiday

#84: Describe your favourite movie actor

#85: Describe your favourite music artist

#86: Describe your favourite restaurant in your neighbourhood

#89: Describe your favourite song genre

#90: Describe your favourite sport

#91: Describe a walk in the forest at night

#92: Describe a fictitious journey to the moon

#93: Describe a visit to zoo

#94: Describe a visit to a museum

#95: Describe a visit to a public library

#96: Describe a visit to a hotel

#99: Describe a visit to an amusement park

#100: Describe an exciting event occurring in your school

#101: Write a descriptive essay about yourself  

#113: Describe a trip to a museum

#114: Describe your religion

#115: Describe an interesting lesson in school

#116: Describe your mother

#117: Describe a weird person you know

#118: Write a descriptive essay about someone special to you

#119: Write a descriptive essay about summer

#122: Describe a time when something went wrong

#123: Describe a time when you went on a trip to Dubai

#124: Describe a time when someone was mad at you

#126: Describe a time you went on an adventure

#128: Write essay about my favourite book

#131: Describe the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen

#132: Describe the most interesting person you've ever met

#134: Write essay about my favourite song

#135: Write essay about my most memorable holiday experience

#137: Describe a person who strongly influenced me

#138: Write essay about something that influenced my life significantly

#139: Describe a book that strongly influenced me

#140: Write a descriptive essay on my most unforgettable experience

#141: Write an essay describing my family

#142: Write about an interview that changed my life

#143: Describe a science fair project that affected me deeply

#144: Write about being a volunteer firefighter

#145: Write about problems in our world today

#146: Compare two characters in a book

#147: Write about a disaster that changed my life

#148: Write about my first dream or nightmare

#149: Describe a bad experience with a teacher

#150: Describe your high school experience

#151: Write about my first part-time job as a library assistant

#152: Describe a challenge that I overcame

#153: Write about my least favorite book/movie - (writing a 5 paragraph essay)

#154: Describe your favorite summer activity (eg. at the beach)

#155: A descriptive essay about place where you like to spend your weekends.

#156: Describe a trip by car/bus/train

#157: Describe your most memorable birthday

#158: Describe the objects on my desk

#159: Write a 500 word essay describing your bedroom

#160: A great descriptive essay about shopping experience at the mall

#161: Write an interesting descriptive paragraph about an online math class

General Tips when writing an essay on any interesting descriptive essay topics

Like other type of essays, any descriptive essay topic can be written following a common essay outline. Here is a recap on how you will write an essay on the topic of your choice.

The main idea – this is the topic you are going to write about. It can be a simple phrase or even very abstract concept , but it should always define clearly the purpose of your essay

All supporting elements – these are facts, figures, statistics, examples etc… that help illustrate your point of view and help you plan an essay.

  • A descriptive essay introduction – basically this paragraph gives a preview on what you are planning to discuss throughout your paper (note how general it should sound so that your reader get interested)
  • Body: try not to include any emotions in your essays. Instead focus on describing just these things: features (such as eyes), actions (eating), physical surroundings (house), physical objects (table) or appearance (hair color).
  • A descriptive essay conclusion paragraphs – this part summarizes everything discussed in the body paragraphs
  • An essay title – this is the last thing you should write before submitting your incomplete essay. It can be just a one-sentence short story, which will introduce your student to the descriptive essay topic you have written about.

These are some of the best descriptive essay topics that you can write about.

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