How to write an essay - Academic Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is an art that requires the writer to convert a particular set of ideas into an argument. Since they are linear, essays provide one idea at a time. There should be a continuous flow of ideas to attend to the reader’s logic and to make them understand the argument under discussion.

The thesis statement dictates the information that will be covered and predicts the structure of the essay.

how to write an essay

What an essay?

An essay can be defined as a short piece of writing, which is often written to express one's thoughts or ideas on a particular subject. It can be found in most of the disciplines in arts and literature and it is also discussed in the social sciences, history, law and theology. An essay usually incorporates arguments supported by evidence through a series of informative paragraphs-the longer essays are generally divided into sections such as introduction, main body etc.

When you write an essay, your main purpose is not to share experience or create something beautiful; instead you want to come up with an answer which supports your ideas based on facts and prove them through logical arguments supported by evidence. These facts and evidence can be family history, personal experience and many other things.

The essay is different from a research paper for several reasons; some of them are listed below:

  • An essay is short. It does not contain more than 10 pages. A research paper on the other hand can have up to 100 pages or even more in length. 
  • In an essay you use your own words in order to clarify your thoughts while in a research paper you have to go through certain rules such as formatting and data analysis because you will be writing a report on someone else's work.
  • An essay is more of literary genre than a research paper that falls under science. Thus, the argument supporting an essay has to be logical while for a research paper it doesn't always have to be so.

In order to write essays one must pay attention on some important aspects such as:

  • Well developed thesis statements - they help readers focus on what you want them to notice and understand.
  • Good organization statement- in other words it should flow well from one topic to another without any contradictions or confusion. 
  • A good introduction that catches reader's interest and makes him start reading your work with interest. It should also answer the questions what are you going to discuss your essay about? and what is your point of view? 
  • An outline that would help you to make sure that you cover all important things.
  • Effective closing sentences- they should contain main point/argument supported by evidence. If there is no such evidence, then you have to add one more sentence informing the readers where did you find it or how do you know for sure.

Essay writing is not an easy task if one doesn't follow any structure in his work . It takes time and more importantly enough hard work.

But if done right, them it provides a good sense of accomplishment which motivates the student to achieve better results through hard work.

Although there is no set formula, certain classic essay types such as comparative analysis follow specific guidelines.

Before writing an essay, there are five things you should clearly understand which are:

  • Understand the topic you are covering

  • Understand the type of essay you are supposed to write

  • Identify and understand your reader

  • Familiarize with the essay writing process

  • Understand the essay structure

Understand the topic

Before writing your essay, there are three main factors you should consider which include: thesis, type, and audience. The thesis is an important component that determines the type of essay and the target audience.

It's important to understand the topic you are supposed to cover. Make sure you understand the objectives the essay is supposed to meet. The topic dictates the language you are going to use and the type of essay you will be required to use.

For instance, an essay on "Compare and Contrast the Congress of Vienna and the Treaty of Versailles" will require the writer to extensively use compare and contrast phrases.

If the goal of the essay is to provide a substantive analysis of a topic, then you will be using the language of an analytical essay.

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Understand the type of essay you are supposed to cover

The type of essay you are supposed to cover is determined by the topic and the objectives you want to meet. There are various types of essays that you are likely to come across which include:

Here are the 10 most popular essays that you can cover:

Persuasive and argumentative essay

Persuasive essay persuades the audience to adopt a particular idea. You are supposed to select a specific topic and support your claims with well-researched information from credible sources.

For argumentative essays, you can just explain why you have chosen a certain point of view on a given topic.

Although it should support the thesis statement with detailed, well-presented arguments, argumentative essays should mention both sides of the thesis statement.

For instance, if you are focusing on the positive side of the story on “should marijuana be legalized in the United States,” you should highlight several reasons why marijuana has not been legalized.


A few topics for persuasive/argumentative essay you can cover include:

  • Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

  • Should young people be allowed in drinking areas?

Critical Essay

This is a type of essay that evaluates and criticizes artistic works, books, films, movies, or speeches, events, scholarly works, and scientific advancements.

A writer is expected to provide engaging and informative content to the audience criticizing whether a book, artistic work, or film managed to convey the message or how well the work was done.

Critical thinking skills are required when tackling this type of essay. You need to think deeply to get the main reason why you are criticizing something. Besides, you need to support your opinion with evidence from credible sources. For instance, when criticizing a portrait, various questions can guide you.

These critical questions include:

  • Do you think the painting was great?

  • What aspects of the painting bothered you?

  • Are there any identifiable faults that bothered you?

  • Do you have evidence to support your claims?

Some topics on critical types of essays that you can write on include:

  • Discuss the ending of the first season of the Marvel series "The Punisher

  • What are the benefits of embracing climate-smart agriculture?

  • Discuss how Napoleon is presented in the War and Peace


Descriptive essay

This type of essay provides a detailed overview of a certain situation or topic. It's a common type of essay in high schools, colleges, and universities. Various tips can help you when writing a descriptive essay that include:

  • Brainstorm and describe your feelings in the essay

  • Rely on your senses and use them to express your feelings

  • Use descriptive words such as bright, persistent, tenacious, flexible, luxurious, dynamic, mellow, committed…

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Compare and contrast essay

This type of essay provides a critical analysis of the similarities and differences of two events, objects, or things. You are supposed to present a clear comparison of two events or things to the reader. For instance, you can be told to compare and contrast the League of Nations and the United Nations.

At times, a compare and contrast essay might require the writer to compare two things. Also, a writer might be required to contrast two things, providing detailed information on how the two things differ. However, in most cases, both parts might be combined into a single essay, requiring the writer to compare and contrast two things in one essay.

Some examples of compare and contrast essays include:

  • Compare and contrast the Congress of Vienna and the Versailles Treaty

  • What’s better between homemade and restaurant meals?

  • What are the similarities and differences between traditional juicers and modern juicers?

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Cause and effect essay

In this type of essay, a situation is presented and supported by thoroughly analyzed results. This type of essay is common in history and literature classes. A cause and effect essay concentrate on how a cause and an effect relate.

A few topics that you can write on include:

  • The causes and effects of World War I

  • The causes and effects of air and water pollution in urban areas

  • The causes and effects of the Cold War

Resource: How to write a compare and contrast essay

Creative essay writing

In this type of essay, you are supposed to choose a topic and merge various styles and ideas to come up with an enticing story. Creative essays require a chronological flow of events that took place at a given period. These essays cover a fictional event that took place. For instance, you can write a creative essay on “the day I will never forget.”

Analytical Essay

This type of essay combines the implementation of personal preferences and critical thinking to provide a detailed analysis of an idea, event, or topic. Although they are slightly similar to descriptive essays, analytical essays are more detailed. They use a descriptive style but have a specific outline. Since they involve classifications, you should strictly follow the detailed format for analytical essays. Various tips can help you when writing analytical essays which include:

  • All paragraphs must be clear and only one category should be mentioned in each category.

  • Identify various categories and mention the advantages and disadvantages for each.

  • You can go beyond the 5-paragraph format if you have more categories to cover. However, your essay should be within the recommended word count.

A few topic suggestions for an analytical essay include:

  • Political systems in the United States and Canada

  • Drugs in sports

  • Technological advancements in the biotechnology industry

  • Cultural analysis essay writing


Process Essay

This is the type of essay that explains a step-by-step structure of how something happens or how it should be done. Process analysis essay provide detailed instructions that are performed in a specific series. For instance, you can be told to write an essay on “how to make soap” or “how petrol is extracted from crude oil”

When writing process essays, proper transitional words must be used. This helps the reader to understand the process discussion faster. Phrases such as: in the first place, next, in conclusion, initially, after the, and eventually should be used.


Expository Essay

This type of essay educates the audience on different ideas or topics. On most occasions, it doesn't use personal opinions and doesn't convince the reader to adopt a certain idea. Since it requires one to research an idea and evaluate the evidence from different sources, expository essays are quite challenging compared to descriptive essays. Ideas must be supported with evidence from credible sources.

Some expository essay topics that you can write on include:

Narrative Essay

Although it’s similar to creative writing, writing a narrative essay follow specific formatting styles to form a story. A continuous flow of ideas or events is required in this essay. Narrative writing is common in high schools, colleges, and universities. In simple terms, narrative writing tells a story about a certain event or activity that took place at a given time. Narrative essays do not require much research since they are personal types of essays. However, unlike creative essays, narrative essays need a point that should be clarifying.

Some suggestions for narrative writing include:

  • A tragic experience that transformed you into the person you are today

  • Your mother’s life journey

  • Your memorable childhood memories

  • The moment you met your life partner


Understand your target audience

Before writing down the essay, your final consideration is to understand your target audience. It can be either the admission counsellor, a teacher, a researcher, your peers, or the general public.

The targeted audience influences the language you will use regardless of the type of essay you are writing.

They influence the style, word choice, and language and determine whether the essay will be casual or formal. Besides, the audience influences how emotions like ultimate confidence and cautiousness are expressed in the essay and affect the tone.

Essay Writing Process – How To

To craft engaging and high quality essays, blog articles about essay writing, poems, screenplays, short stories, term papers, research papers, and dissertations, it’s important to follow an orderly writing system.

An efficient writing process helps you organize your thoughts, prepare, create an outline for the essay, draft your ideas, address all the subtleties, and polish your essay before presenting it to the reader.

When writing your essay, you should consider following the five-step essay writing process:

  1. Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a crucial step that helps you gather a wide range of ideas that are based on your thesis or prompt before you begin writing. Generating many thoughts provides a clear image of what should be used in the essay and helps you set aside ideas that won’t fit in the paper.

  2. Preparing: In this phase, you are required to create an outline for your essay and collect adequate information from different resources that should be used in the essay. Next, thoughts that were gathered during the brainstorming phase and ideas collected from different sources are isolated and placed in different categories. They are then organized in a logical and progressive order to ensure a continuous flow of ideas supporting your thesis. The essay structure, contemporary citations, and empirical evidence are incorporated in this step.

  3. Drafting: This is the main stage where the collected ideas, evidence, and intext citations are put into writing. To avoid missing the big picture, ideas should be well-organized in your first draft. Omitted ideas should be included and any errors rectified before getting to the final draft. The fact that there is no specific number of times that you should draft the essay gives you the freedom to make and correct errors within the allocated timeframe.

  4. Revising: This stage involves addressing all the errors and subtleties glossed in the first and subsequent drafts. Catch and rectify common mistakes in the sentence structure such as passive voice, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and wordiness. Be keen on word choice and clarity and revise any use of sophisticated writing techniques.

  5. Proofreading: After completing the main revisions such as correcting sentence fragments and passive voice, your last step should be to proofread your essay to correct minor issues such as grammatical errors, formatting issues, misspellings, punctuation, and technical issues. Check whether proper transitional words are used between paragraphs to ensure a smooth flow of ideas throughout the essay.

Essay structure

As a writer, it is important to understand the outline of an informative essay. Coming up with a well-structured and organized essay is easy although it requires the writer to do extensive research and practice on the outline. The basic essay structure contains three sections which are:

  1. Introduction

  2. Body

  3. Conclusion

Learn more about how to structure an essay.

comprehensive essay


First impressions matter in essay writing. A catchy introduction plays an important role in grabbing the reader’s attention and persuades them to read the entire essay. A good essay introduction must:

  • Contain a hook to grab the reader’s attention;

  • Reveal the thesis statement or the main argument;

  • Provide a brief overview of the main ideas discussed in the essay.

A strong attention-grabber convinces the reader to go through the entire essay. Depending on the target audience and the type of essay, attention-grabbers can either be informative or anecdotal.

The thesis statement of an essay shows the main argument that will be covered in the essay.

Background information on the main argument of the essay enables the reader to understand the essay from a writer’s point of view.

Body paragraphs

This section supports the paper’s thesis statement and discusses the ideas in a detailed and well-organized manner.

A topic sentence is required to introduce each paragraph. Proper transitional words should be used to ensure a smooth flow of ideas.

All ideas should be supported by well-researched primary and secondary sources to enrich the thesis statement.

Each paragraph should contain its point that relates to the main argument in the essay.

Precise language and robust vocabulary should be used to illustrate different ideas.

Tips to consider when writing the body paragraphs

Various tips can help you professionally craft your body paragraphs. They include:

  • The body should only discuss points that relate to the thesis statement

  • A continuous flow of ideas should be maintained throughout the body

  • The second paragraph should explain the second point while the third paragraph discusses the third idea.

The body paragraphs should contain:

  • A clear topic sentence;

  • Well-researched supporting detail and evidence;

  • A proper transition between body sentences and paragraphs;

  • A concluding sentence to bring the paragraph to an end and to tie the arguments to the thesis statement.

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In an essay conclusion, you summarize the different points discussed in the essay, remind your audience of the objective of the paper, and mirror your final thoughts. However, new ideas should not be introduced in the conclusion. A good conclusion should:

  • Provide the specifics in your introduction;

  • Rephrase your thesis – this makes it more meaningful and enables the reader to understand the main objectives of the essay;

  • Remind the reader about the main objectives of the essay and make them understand why the ideas presented in the essay are important;

  • Conclude the essay with either a general statement or a final thought.

The last step in writing a comprehensive college essay is proofreading , and don't forget to use it! A poorly constructed sentence with spelling errors or grammar mistakes can ruin an otherwise good paper.

Remember that people are not interested in reading papers full of such errors; they read them because they want to know more about the topic covered or find help with their problems.

Do not let yourself down by wasting time on trivial errors; focus instead on making sure your arguments flow well together and that each piece of information has a place in your overall argument.

Video: Writing an academic essay step by step

Good Essay writing tips

Certain tips can help you enrich your essay and improve your writing skills. They include:

Create an essay outline

Your essay should be well-organized with a continuous flow of ideas. It should follow an introduction, body, conclusion format. For instance, if you are writing a process essay, the steps should be organized chronologically and no step should be omitted. Analytical, process, compare and contrast, and expository essays have a specific format that should be followed to present ideas in a chronological format. For instance, mixing up points in a process essay explaining "the process of manufacturing Sulphuric Acid using the Contact Process" can ruin the entire process being explained.

Conduct extensive research

Extensive research is required when covering analytical, persuasive, cause-and-effect, and compare and contrast essays. Essays should be source-rich and the ideas should be supported by information from credible sources. However, referencing information from other sources should be done moderately.

Acquire a deep understanding of basic punctuation, style, and grammar

A high-quality essay with engaging content uses incredible grammar and style. Before writing an essay, you should develop a solid understanding of grammar basics. Your sentences should be well-formed and proper pronoun and article usage should be ensured. Avoid wordiness and use of passive voice. Active voice enriches the tone of your essay and makes it stronger.

Understand your thesis

Before writing your essay, ensure you understand your thesis to avoid being out of topic. It can be quite frustrating to write down a 7-page essay only to be told you are out of topic. Once you understand the main argument, critically analyze the evidence you are planning to include in your essay. Ideas and sources that that doesn't support your main argument should be excluded.

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What is an academic essay?

An academic essay is something that is written by a student who has to undergo academic activity. It is always related to education, which is the main task of the students. There are several types of academic essays: research paper, assignment, term paper and dissertation.

All these different papers fall under one category — an academic essay. Essays have many features in common with each other, especially with research papers and term papers.

In academic essay writing, it should contain a title page, introduction; references may also be required in some situations (depending on your teacher's expectations).

You need to explain why you chose this project and what motivated you to conduct it as well as the methodology which was used during the research process (how did you conduct your research, make observations and perform experiments).

Also, you should thoroughly discuss the results of your work as well as clearly explain how they will be applied in practice.

The main difference between an essay assignment and other types of academic paper is that it is much easier to write an essay than a term paper or a dissertation.

It does not contain so many details like the previous two papers require. Thus, some students use this type of assignment only for improving their writing skills without considering its educational purposes too seriously.

No matter if this essay is written by a student who intends to apply all his knowledge and abilities into it or with no serious intentions at all – a useful piece of text must always have several specific traits: relevance (the goal), significance (importance), coherence (clear connection between all parts of the work, good structure), correctness (grammar and spelling) and readability.

All essays are written on some definite topic that is assigned by your teacher. Your task is to explain what you know about it, prove your thoughts using materials from different sources, evaluate some ideas expressed in these sources and make your own conclusions based on them.

You should always write an essay with a specific purpose: to persuade readers that your goal is correct or to provide information they need for performing their tasks. Your essay will be considered as having no value if you fail to either convince readers about the validity of your views or inform them about something new they will not find useful at all.

In this case, the only way to avoid negative assessment is to choose an appropriate subject and find a proper approach to your readers.

Any type of academic assignment requires serious attitude towards your work. This means that you should pay enough attention not only to its general features but also to each separate paragraph and sentence.

Your essay's readability highly depends on whether or not it has unity – all paragraphs clearly relate to each other and form the whole body of information about one certain topic. To achieve this effect, use transitional words between paragraphs (e.g., finally etc.), organize main ideas by using outlines, diagrams or tables, make sure that every word contributes something valuable towards completing the whole meaning of this part.

Also, do not forget about punctuation marks: make sure that every sentence is formed properly by using spaces between words, commas between independent clauses and full stops at the end of each sentence.

Every good essay is written under some specific rules. The main rule here is to choose a proper style which you will then use throughout the entire work. To determine this style, take into account what your teacher expects from you (whether he wants an essay written in MLA format or APA one) as well as which type of opinion he wants to know: whether his students support him or not.

how to write an academic essay

Basic academic essay format

What is the format of an academic essay?

A good academic essay should always follow a specific format so that readers can understand what your paper is about. Here are some basic tips for how to write an academic essay (basis format of an academic essay):

  • Introduce your topic by using an introductory sentence.
  • Use specific and relevant examples or cases to illustrate your ideas.
  • State the three most important points of your work at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Develop each point using logical arguments and facts that support them.
  • Keep it interesting by adding visuals, quotes, or brief stories if possible.
  • Stay in the allotted word limit depending on what kind of academic essay writing you are working on (e.g., a term paper might need up to 10,000 words).
  • Use proper English, as it makes your writing more interesting and credible.
  • Make sure that all necessary information is included (e.g., references or a bibliography).

Read more on essay format for details about academic essay writing format.

Academic essay structure

The structure of an academic essay includes three sections: Introduction, Body, and conclusion.

The introduction of an academic essay includes the thesis statement, which is the main idea or thought to be communicated to the reader. The conclusion of an academic essay usually contains a summary of what has previously been said in the body paragraphs (the main part of an essay), along with any final thoughts you may have about your subject matter.

Writing an academic paper requires good knowledge of its structure and style rules . Thus, pay attention to the following elements: presentation (as it sets one's position towards the topic), facts and examples (use them to support your point of view) and conclusion (sum up all discussed statements).

The use of quotation from famous people may add credibility to one's thesis.

The last thing to consider here is the length of your work . Usually most academic essay writing papers should be no longer than 5-6 pages (i.e., 1500-2000 words) except for dissertation and long research papers . So, keep in mind that the best academic work is not to be too long or too short.

Academic writing resources:

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What is a comprehensive essay?

A comprehensive essay is a type of academic writing that covers a subject in detail. The goal of writing a comprehensive essay is to make the reader feel as though they have learned enough about the topic to discuss it intelligently. The writer uses sources to back up facts, figures and pieces of information in the essay.

The term "comprehensive" can be defined in many ways. It can refer to a report or essay that covers a lot of information, explains something fully or examines on topic from different angles. In other words, comprehensive means complete and thorough when writing college papers. Sometimes a writer may have trouble deciding what type of paper they should write. That is why this article focuses on how to create a comprehensive college essay based on examples and ideas about topics one could cover when writing such an assignment.

A comprehensive essay is a written assignment, which needs to be prepared by every university or college student. The reason why you have to write it is that this type of an essay clearly demonstrates your skills in the subject related to science and art field. In addition, it allows the teacher to analyze what areas are difficult for you and how advanced are you in this particular subject.

What is the purpose of a comprehensive essay?

The purpose of a comprehensive essay is to inform the reader about something that they may forget or overlook. The essay should give evidence on why a particular topic has meaning to society. A thorough explanation on how an event or person affects others can be contained within this type of paper. It provides reliable information to help people have clearer insight into their decisions and concerns. Writers also use this technique when proposing new ideas for changes in institutions that affect large groups of people. They give all sides in order for those who are opposed to feel more comfortable with the proposed change(s). Conclusions must be supported by facts and figures to eliminate incorrect information.

How is a comprehensive essay formatted?

The format of a comprehensive essay should be very similar to that of a research paper, or term paper. The difference between the two types of papers is the amount of detail included in them.

A research paper typically focuses only on one topic throughout the entire document, while a comprehensive essay covers multiple topics within one piece. In order for an extensive piece of writing to flow properly, it should have a clear introduction, body and conclusion like any other type of academic writing.

They also use subheading categories that divide the main point into smaller sections to make it easier for readers to comprehend what they have read in-between headlines.

This helps writers prove their points in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

What are the different types of comprehensive essays?

There are many different types of papers that could be considered "comprehensive."

For example, a writer could write a comprehensive essay about how the Great Depression affected American culture. This paper would not only discuss how it impacted the economy , but also on art and literature.

One can write an informative paper examining all the facts and figures relating to why social security has become such an important issue in America even today. This type of paper can be written for students who have difficulty deciding which major they should choose at college. The advantages and disadvantages of choosing one career over another should be stated with good reasons as evidence to support both sides. This will help the student decide what career path is best for them to take and why. When writing a comprehensive essay, writers consider all possibilities of how an event or person affected other people within their society .

What type of sources must be used in a comprehensive paper?

All types of credible resources can be used when writing a comprehensive essay. Sources such as encyclopedias, books, periodicals and the Internet can all be cited. However, it is important to use reliable resources that do not contain irrelevant or misleading information . All sources must be cited properly in order for readers to easily find where you obtained your information.

What are some examples of comprehensive papers?

A short essay about depression could include a wide range of topics related directly and indirectly with depression.

For example: how the mental illness has affected people's lives , the treatment options available and organizations dedicated to helping those with depression.

It is also possible to write a paper on why children under two years old should have mandatory health checkups.

This topic would focus more on current events related to the subject instead of something like depression, which could have more of a history behind it. Another example would be to write an essay about how the actions of one person can affect so many others around them.

How is a comprehensive paper different from an informative paper?

An informative paper is similar to a comprehensive college essay in that it must have a clear thesis and supporting details.

The main difference between these two types of papers is that with an informative piece, writers focus on specific topics while leaving out others.

Unlike a comprehensive essay where one writes about everything and anything related to the topic given.

Source materials used in this type of college writing should also be strictly limited to credible sources that contain only fact-based information without any personal feelings or beliefs added into the paper.

How can a writer compose a comprehensive college paper?

Writing a comprehensive essay of this kind requires the use of several steps:

  1. Research and find all relevant information about the topic at hand,
  2. Collect all sources used to support your arguments,
  3. Organize these ideas into an easily readable hierarchy that is both organized and easy to follow.

The introduction should flow from one point to another as you move toward your conclusion. This will help readers have a clear understanding of what topics are being discussed in each section. Once completed, remember to footnote or annotate any source material in order for readers who wish to do further research on the subject may find where it was obtained . Make sure not slip up with anytime you cite text because if you do it will be hard for readers to find the right citation among all of your sources .

Making sure your thesis introduces the essay

Your choice of topic has a direct impact on how you structure your introduction.

If you are writing about a topic that has been covered before, such as the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, it may be best to introduce your essay with a brief overview of what most people think about this subject.

However if you are writing a paper on a more obscure issue like metaphysical poetry in Canada between 1910 and 1915 , you should provide your reader with more detail. Perhaps write an outline or chart of information that summarizes what little is known about this movement so the reader will be able to quickly understand how little there is known without having to read through several paragraphs.

Either way make sure you tell readers why they should care enough to read the rest of your comprehensive college essay .

The body needs an introduction too!

Once all sources have been properly cited make sure the information that you collected is in some type of order.

This can be difficult for a writer, but if you do not organize your arguments properly then readers may have difficulty understanding how each source supports your thesis. It may also help to create an outline before beginning work on the body.

Pay particular attention to introduction and conclusion statements ; make sure they refer back to what is stated in the introduction so there will be a sense of unity throughout your paper.

Tailor your supporting details to fit

One thing that determines whether or not a writer has done comprehensive college essay is making his or her supporting details relevant enough that they actually support their thesis ; they need to add something important by this I mean facts , figures and helpful statistics that will make your paper stand out as different. If you have done all the steps mentioned so far, then there should be no problem at all.

When writing a comprehensive examination essay, there are some important rules that need to be followed:

Comprehensive essays will always include a thesis statement. This part should help create anticipation as readers want to know more about what they can expect with rest of your paper. Well-written thesis statements usually supply enough information regarding the topic at hand but also leaves room for curiosity of the reader because it is not clear in what direction your essay will be headed.

Also, you should make sure that the thesis statement includes a narrow topic so that it can be analyzed and evaluated effectively within the given time frame. In addition to this, if you end up writing one long sentence as a thesis statement then it can prove to be quite problematic for readers as they will need to skim through it first before deciding whether or not they would read the rest of your paper. A comprehensive examination essay is usually divided into several parts where each part focuses on one particular aspect of the main issue which has been mentioned in your thesis statement. Therefore, if you are planning to write about two or more topics then it is very important that you divide them separately.

Another important aspect of writing a comprehensive essay is that you provide an introduction, which gives readers an idea about what to expect in the rest of your paper.

Comprehensive writing should contain every kind of evaluation techniques and strategies which are associated with it. Usually instructors require their students to use critical analysis as well as analytical methods of examination so make sure to use them all if necessary. 

Comprehensive essays have more content than other kinds of papers since they consist of diverse aspects such as historical analysis, social evaluation, cultural exploration etc. Therefore, if you are planning to write about only one topic then make sure to divide it into several parts where each part will be dedicated exclusively to one particular aspect of the subject being discussed in your paper. Then provide an introduction which includes information regarding the source you used for your research and when did you use secondary sources vs primary ones.

In order to make your essay sound convincing, you need to provide strong arguments and references for your claims. In addition, it is very important that you structure your paper correctly as this also plays an important role in the overall quality of the assignment.

It is a good idea to use some transition words such as however, moreover etc so make sure that you don't misuse them since they can weaken the overall quality of your writing assignment. Furthermore, we encourage students who are planning to submit their work online through our website to insert some relevant links within the text if possible so readers would be able to find more information on topics which have been discussed in detail throughout your writing assignment.

Comprehensive examination essays vary from topic to topic so always read through the instructions carefully and make sure that you follow them to the best of your abilities. As mentioned above, if you are in college and have to write a comprehensive essay then follow our steps in order to get the highest possible grade.

If you made any mistakes while writing a comprehensive paper then do not hesitate to use proper editing methodologies in order to fix them all. If after reading through your final version you still feel that it is not good enough, then we strongly suggest that you order professional essay assistance online today! However, don't forget that no matter how hard this process might seem now, once you start writing the first sentence everything will fall into place very easily.

Comprehensive essay outline

A good comprehensive essay outline should consist of a introduction (thesis statement), some major supporting points in body section and conclusion. Students who have never written a paper before can refer to this simple comprehensive essay outline:

Detailed instructions on how to write each section of a comprehensive essay:

Thesis Statement - It is the most important part of your writing assignment because it will determine the overall quality of content in your writing assignment. Therefore make sure that you include only relevant information within it since if you fail to do so this can lead to failure in college despite all other excellent scores that you might have achieved until now. Furthermore, if you are wondering how teachers decide whether text is relevant or not, then we suggest that students read through this article for more details about it. If you don't clicking the link, then here are a few good ways to make your thesis statement relevant: Use transition words such as for example, therefore etc and when you use them properly they can make your writing assignment look much more professional than before. Furthermore, it is a good idea to always start phrases with this or that because while reading through the text students will get an idea about what kind of examples are being used within each paragraph. Use statistics if possible but make sure that they are reliable otherwise this might lead to failure in college despite all other excellent scores that you might have achieved until now.

Comprehensive Essay Paragraphs - In order for the reader to understand the topic better, make sure that you divide each paragraph into smaller parts so readers would be able to understand the main idea much better. Furthermore, it is a good idea to start each sub-topic with an introductory phrase and then use the rest of the paragraph for providing strong arguments in order to prove that each statement made within the introduction can be true. Usually, students have to write between 3-5 paragraphs depending on how many points teachers want them to address within their writing assignment. A general comprehensive essay outline includes at least 3 paragraphs so make sure that you divide them into smaller parts in order for readers to understand all major concepts which are being described throughout your paper.

Comprehensive Essay Formatting - If you are wondering about how formatting plays an important role in improving overall quality of content then read through this article and find out all the details. Most teachers suggest that college students use MLA format in order to write their papers but if you are not sure about how it works then read this article and find out everything you need!

Comprehensive Essay Conclusion - If after writing a comprehensive paper a student is left with some extra time, then it would be a good idea research on what essay conclusion should include and how to format it properly. If you did your best while writing a comprehensive paper, but just cannot seem to come up with an amazing conclusion make sure that do not hesitate to seek professional help online because there are many highly-qualified writers who can offer assistance at any time of the day. Overall, even though these steps might seem very overwhelming right now, you will be able to master them if you have an unlimited access to the internet.

The article outline above is just a basic one, but you can always change it and add more details if needed.

Conclusion, final thoughts and takeaways

As you can see from this article that a comprehensive paper is not so hard to write. The key thing would be to stick to the topic and give it all you got.

One more tip I would like to throw at you is do not forget about formatting!

Do your best; use reliable sources and cite them properly and as mentioned earlier make sure to have plenty of time left when writing up such paper or research project for your college because last minute rush never works out well.

Once again good luck with that college essay! You will need it- trust me ; they are tricky things if done wrong!

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What is a thesis statement in an essay?
What is a thesis statement in an essay?

A thesis statement in an essay is the sentence in an academic essay that states the main point of the author's position and provides a preview of how this position will be defended.

A strong thesis statement is key to any good essay because it represents your stance on an issue and what you plan to prove during your argument. A strong thesis statement will always have a claim; however, this claim is much more specific than those found in other forms of writing. When developing a good thesis statement, one must first decide what their argument or stance on the issue is going to be. Once this decision has...

When planning an essay, an outline can help you___ a.criticize your opponents arguments b. put your evidence and

When planning an essay, an outline can help you___
a.criticize your opponents arguments
b. put your evidence and conclusions in order
c.qualify each of your claims and pieces of evidence
d. properly cite all of your sources in MLA format

Semiotic analysis of an advertisement essay
Write semiotic analysis of an advertisement essay with examples - Here are professional tips when writing a semiotic analysis of an advertisement essay....
Write a literacy narrative about your most memorable reading experience

Write a literacy narrative about your most memorable reading experience. Try to include specific sensory details and at least three examples of descriptive language.

Remember that your essay needs to be at least 300 words. When writing your first draft, feel free to write for as long as you need to tell the story of this experience vividly. Writing a first draft can take anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour or more depending on how much time you spend brainstorming ideas and details.

In your final essay, be sure to include a thesis statement, body with supporting details, and concluding paragraphs. When writing the last draft of your essay, make sure all three paragraphs are cohesive and work together to provide a well-rounded story for readers.

Remember that there is no specific literacy narrative prompt. Your essay can be about any experience with literacy as long as it is at least 300 words.

Good luck and have fun! Remember to use reliable sources to help you write your essay.

Your introduction should include a thesis statement and an explanation of what the reader will learn from the rest of the essay. It should also establish whethe...

How to write a naturalistic observation paper - Research essay examples

A naturalistic observation paper can be a valuable research tool for any social scientist. However, it requires that the researcher observes and records behavior in its natural setting without intervening or manipulating the conditions under which people behave. The potential benefits of this approach include allowing the researcher to study complex phenomena within a more realistic context, recording observational data from a rigorous perspective, and increasing the external validity of the study (i.e., its applicability to a larger population).

Naturalistic observation is most frequently used in the social sciences and it is commonly employed as part of an ethnographic or case study. Naturalistic observation is defined as: "a research method that involves observing and recording behavior where it normally occurs, for as long as it normally occurs, without attempting to manipulate or control conditions" . Because this approach does not involve manipulating or intervening with participants' behavior it allows for natural responses to be recorded more accurately by the researcher since these are more likely to occur when they are not being interfered with. However, there ...

Characteristics of ethnographic research design

What are the characteristics of ethnographic research design

Characteristics of ethnographic research design can be described as follows:

  • It is holistic in that it attempts to view the researched phenomenon from the perspective of every involved person.
  • It pays close attention to individual experience and takes context into consideration.
  • Data are collected through observation, interviews, and fieldnotes.
  • Ethnographers often live among people who are not familiar with Western ways of living for an extended period of time to develop rapport with them (most known method).
  • Ethnographic research is exploratory in nature; it attempts to discover rather than test hypotheses (most of the time). On this basis, ethnographers develop thick descriptions through extensive fieldwork.
  • Data are analyzed by applying themes or patterns that emerge from them.
  • This process is highly interpretive and may present some difficulties when trying to verify them with members of the culture.

Ethnographies often meet the criteria of positivism in order to confirm their findings on the researched phenomena. Th...

Ethnographic interview essay example

The essay example about the author's experience of an ethnographic interview is given below. Read this sample to understand how to write an ethnographic interview essay

Main Body:  Ethnography paper, interview, Example, Author

An Ethnographic Interview Essay Example For The First Person Narrative You'll notice that when the author is reflecting on their experience when they're writing about it, they use "I". This is what we want you to do because in an ethnographic interview you are telling your own story and how it relates to what you saw and learned.


  • Anthropology related approach
  • Study of human society through understanding the culture and customs of a group
  • Examine people's behavior and interactions within social groups

Ethnographic interviewing is an anthropological approach and first person narrative that involves studying a group of people or culture by describing, analyzing, and interpreting their behaviors, actions, and interactions. Therefore you'll want to tell your own story and how your experience relate...

Data analysis in ethnographic research

I need help with data analysis methods in ethnographic research. This is what my professor sent:

Ethnographic research aims to observe and describe human societies and cultures. Data analysis in ethnography may be done for several reasons: as a method of qualitative data analysis, as part of the iterative process of fieldwork such as memo-writing, and strictly during the closing stages of the research. It is at this third stage that an ethnographer tries to make sense of the data collected and starts looking for patterns, meanings and explanations.

In the first stage of analysis data is explored in a descriptive way. In theory, this should lead to identification of problems that need more detailed investigation or that could be used as part of a hypothesis statement. Theoretically, this would eventually lead to the development of an hypothesis which could be tested through data collection again.

In the second stage, there is selective coding and categorising, where different concepts are isolated and relationships between them highlighted. The categories used for this stage are not mutually exclusive but instead form part of a continuum or network of rel...

What type of conflict does mystique face in movie X-Men?

In the movie X-Men: First Class (2011), the character Mystique must decide between defending the people who hate her or using violence to gain human rights. What type of conflict does Mystique face?

  1. external
  2. literal
  3. internal
  4. restricted
What types of local conflicts became Cold War conflicts?

What types of local conflicts became Cold War conflicts?

a. only conflicts where a U.S. ally was a participant
b. conflicts where NATO members were participants
c. conflicts where the United States and the Soviet Union had competing interests
d. only conflicts where there was a shared border with a U.S. ally

What are the different types of conflict in a story?
What are the different types of conflict in a story?...
Which type of character is most associated with internal conflict? A.Foil B.Flat C.Round D.Static

Which type of character is most associated with internal conflict?

Which best describes a rule for subject-verb agreement? Phrases or clauses should never separate subjects and verbs.
Which best describes a rule for subject-verb agreement? Phrases or clauses should never separate subjects and verbs. Compound subjects joined by “and” are never plural. Singular subjects have singular verbs. Plural subjects can have singular or plural verbs....
What to write my college essay about?

What to write my college essay about?

I don't really know what to write college essay about - I want to write about the effects of bullying on society but I don't know if this ia a good college essay topic to write about for college level students.

Bullying is a form of abuse that is characterized by repeated, unwanted, and aggressive behavior that typically takes place over time. It can involve everything from verbal-harassment to physical violence. Bullies use tactics like making fun of someone’s quirky habits, insulting someone’s intelligence or getting others to gang up on an individual.

People have struggled with bullying for centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that anything was being done about it. This problem is often ignored because bullies are clever enough to take their actions underground so no one ever knows what truly goes on in schools and other public places where they are free to torment people without consequence. It is frightening to think that what we say and do can be misconstrued and taken out of context by someone with a big mouth and no empathy.

People often resort to bullying because they feel power...

how to analyze an argument in philosophy
how to analyze an argument in philosophy...
what are the five steps to analyzing an argument
what are the five steps to analyzing an argument...
When analyzing an argument, which element should you identify first? the reasons the claim the evidence the author
When analyzing an argument, which element should you identify first? the reasons, the claim, the evidence, the author...
What kind of evidence should be presented in an argument? Select two options. accomplished interesting relevant

What kind of evidence should be presented in an argument? Select two options.

  • accomplished
  • interesting
  • relevant
  • sufficient
  • biased
what are the components of accurate arguments?
what are the components of accurate arguments?...
a research based academic argument should be written in
a research based academic argument should be written in...