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5 Parts of an essay

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An essay has five basic parts and if we know them then it becomes easy to understand essay writing. So let’s discuss each part detail by detail. This will make you an expert of writing essays. Here are some points which will help you learn how to write an essay.

Essay writing is not just one topic writing. It is multiple essays on different parts inside one text. The basic layout and pattern of an essay are presented here.

Parts of an essay

Every one of these has several different elements that must be used in certain ways. The following will explain each part of an essay separately in a simple format.


“What” or “Why” paragraph. Titles, introduces the topic and states its purpose

The introduction is always the first paragraph in an essay. This is where you state what your essay is about or why you are writing it. You must do this without giving away too much information, so that the reader will be interested and want to read on

For example: The most memorable lesson of my life was when I ran into a burning building to save my friend. Through this experience, I learned many things.

More information: How to write an introduction for an essay.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is a one- paragraph summary of your essay. It gives the reader an idea about what you are going to discuss in your essay. A thesis statement should be clearly worded so that it can easily be identified when reading through the whole paper.

More information: What is a good thesis statement for an academic essay.


“How” paragraph(s) – The body paragraphs in an essay explains how elements relate to each other.

Here we have the three basic claim statements (or points), which will include examples and contextual Information for the reader in order to better understand what we mean by each statement.

Each claim statement should begin with an active verb; such as: ‘compare’, ‘contrast’, ‘explain’.

Each claim statement should follow an [Introduction – “What” or “Why”] paragraph, in which you explain the reason for writing this essay; and then each claim statement will follow one another.

In between each of the claims (so that it can be easily distinguished), are examples or evidence. When introducing a point, you must present its support; by means of both direct and indirect examples.

Use descriptive imagery to let your reader visualize each example so they can better understand what you are trying to prove using the information supporting your argument

More information: How to write body paragraphs in an essay.


Summarizes the discussion up until this point; it does not have to be in any particular order, but should make a final statement that summarizes what is discussed throughout the essay. This can help you remember everything you discuss in your paper. A concluding paragraph or section helps signal that your essay has come to an end. It helps readers see more clearly the relationships among different parts of your essay, and it reinforces your main points (paraphrasing them). The conclusion also allows you to leave readers with something to think about after they finish reading your essay.

More information: How to end an essay.

Reference Page – (Works Cited, Bibliography)

A reference page is a page at the end of the essay, in which we give credit to where you get your information from.

All sources must be cited at least once; MLA format calls for a parenthetical citation at then end of every sentence used from another source.

Work Cited is a list of all works cited (in alphabetical order) in your paper and also includes any charts etc.

More information:

We hope that this post has been a helpful guide to the parts of an essay. If you want more information, please ask your questions online. We will review the question and advise accordingly.

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