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An analysis essay requires the student to look at a work, idea, situation or event and use his or her critical thinking skills to offer an informed opinion about it. Analysis papers typically focus on how to accomplish a goal such as solving a problem or improving your skill at a sport, but they can also be used to explore the meaning of something through analysis.

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What is an analysis paper?

Define analysis paper: An analysis paper is a type of essay that specifically requires the writer to analyze their subject and then make an insightful statement about it. The best analysis papers will also include facts from their research as well as examples, evidence and details to support their analysis.

An important part of writing an effective analysis paper is deciding on your thesis statement. A good way to get started is to write a short paragraph identifying the topic and saying what you will be analyzing.

A good analysis essay should begin with an introductory sentence that offers some information about your subject and then moves on to the body of paragraphs offering your analysis, supporting evidence and details. The concluding paragraph brings everything together by restating the thesis statement and providing a brief summary or overview of the points that have been made in the paper.

Analysis essay is not just a piece of writing to show how much you know but also requires writer’s personal insight and stand on the issue. It means that analysis should be based on your own understanding, feelings and experiences if possible or from any reliable sources and references. Analysis papers do not involve just citing some other opinions and arguments but requires student’s own point of view expressed in a well-written way.

Writing an analysis essay that is well written, insightful originally is difficult for students as it requires detailed knowledge and experience on the subject, hard work and deep concentration. There are many information sources dedicated to writing about certain subjects so that you can get some ideas and examples on how to write an excellent analysis essay.

A good way for students to start writing their paper is by reading books and articles, watching movies or listening to music related to the subject they are analyzing. It will give them a better understanding of what they want to say as well as help them with details and examples.

Instruction and reference books related to writing analysis papers are also available on the internet so that students can read them free of charge in their own time.

Analysis essay offers many benefits for students whose goal is improving their academic success. It increases student’s critical thinking skills, teaches how to analyse different issues and topics and improves your ability to write your own original thoughts and opinions.

What does analyze mean in academic writing?

The word “analyze” is most commonly it’s used as a verb, meaning to break something into its component parts in order to better understand it. When you analyze an issue or problem, you examine all of its components and are able to form a judgement on the whole based on comprehensive information.

The purpose of analysis is understanding a situation or object rather than simply observing it. Analysis also means to break something into its components. This can show how a whole system fits together, and it can help us identify the causes of our problems.

The definition of analyze is words or ideas arranged for inspection or consideration in order to discover their meaning or importance; examine closely.

The root of analyze is the Greek word ánalysis, defined as “a breaking up, a dissolving” from ana-, meaning “up,” and lysis, which means “loosen.” The closest synonym for this word would be dissect.

Analysis can mean to carefully study and evaluate something. In psychology, it means observing how someone thinks or acts in order to find out why they behave this way. It can also refer to separating complex matter into its basic parts for examination or analysis. This is usually used when speaking about chemistry or biology.

Analyze: Examines closely; separates into constituent parts; makes an investigation of (something) in order to discover its nature or cause, etc.; employ analysis in determining the chemical composition of a substance.

In analysis essay writing, you make an argument by showing that your view is superior to others’. You can do this in two ways:

  1. clearly laying out the reasons why you hold your view and supporting it with evidence or examples; and
  2. carefully explaining the weaknesses of opposing views—their assumptions and evidence—and showing how they are inadequate compared to yours.

Essays are useful tools for examining and analyzing issues, exploring topics, thinking critically about them, and deciding upon a point of view.

This handout will give you some starting points for essays that attempt to analyze what has been said or written by someone else. Analysis involves looking at an issue more deeply than might be done through reading alone. It may result in a complete rethinking of the material or it may simply be an expansion upon, or application of, what is already known.

If you get stuck on your essay or can’t figure out how to organize your thoughts, see our handout for writing an analytical essay.

Still wondering “how do you write an analysis paper”? Let see how to write an analysis as a part of an academic writing exercise.

How to write an analysis paper – step by step guide on how to set up an analysis paper

Now that you have decided to write an analysis paper or a college analysis essay, you might be wondering how to start or where do you begin. There are many different ways on how to start off an analysis essay, but the best approach involves answering a certain number of questions on your topic. Some instructors prefer that you explicitly state these questions in the introduction. However, others require that they be implicit – available for readers to discover within the text of the paper itself.

An analysis essay is centered about an issue being discussed by academic communities and/or societies and it consists of two parts: a presentation of information and discussion about this information with reference to some cognitive tools (for example: statistics) from professional literature and practical experience. This kind of writing does not tell people what to think about the issue; instead, it invites them to consider what evidence they have, what they already know about the subject and how this evidence compares to other information they might possess. 

An analysis paper should approach a topic from different angles of thinking: for example, psychological or sociological perspectives. It is also advisable to use some outside sources in your analysis essay, if you feel that they are appropriate for the particular situation. You can find these resources on the Internet as well as at your school library. You may even want to consult with an instructor when unsure about whether a resource will be considered appropriate by your peers.

The purpose of writing an analysis essay is two-fold: (1) to formulating provisional (provisional) conclusions and/or (2) add new ideas into academic discussions.

Your analysis essay should present a positive statement about your topic and offer an objective summary of the argument. The purpose of analysis papers is to explain why you agree or disagree with a specific point of view on your topic by analyzing three major elements of any argument: claims, evidence, and reasoning. 

An analysis essay is a way in which students can demonstrate their understanding of certain texts (articles, books or even lyrics). According to some teachers’ opinions this type of academic writing allows a student to have an opportunity to make his own opinion about the particular subject. This type of academic essay presents the author’s attitude towards material he analyses – whether it is written by someone else or by him-/herself.

For example, while studying different sociological theories of crime, a student can select one theory and show what evidence this theory has to support it; which positive sides and negative sides of this theory exist; how other sociologists who study the same issue respond to that theory.

In real life, writing analysis papers could be related to some professional practice when a manager, for example, needs to make decision about something based on certain information he received from someone else. According to some literature, an analysis essay can develop core critical thinking skills which are very important for professionals in every area.

For example, while studying different approaches toward human personality development you can compare them using argumentation method developed by Aristotle over 2 thousand years ago – counter argumentation.

Counter argumentation is a method of formal argumentation whereby one party (the proponent) makes an assertion and the second party (the opponent) replies, attacking the argument with a counter-claim that invalidates it.

In your analysis essay you can describe both parties’ arguments in detail and then state conclusion what approach to human personality development is more appropriate for nowadays or why there isn’t such thing as “best approach” and why we need both approaches to study acceptable level of human development.

Presenting your ideas using this method will not only help you to formulate solid thesis statement but also will take less time “to do something” than if you would write everything without any plan. It can also help you to expand thinking skills.

In some cases, writing an analysis paper is the only way to show how you can actually understand what you are studying. Some teachers’ opinion is that those students who have difficulties with analyzing information are not going to be able to write research papers or dissertations and therefore they will never get admitted in graduate schools.

And now let’s look at how this type of academic writing is different from other types:

A research paper consists of several facts, observations and arguments which support thesis statement. It differs from a literary review essay because it focuses on original ideas derived from first-hand research, rather than secondary sources such as books or articles. Research papers may contain elements of literature reviews but their main purpose is quite different; however these types of academic papers often have similar organizational and formatting styles.

A dissertation or thesis, on the other hand, is largely based on evidence, research and results of experiments performed by the author or his/her team. It is usually written in such a manner that it can be used to support further research into a particular subject. A dissertation generally contains more technical language than an average essay because its primary purpose is to formally establish a new area of knowledge for future researchers to build upon and learn from.

In fact writing any type of academic paper requires some skills – not only understanding what you are going to write but also ability to accurately express your thoughts using words as well as knowledge of grammar rules so that you would not make any mistakes. At the same time, writing an analysis essay requires different skills than other types of papers. This is a kind of paper where your opinion matters most but at the same time it has to be well-founded and supported by some arguments.

If you are going to write an analysis essay about current events or describe what social problems exists right now in your country consider following advice:

  1. Find some information on this topic – for example from TV news, internet etc;
  2. Try to think how someone else can argue against this statement – maybe somebody would say that something completely opposite happens? Think about counter arguments! ;
  3. After doing that try to formulate your opinion about that topic or issue.
  4. Find some arguments and facts that would support this opinion. It is better to find more than two arguments because if you choose one strong argument you can easily be attacked with counter-argumentation which might make your whole suggestion look not very good;
  5. Now it’s time to formulate your thesis statement – do it before writing any further! Try to think how big problem is in fact considered, what are the causes of these problems etc (do remember we’re talking about analysis essay here so try to provide as much information as possible!).
  6. Start using all gathered resources – maybe some statistics, maybe quotes from TV news or books, maybe opinions of famous people. Just use everything you have to support your opinion and try to be as logical as possible.
  7. It is very important to provide credentials for each statement you have made. This kind of paper requires different style of writing from other papers because it needs some evidence in order to show that this analysis is not just author’s own point-of-view but actually well-founded claim supported by facts (or at least, strong opinions backed up with some arguments). The majority of students make a mistake when they simply add “I think” or “some researchers believe” into their sentences – this essay does not need these phrases. You have to substantiate your claims! If there are no proofs provided all readers will assume primary source;
  8. Make sure to cite all sources of information you have used otherwise the readers will mark your paper as plagiarism. However if in most cases this type of essay is rather similar to research papers there are some differences between them. Having some experience in writing analysis essays I want to say that these two types of papers differ not only according to their formatting style but also due to analysis essay outline structure!

References: Analysis Paper Writing Sources

Here are some of the best resources that you can use together with this guide to write a good analysis paper for college writing assignments.

Related analysis resources include:

and many more kinds of analysis papers. Feel free to reachout for professional analysis writing services – Contact our write my essay for me cheap or do my homework for cheap services for faster and cheap online homework writing help.

Good analysis essay structure – analysis paper format example 

If we take a look at typical format for writing college/university analytical paper it would be the following:

In order to write a good analysis essay following steps should be fulfilled:

  • Introduction – here you need to formulate thesis statement, provide some background information, main idea and provide objective for the essay.
  • Body paragraphs – each body paragraph represents different argument or idea that supports your essay thesis statement. Each paragraph should have its own topic sentence and a few sentences with explanations and reasons why these arguments are relevant to the main idea of this paper. It is not necessary to write introduction for every single paragraph but it would be wise if you do because then readers will understand where your author’s thoughts go; Remember, stick to the topic sentence! It is often considered as a mistake when in fact it is not so! For example consider following passage: “A lot of people think that smoking can cause lung cancer but other scientists say that besides genetic predisposition there are no further factors contributing to tumor formation.” First thing first, this is not a very good example of “paragraph” discussion because there is only one sentence that talks about the paragraph topic and this sentence, besides having no logical connection to the previous passage, has nothing to do with the essay topic. This sentence had been written as an addition which is why we consider it to be an extra part in the text;
  • Conclusion – here you should sum up all your thoughts and draw some final conclusions. You can also make recommendation what should happen next or how things could be improved. And that would be all! If you need any further help on writing analysis essay ordered by experts just contact us and we’ll try our best to fulfill your needs!

That is a simple analysis paper format example, another example will be shared below with the appropriate links to analytical essay outline and analytical essay examples.

Analysis essay introduction: how to write an introduction for an analysis paper

If you are a student in high school, college or university writing your first analysis essay is something that may be quite confusing for you.

As an academic analysis paper is bit different than other ones and requires some practical experience of working with it.

It would be good if our service helps you to avoid some mistakes while learning how to write an introduction for an analysis essay.

Here I’m going to suggest several rules which will help you to compose an outstanding introduction for your analysis paper;

  1. Determining the purpose of this type of paper – when students learn how to write an introduction for study analysis essay they often make mistake by trying to look at it as another regular term paper. Well, it’s not! The main difference between any term paper and essay lies in the purpose of writing them. Analysis paper has one goal – analysis of qualitative or quantitative data. The main purpose of analysis papers is to find out some conclusion based on this analysis. That’s why this type of essay requires an introduction which will provide the reader with enough information about what kind of research were used, the way you came to your conclusions and last but not least additional information about how reliable those conclusions are;
  2. Providing enough background for your topic – in order to write a good analytical introduction it would be wise if you describe as many sources as possible. For example if you have already read multiple books concerning the same subject or if there are several researches published online that could shed some light on your topic, then it would be good if you mentioned them right from the beginning;
  3. Showing how this research can be useful – analysis essay is different than any other type of essay i.e. compare & contrast essay, narrative essay, reaction paper, and others. In most cases when students write their analysis papers they want to find out some conclusion based on the analysis which will help them or someone else in making better decisions in future;
  4. Introducing an overall idea of your research – when you work on your analysis essay introduction make sure to include all of the above mentioned information.

Analysis essay structure – How to format an analysis paper outline

At this stage we recommend using some kind of outline as it will help you to keep everything in its proper place while writing an analysis essay. Here is a basis structure of an analysis essay paper.

Please note that this analysis paper outline might be different from your professor’s.

Make sure you follow your teacher’s guide for a higher mark. This is an example analysis paper outline:

  1. Introduction – It is the essay introduction where where you sum up all your thoughts and come to a conclusion what are the key points that must be discussed later;
  2. Materials & Methods – these lines are required when doing experimental researches, whereas for other types of research such as descriptive or explanatory you may skip this part;
  3. Results – any type of research requires results which must be described in one section only! Don’t mix data with conclusions drawn from them otherwise it will not only confuse your reader but it may also lower the value of your work;
  4. Discussion – this is the place where you describe why you come to those conclusions or what could be done better. It’s recommended that you should use some kind of outline to prevent rambling, leaving some points out and keeping everything ordered and clear for your reader;
  5. Conclusion – don’t forget to leave a short essay conclusion here where you tell about main key ideas mentioned earlier in your analysis essay.

Conclusion: how to write an analysis essay conclusion

Students often have problems with how to end their essays. Here you will find some useful tips on how to finish writing an analysis paper:

  1. Make sure that your conclusions are supported by the information provided earlier in the introduction;
  2. Try to avoid using phrases or sentences which repeat what is already said;
  3. Use attractive and expressive words when concluding your essay, e.g. “in my opinion” or “on the other hand” etc.;
  4. Never leave out a short conclusion as it’s always good if a reader can read one final paragraph before he puts down your paper for ever;

If you want to write efficient analysis essay then follow our step-by-step instructions mentioned above! They will help you to not only finish your paper but also write a well-structured work with clear argumentation and nice flow of ideas.

Don’t forget that it’s quite easy to get stuck on any stage from writing an introduction to conclusion.

If you’re unable to figure out what is going wrong or how to make your essay better simply use our instructions above which are based on years of experience in writing analysis essays for college students!

Essay Writing Tips: How to write an issue analysis essay 

If you have been asked to write an issue analysis essay, then you may find it hard to plan and write your paper. Therefore, if you want to understand how to do a good analysis essay, here are several essay writing tips that will help you:

Step 1 – Plan first what type of issue analysis essay you will need

First of all, create an outline for your paper. You should have strong introduction followed by paragraphs that discuss the topic at hand. If you don’t know how to start your paper or where to begin from, then there is nothing strange about it because many students face such problem when writing a new kind of work. But if you still can’t cope with creating new ideas or putting them into words, make use of our assistance! Click here to place your order there!

Step 2 – Use a lot of support examples

It is one thing to know the subject. However, it is quite another to understand what you will be writing about in your issue analysis essay. It means that if you want to write an ideal paper, you have to take some time thinking how all information in your head can be used properly . You may ask yourself questions such as: “What other example from my life or reading could illustrate this point?” Example will show that through case study/s we can easily see what happens when something goes wrong. Or also, as well as showing what could happen if things go right with an idea or method. And so on. This shows the reader how relevant the topic is to their own life/ studies.

Step 3 – Be persuasive, and try not to get bogged down by the details

If you want your issue analysis essay to be perfect, then it has to convince your reader that the side you are taking in the argument is right and correct . You can do it depending on what kind of paper you have been assigned with. For example, for a persuasive essay, provide facts and statistics to back up every assertion made in the body paragraphs. This will allow readers to see that your ideas logically follow from each other as well as supporting each other . If you were asked for analytical paper instead – just look deeper into an issue using different kinds of sources such as books, journals or interviews. And don’t forget to use direct quotes and statistics if you can.

Step 4 – Use examples that will support your point of view, but without sounding biased

People who are not familiar with the topic may find it hard to understand what a particular example is trying to prove and why would they need to understand with all details of an issue. Avoid using general statements like “This problem is terrible” or “All students must know better.” Such phrases don’t help much in writing a good paper . Although there are those who do it on purpose, this won’t get you far in academic writing either. If you want your issue analysis essay to be perfect, then it has to convince your reader that the side you are taking in the argument is right and correct. You can do it depending on what kind of paper you have been assigned with. 

Step 5 – Try not to overdo your issue analysis essay

Your reader may get confused when you include too much information in one paragraph or even a paper. So if you want to learn how to write an issue analysis essay, then don’t try to put everything that comes into your mind! Make sure to make all the important points connected so there are no holes in the argumentation. If necessary, use sub-headings, bullet point lists or bolded phrases to help readers distinguish between different points more clearly. The result should be an easy-to-follow and understand essay that will impress the grader.

Step 6 – Use sources to support your arguments

If you want to write a good issue analysis essay, then do not forget about referencing your sources correctly at the end of the paper. If there is no need in citation, don’t use it . This shows the reader how relevant the topic is to their own life/ studies. You should include quotes from “academic” books, journals or reputable newspapers if possible. And remember: always try to cite everything properly so it won’t be hard for anyone check what exactly you said and where you got this information from! If necessary, use sub-headings, bullet point lists or bolded phrases to help readers distinguish between different points more clearly.

Step 7 – Proofread your issue analysis essay and ask a trusted friend to proofread it as well

The last thing you should do before submitting your paper is read through the text again yourself . If there is no need in citation, don’t use it . Perhaps you’ll find a grammar mistake or decide that an example would be better somewhere else in the paper. Your reader may get confused when you include too much information in one paragraph or even a paper. So if you want to learn how to write an issue analysis essay, then don’t try to put everything that comes into your mind! Make sure to make all the important points connected so there are no holes in the argumentation. If necessary, use sub-headings, bullet point lists or bolded phrases to help readers distinguish between different points more clearly. The result should be an easy-to-follow and understand essay that will impress the grader.

Custom analysis essay help by professional writers online

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What to write an analysis paper on?

Wondering what to write an analysis paper on? Our tutors can help you discover great analysis paper topics depeding on your academic level. Whether you are looking for college analysis paper topics, high school analysis essay topics or even dissertation and thesis analysis ideas, we are the right team for the job. All you need to do is to connect with an analysis essay writer and get a great topic for your essay in the shortest time possible.

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