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Composition essay

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Composition essays tend to be one of the most difficult essay types since students need to create arguments with their information by adding convincing details or examples. The main challenge for these assignment is stick strictly to the given topic without getting off track and also organising all points so it would read in an understandable way.

What is a composition paper?

A composition essay paper is a type of academic writing that requires you to make an argument based on facts. Composition essay writing gives you the opportunity to inform your readers about something new. When a composition teacher asks you for a good composition, they want to see how well your skills can come together and create.

Different writing styles are created from different features and aspects of various subjects, therefore learning how to write compositions correctly will ease up this process for you. A lot of students find it quite hard to write a good composition essay because there are many rules and tips they need to follow in order to make their paper sound formal. If you want to deliver high quality papers on time for your composition assignments, you have come to the right place!

Composition writing is mostly done by students who study humanities or social science subjects. With our help here at Tutlance.com, students will never have trouble with understanding how to write this type of essays as well as delivering highly written content without sacrificing quality!

As we all know by now that composing an essay requires a great amount of effort from student’s part. It is in art of balancing out diverse resources and arranging reports particularly relevant parts of them in creating some sort of a comparison or contrast. You should always remember that essay writing is not about sheer volume, however the point of composing an essay is to clarify your reason or idea by using logical support and facts.

Students may compose different types of essays on several topics such as love, friendship, family issues, politics or any other things which may be the most important in their life.

If you aren’t going to create an original topic for your composition writing assignment then do yourself a favour to pick up one from top 10 list below:

Top 10 Composition Essay Topics List

1) The Impact Of Technology On Society

Technology has changed our lives drastically over the last decade. Its evolved way beyond cell phones and now it’s in our homes with home security systems and alarm clocks, even our clothing has been taken over by technology.

2) How Technology Has Affected Our Lives

Technology is a marvelous thing! It has made almost every aspect of modern life easier, from washing your clothes to the way we communicate with other people. However it’s also had some negative impacts on human society as well.

3) Animal Rights and Human Laws: The Conflict

Though animal rights activists have worked for many years to protect animals, little has changed in terms of how humans treat animals today than they did centuries ago. Animals are still used for food, testing products such as make-up or household cleaners, entertainment (horse racing or dog shows) and clothing.

4) The Future of Global Warming

Global warming is a concern that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. It’s become such an issue, that if we don’t act soon, our entire planet could be uninhabitable. We have to make changes now before it’s too late.

5) The Impact of Eco-Friendly Technology on Our Environment

Environmental awareness has been on the rise in recent years. More than ever people are trying to do their part to help protect environment from being destroyed by pollution and other factors. Some of them are even going so far as making eco-friendly products for daily use instead of the more common ones.

6) The Impact of Technology on Our Society

In the past, technology has not always been a good thing for society. Before you jump to conclusions, this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t helped society in many ways as well though. Many advances have come out of the development of technologies like computers and phones, while others have actually done nothing but destroy what we once had in our lives.

7) Internet Censorship

Internet censorship is an issue that is widely debated among people all over the world today. One side will tell you that it’s needed to protect children from inappropriate material such as pornography and other forms of violence or hate-speech, while the other side will tell you that it’s a violation of our rights as Americans to have access to any information we want.

8) The Effects Of Smoking On Our Health

Smoking has been proven time and again to be most dangerous thing that people can do to their bodies. It not only affects their own health, but also the health of those around them such as friends or family members who live with smokers or are exposed daily to second hand smoke at work or when walking down a public street.

9) The Evolutionary Origin Of Music

Though music is enjoyed by many humans today there was a time before recorded history when music did not exist yet. Before this, people used sounds for communication and self amusement. This was the very basis for what music would become today, and up until now it has continued to evolve into new genres that we enjoy most today.

10) The Evolution Of The English Language

The english language is a very interesting thing. It’s been spoken by humans since before recorded history and yet no one really knows where its origins are from or how it came to be. One of the biggest mysteries about this subject is why there are so many grammar rules in existence even though they don’t always seem to make sense to those who speak the language.

Steps to write a composition essay

If you are not sure what a composition essay is, it is a form of written argument and persuasion. It is a style of writing that is characterized by the organization of ideas in an introductory paragraph (thesis), the body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph (conclusion).

First, the writer should brainstorm their main points to include in their essay. This can be accomplished by making list or flowchart of ideas you want to cover. Next, once you have brainstormed all your thoughts, start creating an outline for your essay.

The introduction should have a thesis statement about what the essay will be about and what points are going to be discussed. Introduce your topic and give an example of each.

Then, move on to your body paragraphs where you can give more examples or expand on each point.

Then, your conclusion should summarize the main points that you made in your essay and restate what the thesis was originally about.

Finally, avoid cliches, trite expressions or overused words by rewordings any ideas you already have to make them unique to the reader.

Steps for writing a composition report

If you are not sure what a composition report is, it is a written description of something (like an experiment). A good example of this would be if you were assigned to describe how the first atomic bomb was created, or how the human brain works… etc. The report must include: details (who did what), when it occurred (when they did each part), and why it occurred. Always start by creating an outline of the report. The introduction should include a thesis statement about what you will be talking about in your paper (the atomic bomb or how the human brain works). Next, move on to your body paragraphs. In each paragraph you can talk about one event that happened when they created the atom bomb or how the brain works.

What is a composition report

A composition report is a type of essay that has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is about a topic and includes details on them that happened at different points in time.

How to start a composition essay

Being able to write a good opening sentence is important for any type of writing. You want to hook the reader and let them know what the essay will be about. Write an essay about what makes a great opening sentence and how you can use it in your own work.

It’s difficult to name one thing that makes a great opening sentence, but I think there are some things that help:

  • a hook that makes the reader want to read more
  • information in the first few words that lets the reader know what he/she will be reading about
  • interesting details (sound, smell, touch, taste) that bring your writing alive

For example, if you are writing an essay about how a salesman helped you find something at a garage sale, your opening sentence might say:

“When I was looking for old baseball cards at my grandpa’s garage sale last fall, a friendly man wearing a Cubs’ cap showed me some great ones.”

The sentence has a hook (“friendly man”), information (“Cubs’ cap”), and interesting details. These three things make it much more likely that your reader will keep reading.

Always remember that in a composition essay the starting paragraph and the concluding paragraph are most important.

When writing either type of composition essay or composition report, remember that it is important to focus on good organization skills during this writing process as well as solid grammar skills so that readers are not turned off from reading your work because there are errors throughout. Also remember that each type of report needs its own set of standards for grading, such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and length.

Composition paper writing help

Need help writing a composition essay? Well, the first thing you need to know is that there are two types of papers: descriptive and expository.

The purpose of each type of composition paper is different:

Descriptive papers inform the audience about something or someplace (a person, an object – like a desk). They tell how something looks like, what its features are. You can give examples. Expository papers describe how things work, or explain something. For example, you can tell why waste management in your town needs improving or how blockchain works to people who don’t get it.

Composition Writing Tip 1 – Decide which type suits your piece best! If it’s describing a place or object choose “descriptive” essay but if it’s explaining how something works or justifying a certain action choose “expository” essay.

Composition Writing Tip 2 – Research and read information, it will help you write! You can start by reading related articles (find them using Google) and if you need deeper understanding of the subject matter, ask your friends or search online.

Have no idea how to start writing composition papers?

Here are 4 steps to follow every time you are trying to write literary pieces:

Step 1 – Prepare lay-out first. Decide what font style and size you’ll use for your title, subtitles, header/footer etc. before actually starting the writing process. Remember that big text is easier to read, but small font displays more content on the page, so you can use it if necessary.

Step 2 – Look through the list of all the things you have prepared during your research and make a plan for your essay/report. Draw a table with main topics in titles on one side, subtopics underneath each topic and examples under them (if you want to). Then add some rows to describe your composition structure – introduction, main body and conclusion.

Step 3 – Find sources that will help you build strong arguments using proper evidence. You can use photos or screenshots as visuals in description essays but avoid pictures when writing report-style pieces or papers about science and math, since they are not visible (or shouldn’t be!) in most cases here. Also check out links pages on Wikipedia (if you have access to it).

Step 4 – Start writing!

Composition Writing Tip 3 – Use transition words and phrases to link paragraphs together. They signal your reader that the subject matter is changing in each paragraph (in other words, make sure they are all cohesive!)

If you need composition essay help, we’ll be glad to provide it for you. Just contact us via live chat or or post your essay directly to get help. Click here.

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