How To Write A Domestic Violence Research Paper, Topics, Essay Examples

Today, domestic violence is a growing epidemic globally. It can cause social stigma, physical abuse, and emotional torture. Looking into it and helping those affected in our society is the absolute thing to do. As such, students are now put to task to write research papers on this social upheaval. So, where do you start when working on such a piece? 

What is a Domestic Violence Research Paper?

Violence is not limited to physical harm like a slap, punch, kick, or forceful shove. It includes intimidation, coercion, and fear in the family setting. Put simply, dominance, power, and aggressive control are the key elements that constitute violence. 

However, domestic violence applies when there is a close relationship between the offender and the victim. It enlightens the reader about domestic crimes happening, looks into the causes, and offers solutions and ways of curbing the same. 

In a domestic violence research paper, you formally present these issues, discuss them, and make closing remarks. 

Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline

Like other essays, a domestic violence research paper consists of the following parts:

  • A title – The title, usually a few words, briefly describes your article. It is the face of your writing. If you can’t decide on the topic or having trouble writing your research paper, you can always ask professional academic writers on our platform for help.
  1. The Abstract – Since you are writing a research paper on domestic violence, you need a brief about your writing. The abstract includes; the purpose of the research, its basic design, findings, and recommendations. 
  2. A descriptive introduction – The first paragraph of your essay is the introduction. It consists of a welcoming phrase or quote, the topic sentence or thesis, and a catchy hook. The introduction should tell the reader the intent of the essay and what to expect in the latter parts. It should be attention-grabbing to make the reader want to go deeper. 
  3. Body paragraphs – Body paragraphs make up the main sections of your essay. In a domestic violence paper, we break this section into several sub-sections. 
  • Literature Review – Describes the types of domestic violence you wish to identify in the essay. Support by giving evidence and citing examples of such cases. 
  • Explain the causes of domestic violence. Focus on factors that contribute to domestic violence cases. On each point, provide substantial evidence. Make your text as understandable as possible. 
  • Also, delve into the impact of domestic violence. Describe the effect these vices have on both direct and indirect victims. You can include physical injuries, psychological tall, and health consequences. Do not leave out the economic and social effects, too.
  • After you have outlined the types and causes of domestic violence, you cannot fail to provide your audience with a solution. Suggest measures you think would reduce occurrences of domestic violence and support by showing how these measures will be useful. 
  1. Conclusion

A conclusion summarizes all your points. So, it would be nice to restate the thesis statement but in different words. Then summarise all the takeaways from your research paper. Like the introduction, a conclusion is only a few sentences long. 

Steps in Writing a Domestic Violence Research Paper.

  • Choosing a Topic

Read and understand the question or the problem presented. From it, draw a topic that you can answer best. Brainstorm and note down all the ideas you have. Relate the views to the question and find the best case for your essay.

  • Outline

An outline is a written structure of your essay. Put it down on paper the format you want to follow. Note each section, and what to have under it. It is a guide or a reference point for your research paper. 

  • Write the paper

Use your outline as a guide. Draft the first copy of your paper. Bring out everything you want to include in the essay, as in this piece, you have room to make mistakes. You’ll fine-tune the document later to make the fine copy.

  • Read through the paper and make the final copy

Proofread, to identify any grammatical errors and typos. Also, add any parts that you probably left out. Alternatively, you can hand it over to a friend to proofread on your behalf. Correct all the mistakes and make a final copy of the same.

As a student, you may sometimes be overwhelmed by your academic work. If you ever need help writing a domestic violence research paper, you can use competitive bidding platforms like ours to get the best writers.

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