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How to start an Essay - Overview of Introduction parapraphs

An introduction is typically the opening paragraph of your essay. It presents an idea to the readers. Basically, it answers the questions, what is this essay about? 

As the selling point of your essay, an introduction should invoke curiosity and invite the reader to keep reading through your essay. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right wording in your introduction.

What is the Purpose of an introduction? 

The intro is the best opportunity to convince your audience that you have something worthwhile to say. 

Its roles include:

  • Get the reader's attention – From it that readers understand what your essay is all about and decide whether to continue reading or not. Your role is to ensure you retain their attention. Make them want to find out more. 
    • Introduce the topic – Make your audience get a grasp of what you intend to discuss. But you don't want to give it all out - just a tidbit of what's to come. In essence, an intro is a highlight of what's in the main content. So, the reader has to go through the other sections to find out more about the topic.
  • It tells the relevance of the article to the audience – It states why you wrote the essay and what you aim to achieve. So, give your goal and snip your essay in this segment. 
  • It hosts the thesis statement - A thesis statement describes the purpose and the plan of the whole essay. When the writing prompt is a question, your thesis is typically the answer to the question.
  • Outlines the main points – List three points or arguments that support your thesis in order of importance. 

How to write an introduction

There are three parts to an introduction, namely:

  • An opening statement – Begin a question or a hook that attracts the reader's attention. This can be the inspiration you had to start writing.
  • Topic statement – Follow the opening statement by introducing your topic and giving supporting sentences that connect the hook to the thesis. They make the reader aware or prepared to read the next part.
  • Thesis statement that states the purpose and plan of the whole essay.Whereas the topic sentence introduces the main idea, the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph introduces the topic and the main points of a whole essay.
  • A thesis statement takes the last position in the introductory section. It precisely summarises the introduction in one sentence, and may be reiterated elsewhere in the essay. It serves the following purposes;
  • Tells the reader the topic of the essay.
  • Lists the points the writer is going to make in the essay.
  • Sets the tone of the essay.

How to Write an Essay Introduction

You can start with your outline and then get to the entire paper writing. The best approach is to write your introduction and the conclusion paragraphs. Here are a few simple tips any student can apply to his writing;

  • Keep your first sentence short –Short sentences are easy and encouraging to read. 
  • Don’t repeat the title – The reader already read the title. Don’t make them read it over and over again. 
  • Keep the introduction brief – A long introduction makes the reader lose interest in your essay. Thus, a short one will suffice.
  • Use the word “you” at least once – Using the word you create an impression that you are addressing the reader directly. It puts them invites them to your space making them comfortable. 
  • Dedicate 1-2 sentences to articulating what the article covers – This would otherwise be referred to as a thesis. Make the reader understand what the article is about. 
  • Refer to a concern or problem your readers might have – Every field has its problems. Use this part to point out the problem that your article will be addressing. 
  • Use astat or fact to convey importance – Make your essay believable by stating statistics or facts. It will draw your reader in and show them why your topic is really important.

What Styles should I Use in Writing an Introduction?

Below are a few styles that could come in handy in writing the introduction.

    • Use an anecdote - An intriguing narrative that gives a hint as to what the article is about excites your readers.
    • Share something personal –Sharing something personal in an introduction can pique a visitor’s curiosity. 
  • Ask a question – Sometimes a compelling question is a hook your piece needs.

You shouldn’t have to spend much time writing an introduction. I would say it is the easiest part of your essay but I know that not everyone agrees. However, I hope that after reading this, writing your introduction becomes even easier.

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A student should start with specifying the causes which lead to emotional tension and physical injuries.

Stress is usually caused by unavoidable circumstances beyond a person's control (for example, sick uncles, death of relatives ...) or it may be caused by mistakes one makes and subsequent guilt feelings (for example, cheating at examinations).

If your essay deals with such problems as loss of hope for future success or unreasonable demands from educators, you should definitely state them in your opening paragraph.

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Many white Progressives did not care about reforming: A. Child labor. B. Segregation. C. Working conditions.

Many white Progressives did not care about reforming:

A. Child labor.
B. Segregation.
C. Working conditions.
D. Government corruption.

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