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How to title an essay

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How to Title an Essay

Before we even look at how to title an essay, why is the headline important?

An essay title gives the reader an overview of your essay. It captures the reader’s attention. In an assignment scenario, a good title assures your lecturer that the question or topic of discussion was well understood.

Titles are also useful to the writer. A title dictated early acts as a check to ensure that you stay on track while a title written after the essay sums up all that you have discussed.

What are the Qualities of a Good Essay Title?

Your title should engage your supervisor or reader and encourage them to read the rest of your work.

A good title has several qualities including;

  • Attractive. The attractiveness of your essay creates the urge to read the rest of the work.
  • Accurate. It should help the reader understand clearly what the write-up entails.
  • Short. The title should be brief and precise.
  • Easy to read. The title should be written in simple language. You should avoid the use of difficult words and jargon.
  • Use keywords. The title can contain words that best describe why you are writing the essay.

What are the Components of an Essay Title?

Titling an essay can be easy as long as you have the right structure.

A good essay title should have;

  • A catchy bit.  It is meant to attract the reader and encourage them to read more.
  • Topic Keywords helps to create emphasis, and best describe the body of your essay
  • Focus keywords. Like the keywords, they provide more information about the essay like time (when) and location (where).

How to Create an Essay Title 

There are several guidelines to help you come up with the right title for your essay. Remember, the title is what the reader sees first, so it is crucial to get it right.

To get a compelling title, go through the steps below;

Write your essay first 

Writing your essay first gives you room to pour out all your points out on paper. After that, read through to highlight the critical points of your essay that should be captured on your title.

Integrate popular cliché’s and phrases

It is necessary to make the reader connect with your work. Embrace the trends and create some humour in your titles. Popular titles and clichés might do the trick for you here.

Consider the tone of your essay

The tone of your essay could be dictated by the type of essay you are writing. For example, an argumentative essay has a different style to a descriptive essay. In some cases, the topic of discussion could also dictate the tone of the essay. In these cases, make sure your title aligns with the tone to avoid creating the wrong impression to your readers.

How to Pick Your Title

Still, stuck on how to title an essay? You can read through your work and pick a single line to use as your title, then adjust it to accommodate the components of an essay title.

  • Use quote or Central Idea – Use what you had in mind before writing the essay. In the case of an assignment, the central idea is usually captured in the question. You can use this as your essay title or find a quote that matches your idea. 
  • Sum up your essay in THREE WORDS – Remember, we do not want our title to be too long. Therefore, after going through the other steps, you’ve come up with a statement or a line that you would use for your title. Sum it up in the least possible words.

Here are Some Great Titles for an Essay.

To guide you through the process, here are some examples of essay titles.

Argumentative essay title examples

  • The Drinking Age should be Higher
  • Who is failing in their role, Teachers or Parents?
  • Home-schooling in the 21st Century
  • Why the internet is unsafe for Teens

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Persuasive essay Titles Examples

  • How to become a millionaire in the computer age
  • Gun Ownership is Legal to Protect Our Lives
  • Dictatorship could be the light to 3rd world countries.
  • Why the Government should be a compulsory subject schools

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Catchy Essay Title Examples.

  • Tattooed employees. Never judge a book by its cover.
  • A Tale of Love and Allergies: Reasons to Avoid Flowers in Spring
  • Childhood as a Parent, Parenting as a Child.
  • Video games in Schools?

Bottom Line

The search for the best fit-title for your essay can be tiresome. After reading this, frustrations are laid to rest, and you can quickly build a perfect title.

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