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How to write a book report

Writing a book report can be hectic. It might explain why many students do not like such assignments. It requires much critical thinking and getting a deeper understanding of what is in the book. In this article, let us discuss the question of how to write a book report. We will look keenly at every aspect involved. Read on and learn the tips and steps of writing a book report.

what is a book report?

A book report is almost similar to a book review. The main difference is that; while a book review summarizes the contents, a book report gives a more in-depth analysis of the same book. Writing book reports aims to help the student build on their communication skills and help them express themselves better.

tips of writing a book report

  1. Choose a book to analyze unless instructed otherwise; choose a book that you like and enjoy reading. One that will not feel like a task.

  2. Know the audience to whom you will write the report. It helps in the choice of words.

  3. Read the book. Read that again. In doing a book report, there is no way around it. Reading the book from A to Z is a must.

  4. Pre-write. As you read, take note of the necessary information like title, author’s name, date of publication, etc. Also note the more important information like the theme, the main idea, plot, characters, and writing techniques used in the book.

  5. Choose your focus points. From the book, select what you will include in your report. It can be quotations or questions. Note the specific chapters to support the points.

  6. Do an outline of the report.

Outline of a book report

Since this is an essay, it will fall under the following outline;

A. Introduction,

B. body

C. conclusion.

Highlight what points include in each part. Write down the supporting pieces of evidence for each point. Estimate the word count for every part, depending on the overall word count of the whole essay. Overall, the introduction and conclusion both account for 10% of the whole essay. It means to write as many details in the body as possible. Let it fully support the thesis statement.

  1. Write the report. With the help of the outline, start writing the report. Follow the essay structure in your writing.



In the introduction, catch the reader’s attention. Use a rhetorical question or a quote. Then give necessary information about the book like the title, the number of pages, the author’s name, the year of publication, etc. Write your thesis statement the main idea of the essay.

the body of the essay

it is the heart of the book report. It answers on expounds more on the thesis stamen. Here you present a more in-depth overview of the book. It is advisable to split the body into three or more paragraphs; in each paragraph, discuss one of the critical points selected from the book. Still in the body, state the writing techniques, choice of characters, and the plot. Give your views on the book. Remember to have evidence from the book to support your views. In each paragraph, ensure you have a strong opening sentence tells the reader what the paragraph is


the conclusion

In conclusion, summarize everything state if the book is an excellent recommendation to others. Write your opinions on it. Restate the thesis statement. Remember to follow the directions of the instructor.

  1. Use the write formatting style as required, such as APA, MLA, CHICAGO, HARVARD.

  2. Proofread and edit. Go through the report, and check on grammatical errors, ensure there is a flow. Do a comprehensive revision and edit it. Make the necessary structural changes. All this aims at improving the quality of the paper.

  3. One can also use pictures to write a book report. They help one understand better. However, use the most relevant pictures that align with the essay.


When writing a book report, ensure to give a comprehensive report on the book. One achieves by reading the book thoroughly. Pick the necessary information to use in the body. The body should be fully detailed.

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