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How To Write The Personal Statement For Nursing School

When applying for a job, college, and university entry, students must write a personal statement about themself. However, the question is, how do you write a personal statement? What does one write in a personal statement? Here, we have discussed how to write a personal statement for nursing school.

What Is A Personal Statement For Nursing School

It is a unique form of an essay written when applying for a job or school entry. It is a summary of one’s life, skills, and visions. In writing a personal statement, one demonstrates to the intended audience why they are fit for the job or a university place. It supports one's application. It is a bonus and gives them a heads up against others applying for the same.

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Types of Nursing School personal statement

They are two types of personal statements for nursing students;

  • Nursing School Comprehensive personal statement

In this type of personal statement, there is no restriction on what to write. Here one can write on anything from skills to accomplishment, experience, and visions. This type is used in medical schools, as it requires one to give more details. 

  • Nursing Responsive personal statement

Here what one writes is limited. Often a set of questions is given, and the applicant is supposed to answer only the question. Writing anything outside the questions may not be allowed. This type often applies to business schools. 

how to write a personal statement for Nursing school

Like all other essays, the best way to start writing a personal statement is to break down the essay into bits. These include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. After doing a breakdown, brainstorm on what to write in each part. The good thing with a personal statement is that there is no fixed structure. One might even start with the body and then write the introduction and, finally, the conclusion. 

The Steps to Follow To Write a Great Personal Statement for Nursing School

  1. Give personal information. It is a full paragraph. Here one has the freedom to talk about them—moreover, state why you are interested in joining the medical program. Suppose you have experienced them here. For the opening statement, ensure it is interesting to get the admission officer's attention. 
  2. WRITE ABOUT YOUR SKILLS. In the next part of the statement essay, you have the freedom to give more details. Here talk about your skills, especially those learned in school like applying First Aid. Write about those personal details that align with the nursing program. Here include your experiences and accomplishments like awards and certificates. Write what your goals and aspirations are. Make it at least 2paragraphs; it will help you write with more details.
  3. conclude. In conclusion, do a summary of the whole essay. Ensure to give the admissions officer something to remember—state why you applied and what you intend to gain if accepted. 
  4. proofread and edit. Once finished with the whole writing, revise the statement. Take ample time. Read it out loud and see if there is a flow. Check for grammatical errors such as spelling mistakes, passive voice instead of active voice, and other errors.


In preparing to write a personal statement, one should;

  • Make a draft of the nursing school essay and highlight what to write in each part.
  • Ask for nursing paper writing help if your need professional help
  • Brainstorm on ideas and the details to support those ideas.
  • Use precise and straightforward language. Choose the right words and keep the sentences short. They make the statement clear and easy to understand.
  • Be original. Tell what makes you special and unique. Why are you different from other candidates, and why they should consider you.
  • Work on the opening sentence for each part; it should be firm and exciting.
  • Be truthful. Do not use false information. 
  • Avoid using clichés such as 'I want to help people'; that is what everyone says.
  • After submitting the statement to the nursing school, do not reread it as it may make one see mistakes that are not there.


In writing a personal statement, the aim is to stand out; therefore, an applicant should follow all the steps and tips highlighted above. We have answered the question, how to write a personal statement for nursing school with all these.

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