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How to write job application essay

by tutlance

Looking for a job has never been easy. Did you know that a job application essay could be more effective than a regular CV? Read on and find out why.

A job application essay calls for action; its aim is not just to list your skills and the number of years you have been working but also to encourage the employer to select you out of the many candidates who applied for the same post. Let’s say this is your way of saying goodbye to the countless unfruitful interviews you attend. 

Your essay includes your qualities in the best light as the competition is high in the recruiting market. Many of you are eying the same post, so it’s good to ensure your application stands out and catches the recruiter’s attention.

In this article, we will discuss how to write a successful job application essay in detail. 

How to write a job application essay

A job description essay also passes as a personal statement or an admission essay. Its length should not exceed two pages to ensure you don’t end up repeating yourself or making it tedious.

Many candidates do not know the difference between a resume and a job application essay. Both serve the same purpose, but their structure, format, and writing styles are completely different.

A job application essay explains why you believe you are the best candidate for that specific job. Remember, it accompanies your curriculum vitae, which summarizes your work experience, education, qualifications, achievements, and skills. 

Its purpose is to help candidates showcase their academic skills that meet the requirements of the open position. If possible, send follow up and thank you letters to the company or organization after submitting your essay.

How to structure a job description essay

You do not just wake up one day and decide to draft a job application essay. There is an important guideline you will need to follow and understand. First, mention its chronological order. For instance, if you are writing about your academic qualifications, you should start with the most recent, not forgetting to mention the year of commencing and completing. It’s also advisable to include your grades and attach certificates where possible.

The outline should follow this order:

  • Introduction
    • Main point 1
    • Main point 2
    • Main point 3

You should follow all the main points with about three supporting arguments. Do not forget to include your contact information before the introduction and the title.

Your name, full physical address, email address, phone number, and date should be written on the uppers lest corner, after which you add an overview of the employer.

Pre-writing stages of your job essay

Research should form the basis of your writing activities. If you want to draft a successful job description essay, always check examples of successful applicants. Look at the articles related to the post you are eying and borrow some essential details. 

Read the examples several times. These should help you understand what the employers expect to see in your paper.

It is imperative to prepare a draft before writing the final version of your essay. It helps you weigh on your points and pick the stronger ones for your final copy. Keep your portfolio ready as it might be needed while submitting your application documents.

Finally, develop an outline based on your paper’s structure. Here is an overview:


After gathering all the information, it’s now time to write the introduction. It’s important to note that the introduction has to brief as possible.

An introduction is a general statement introducing the candidate and stating their interest. It can also explain why you would love to work as an expert in a specific field. 

Mention how you learned about the vacancy and list several responsibilities highlighted in the advertisement. These will prove that you understand what you are applying.

The body

In the first paragraph, give your reasons for applying and why you believe you are the best applicant. In the second paragraph, mention what you can do for the company. Always use the highlighted keywords.

Unite all your paragraphs with transition words.


Aim at leaving a positive impression. You can choose to thank the potential employer for taking the time to go through your application. Start with the word ”sincerely” and finish with a typed signature.

Last Word

We believe writing your job application has been made easy, and soon you will tell your success story. But if you need help, post your job application essay request and let our experts handle it on your behalf.

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