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In academic writing, the acronym PEEL is typically used to mean Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link. This acronym serves as a useful mnemonic for remembering the structure of an academic paragraph. Furthermore, if you are struggling with what order your information should go in, this acronym can also help you get started with organizing your thoughts.

What does PEEL stand for in essay writing?

P: Point: The Point is simply the main claim that the paragraph is trying to argue or prove. This claim should be narrow and specific enough that it can be supported by evidence, explained, and linked to any larger points being made in other paragraphs.

E: Evidence/Example: Provide evidence or an example that supports your points.

E: Explanation: The Explanation part of PEEL is crucial because it identifies exactly how each piece of evidence supports your point. For instance, “England’s defeat in 1783 caused major political unrest” provides only the most general explanation (conflict leads to instability). It does not explain why the defeat in 1783 created instability, or how that unrest manifested.

L: Link: The Link ties everything together and is often a single sentence identifying a larger argument being made about the whole piece of writing.

PEEL Paragraph Example 1

Here is an illustration to use peel method when creating paragraphs in academic writing:

The Point: England’s defeat in 1783 caused major political unrest.

EVIDENCE: Conflict leads to instability.

EXPLANATION: This loss shows the far reaching implications of losing the American colonies; it also demonstrates that conflict within states can lead to changes in government and economic policy. Finally, this loss marks the beginning of the end for the British Empire.

LINK: The point of this essay is to demonstrate how events like America’s Declaration of Independence had far-reaching consequences on every aspect of life. Such events did not happen as isolated incidents; as such, this event ties into a larger argument that I am making.

Try to be as specific as possible when writing your explanation. Your evidence should be the most concrete and specific details you have about how each part of your argument supports your point. If you are struggling to come up with a link, try stating your point in a different way so it is easier to tie it back to other parts of the essay. Each paragraph should build on one another and provide more data that goes towards proving the overall thesis statement of the essay. Remember, even if you have been given an extremely broad assignment or focus for your paper, there is always something you can write about! The writer above focused specifically on how America’s Declaration of Independence influenced the course of history.

PEEL Paragraph Example 2

The Point: The psychological stress caused by large-scale disasters can lead to social unrest and structural changes within a community or society as a whole.

Evidence: Many people who lived through Hurricane Katrina experienced PTSD after viewing dead bodies floating on the streets of their neighborhood.

Explanation: This trauma, coupled with the stress of losing all their possessions and being forced to relocate, led many citizens of New Orleans to form gangs that are now plaguing the city even ten years later.

Link: The point of this article is to demonstrate how disasters can have an extremely negative impact on society- especially when it comes to crime rates decades after the initial tragedy.

What are the benefits of using the PEEL method?

There are several benefits to using this structure for writing paragraphs. For one thing, it is easy to follow and allows the reader to take in each point individually. The points do not run together or blend into each other.

Also, by starting every paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes what you will be talking about, you allow your reader to follow the transition from one paragraph to another without re-reading anything.

Each new paragraph becomes a continuation of the previous thought rather than having distinct ideas separated by space on the page that require re-reading. This can help to keep your audience focused on what you are saying as well as make it easier to compose coherent thoughts before putting them down in writing.

Full Peel Essay Example

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Paragraph 1- Introduction:

The first topic of this paragraph is about the technology which has made our work easier. For examples, I can write my essay using computer and internet; it saves my time rather than writing manually on paper. And also, with the help of internet, I can use some useful websites (like twinkl etc.) which helps me in writing essays. Another point here is that sometimes students don’t feel like studying because they think that there is no need to study for exams but whenever they see their peers who are unable to write essays on their own, then they start studying on their own without getting late.

Paragraph 2- Describing one fact about technology which makes our work easy:

For example, the internet is accessible through different devices like computers, mobiles, tabs etc. which can easily connect with each other. Now days it is very common for people to chat on social sites like whatsapp because it saves our time and makes us more efficient rather than calling one another on phone. And also students prefer taking notes while listen to their lectures instead of relying upon their memory because they can revise them later whenever they want (using smartphones).

Paragraph 3- Explaining benefits of technology in an essay:

Today’s generation is fortunate enough, I would say; because they are able to enjoy many facilities which were formerly available only to rich people. For examples, getting education online has made education more affordable and reliable for students, they can learn from top notch universities without getting late from school or colleges. In addition to this, technology has made life easier in the case of buying and selling products because now we don’t need to visit markets anymore rather we can buy online with just a click of a button.

Paragraph 4- Conclusion:

In short, every new invention is going to bring something good or bad for us but yet it is necessary for us to adopt that thing in our daily routine so that we can be benefited from it in some way. I think technology makes our lives easy and interesting when it is used with wisdom and strategy.

Peel paragraph essay writing tips

A peel paragraph essay method is not an ordinary way of writing. The PEEL method of writing is a general strategy that provides a problem-solution structure that increases the quality of writing and helps develop content knowledge in fields ranging from science to humanities disciplines. The acronym “PEEL” stands for problem, evidence, explanation, link. In essence, it describes how writers move from describing problems through making arguments to offering solutions. Peel was developed in the mid-1990s by David H. Russell, a science educator at Michigan State University. As part of a program to develop college students’ use of scientific practices and improve their writing skills, Russell designed a set of disciplinary learning targets for chemistry/biology courses that were used along with his version of the SOLO taxonomy to provide an initial description of what chemists and biologists learn from writing activities.

This method is commonly used when the essay discusses more than one topics and numerous examples are required to prove what has been explained in the main topic.

There are some tips which need to be followed while writing a peel paragraph essay:

  1. It is necessary for an author to choose research topics before starting writing an essay.
  2. The most important rule of this method is – every paragraph should only discuss single topic with its multiple examples or proofs.
  3. Every paragraph must conclude with key points about that particular topic; then the next paragraph starts explaining another different topic with its details.
  4. While concluding paragraphs, it is necessary for an author to write its main points once again.
  5. It is best to use table of contents for this method which helps readers to understand quickly.
  6. Readers should be able to understand the essay clearly without any confusion.
  7. This type of essay must be written after completing single topic completely, otherwise it will create some confusions in the mind of reader.
  8. A new point must not be started until the previous one is completely finished. This rule also applies on paragraph examples as well.
  9. While writing different paragraphs, it is necessary to follow chronological order of events or topics because unordered writing appears messy and difficult to understand.
  10. Transitions between different paragraphs are effective if they help readers in understanding that how one paragraph is related with the other.
  11. It is best to avoid using colloquial words in peel paragraph essay because it affects its flow and understanding.
  12. The paragraphs are written through different styles of writing such as analytical, descriptive, narrative, exposition, compare and contrast etc.
  13. A writer should be able to deliver his/her point clearly with multiple examples or proofs if that topic requires more explanation.
  14. When concluding each single topic in a peel paragraph essay, an author needs to explain how it helps readers understand that particular topic better; otherwise there will be confusion among readers about it.
  15. While using this peel paragraph method (in essays), it is important for an author to make his/her essay interesting.
  16. In the end, a writer must summarize all points in a single paragraph and then conclude his/her essay.
  17. The conclusion of peel essay must not contain any new information or else it will spoil entire writing process.
  18. A writer needs to maintain a flow throughout the essay so that readers can understand it completely without getting confused about anything.
  19. An author should choose a perfect structure of an essay having multiple topics because if he/she starts writing in wrong format, they may have difficulty in finishing the whole piece of writing perfectly. It is also important for them to rank their topics according to their importance so that readers can understand essays easily without getting confused about anything.

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