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Statistical analysis essay

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A statistical analysis essay is an analysis of researched statistical data. It triggers arguments to readers and there on a particular topic or subject.

The arguments are discussed and justified with values in the body of the essay

Statistical analysis is a discussion of the collected data. It aims at explaining figures and drawing conclusions and recommendations.

A statistical analysis essay is a form of written essay that is used to analyze statistical data. To write the analysis, you have to know some well-known overall patterns and their details.

statistics analysis essay

What is a statistical analysis essay?

It’s a research paper (or report) submitted in any university or any organization to analyze any given problem or question. It explains how the data you collected has been analyzed using different statistical tools such as tables, graphs, figures and diagrams.

The output from these statistical software can be either used directly in your assignment or output will just support your writing task i.e., producing compelling arguments based on evidence collected in past/present study; also it will give decision makers a logical explanation regarding their final conclusions.

This type of paper is also called research paper (see more on research paper help)because it helps researchers to get better understanding about some phenomenon that will help to improve the quality of life or survival. 

It’s also good for students who want to get involved in research projects which are conducted by their teachers or higher authority (university vice-principals, deans etc.).

It is a requirement from many universities that student should show some evidences collected during their data analysis process as well they must have clear understanding about how these evidence support/contradict with theoretical points.

It can be defined as a type of essay which focuses on providing information or description about something by using numerical data in a way similar to how it’s used for academic purposes.

The main purpose of these essays is to draw conclusions based on gathered data from individual observations.

When writing this kind of academic paper, you have to make sure that your readers are able to understand all the complex terms and expressions such as standard deviations, z-scores or correlation coefficients without any difficulties along with other mathematical solutions.

Generally speaking, there are two types of statistics application essays – descriptive papers and analytical ones.

This piece of writing is characterized with statistical content and facts, as well as some useful information that is gathered by the author while studying a topic of his/her interest.

The best thing about these essays is that you can use them for almost any purpose- whether it’s an academic assignment, or some other formal task.

You should be especially attentive when describing your findings in a clear and understandable manner, no matter how complex they are.

Being able to present data in a way that makes sense to someone else takes practice and time but once you master this skill it will make your life much easier during further projects.

In order to get better grades for your essay, you should always collect all the necessary information on the subject before starting work on it. If your task is to write a statistical analysis essay, start by reading any related literature on the subject you are interested in.

Find all the important facts about that topic you can and try to make notes while reading them so that you don’t forget anything.

Also, try to conduct some sort of research online if there’s no information available at hand- this will help you find all the useful sources that provide essential information about relevant issues.

In most cases, choosing an interesting research paper topic for your statistics application essay makes it much easier for you to focus and get better results than with something overly complicated or uninteresting.

Make sure that your chosen topic has some connection to math or statistics since these fields require being able once again to interpret data in a way that makes sense to other people.

It’s true that you can always dig deep into the subject and try to prove your point of view using various statistics, but this is highly doubtful since one of the main guidelines for these essays is to show how things are connected- not just say they are.

Where do you start writing a statistical analysis essay? 

Are you tasked with writing a statistical analysis essay and wondering where to start? Below is a guide on how to begin writing your statistical analysis essay.

Begin with selecting a topic

Getting the right topic for your essay is the key to success here. But you base it on the kind of data collected. Research widely and gain an understanding of the subject before settling on the topic. The topic should be one that promises interesting statistics to your reader. It guides you through the data mining process.

Data collection

When you have settled on the right topic for your essay, go into the depths mining data for your paper. The basis of a statistical analysis essay is the statistics data in hand. It is from this data that you build the body of your essay. The time taken during this stage depends on the data collection formula.

The data you gather should be accurate and reliable. It should be a representative of the population from which you drew it.

The most popular methods of data collection are;

  • Direct Observation
  • Analysis
  • Surveys


Having all your data in place, you are ready to begin the actual writing of your statistical analysis essay. The first step in writing your essay is creating a draft. Drafting allows you to have all your ideas on paper. It gives you room to organize your points as they should appear in your final essay.

While you draft, ensure to include all parts of your essay. Like any other essay, a statistical analysis paper consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. After drafting, write your essay.

How to write a statistical analysis paper – step by step

Step 1: Find a good topic

You should find a topic related to your study which you can conduct the statistical analysis from. There are several sources available for topics. You could read some research papers, journals, professional magazines or any discussion forums about the subject that interests you most.

Step 2: Get an outline of statistics paper

Although there is no particular form for writing a statistical analysis paper, following the general structure given below would help in organizing and presenting your work properly:

  • Introduction: This part discusses what background information is needed on the given topic and why this study has been conducted (problem statement).
  • Body : The main body gives details on how the problem was analyzed.
  • Discussion : This part draws out certain conclusions based on methods used in data collection and analysis.
  • Conclusion : Conclusions are drawn together based on the findings of this research and a call to future research is given.
  • References : The sources used in this paper should be listed here.

Step 3: Collect Data and Analyze it with SPSS or any statistical analysis software

Collecting data for statistical analysis is only the first step towards writing a paper. You would need some knowledge about statistics, database management, database design along with statistical package like SPSS (or any other related software) for analyzing the data so that they can produce meaningful outputs while presenting them in your report.

Take care of following points when you collect and analyze the data:

  • The sample size you have taken must be big enough to represent your whole population properly; otherwise your data would be considered as inadequate;
  • Approach to analysis should be clear and consistent. You must have a reason for choosing one over other alternatives of statistical techniques like simple regression, multiple regression etc.;
  • You should describe your data by giving different characteristics including nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scale;  what type of variables you used in data collection (qualitative or quantitative); if the variables are qualitative then their classifications i.e., how many classes/groups they consist of would be given too;
  • The same discipline must also be followed while presenting the outputs from SPSS such as tables (in reports), graphs, figures and diagrams (in magazines). These represent your data graphically so that they can understand it easily.

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Step 4: Drafting the report (or statistical analysis essay)

The drafting of this part might be a daunting task for you because you need to follow some general rules and formatting guidelines (as described below) while writing your analysis report. You should be able to write a good research paper i.e., one that is well written, having proper structure, with coherent presentation of data & output from software etc.;

You must mention in introduction about what is being reported e.g., number of respondents or observations, and how they are distributed/grouped together;

Body paragraphs should have similar structure which would carry information based on different statistics tools used in the study like tables, graphs, figures etc.; it should present interpretation and discussion of findings as well;

Step 6: Proofreading the report

You need to cross check all grammar errors, spelling mistakes etc.; because a small mistake may contain big consequences regarding your grades or rewards; no one would read your paper due to its bad presentation. You also need to go through visual aspect closely i.e., how things are arranged on pages like size of paper, font types, margin, spacing etc.; these aspects could also affect on you grades or rewards being given to you.

Step 7: Style & Formatting of your statistical analysis report

While writing a paper, there are some general rules that should be followed; if these rules are not followed then it shows an unprofessional approach towards writing this report. Here is the list of things that must be remembered while writing or drafting a research paper or analysis report: Use proper English in formatting all parts of the draft like title page, abstract, main body and reference page;  all footnotes should be given at end with double space after each line; make sure that footnotes do not affect on main flow of text between them i.e., avoid using multi-column footnotes as they may make reader confused which one to read first or last;

A statistical analysis essay can be written easily if you follow these steps for the preparation and then drafting it carefully.

statistical analysis paper

Let’s look at each of the components of a statistical analysis essay.


The introduction of a statistical analysis essay should have a description of your essay topic. You can write it as a theme statement

Secondly, we have a literature review, which is generally a report of the findings of other writers who have carried out similar researches.

The best way to write a literature review is by carrying out detailed research on your theme statement. Remember to credit the other researchers.


The body is the central part of your essay. Divide the body into several sections. The body of a statistical analysis paper comprises of;

  • Methods – The data collection method used describes how the data you will present was collected. Also, give an account of why you settled on that method.
  • Data presentation – You represented the data collected in the form of graphs, tables, or charts. Pick the best one to present your data best.
  • Data analysis – Here, you break down your data into simpler forms for the reader.
  • Discussion – In this section, you bring out your arguments pulled from the data. It is here where you express your views about that topic, as shown by the data. You discuss the analysis and the results of the research.


Your last section of the paper consists of several sentences that summarise the findings and highlight the importance of the research. You will be targeting to create a lasting impression on the reader. 


You need to provide any information to support your essay and the reason why the reader should consider it.

In the recommendation section, list any areas that you would want future researchers to look into related to your research. It should be short, made up of about five points.

How to write a data analysis paper

While doing any kind of data analysis, there are three important steps that should be followed:

Step 1: Exploring the given problem or question; understand it deeply and clearly so that researcher can start analyzing the data. Sometimes students get confused why they need to do this step before actually jumping into their task of collecting information from different sources like books, magazines, scholars etc.; but here is the simple answer to this question… Without knowing the objective of your research, you cannot collect the data and without collecting the right data you can’t produce meaningful results.

It’s like a complicated task to write a descriptive text on any topic that has not been well-researched by writer; before start writing, we need to do some basic homework i.e., finding suitable information sources (books, journals etc.). Same as in statistics analysis essay/report example , there is an important step which should be performed i.e., reading related books or studies to get better understanding about sample unit or population being studied; only after this step becomes clear for writer, then they can move on next step i.e., designing their own study or test procedures to collect relevant statistical evidences.

Step 2: Gather statistical information from your research i.e., data analysis; analyst or analysts has to use different test procedures (one of computer based approach) to collect relevant statistical evidences and as result they will get some data that is also known as “statistical outputs.” For example, if researcher wants to conduct a survey, then he may have designed their own questionnaires based on the objective but after conducting the survey, they will get evidences through results from each person who took part in their study/test which will be analyzed by them using their collected information sources like recently published articles/books etc.; after going through all these process, it’s time for writer to start analyzing their findings.

Step 3: Analyzing relevant statistical data or results; this process may require several steps. For example, if researcher wants to conduct a descriptive research then they will start by collecting relevant statistical data i.e., information from each individual or group who participated their study/test and after that it’s time for writer to perform first task which is “describing” the given data via graphs and charts; these are also known as “visual representations.” After creating those tools/devices for analyzing collected results, next step is to interpret them fully so that finding can be described in any written form…

The main purpose of this step is to find out whether findings support or contradict with your initial hypothesis. These hypotheses are nothing less than objective of your statistics analysis paper or report (like what you are going to do in your written work).

If you want to compare two or more groups of data, then this process will require some extra tasks like “controlling extraneous variables” in order to ensure that the only difference between these given groups is under analysis i.e., variable/s under study.

After doing all these processes, writer can finally start writing their descriptive statistics paper or report.

What is descriptive statistics?

Descriptive statistics is a collection of tools and techniques used by statisticians and other analysts for analyzing collected as well as gathered statistical information from different sources; it’s also known as mathematical approach for describing the characteristics (like mean, median etc.) about given data set along with graphical representations (like histogram etc.) for clearly presenting those results.

Descriptive statistics is an important step of research because it helps in determining whether data set collected has any statistical patterns, trends etc. which are result of some natural or social phenomenon; if descriptive statistician (who works for the company) finds any such pattern then he will report and write a work about possible reasons behind that pattern i.e., finding; this task can be performed by any number of professionals like statisticians, analysts etc. depending on nature/purpose of their study. Here we will discuss some tasks being perform by generic descriptive statistician while analyzing collected data (gathered evidences).

What should be considered before conducting descriptive statistics analysis?

Once you have finalized your topic and decided to conduct your statistics analysis paper or report, you should think about two things such as:

  1. objective of descriptive analysis (what is the main purpose of conducting this procedure);
  2. type of data used for descriptive analysis i.e., what kind of collected information are going to be analyzed using statistical techniques/methods (quantitative or qualitative etc.).

What are the tools most commonly used by descriptive statistician?

As already discussed before that there might be two types of data being analyzed by descriptive statisticians depending upon their topics like first one is quantitative data set and second one is qualitative data set; it’s important to perform different procedures while analyzing these given sets so here we will discuss few most frequently used tools/techniques about each type of data i.e., quantitative and qualitative.

How to analyze Quantitative Data?

As already discussed before that there are several procedures for analyzing collected and gathered quantitative information based on your research objectives; but there is one general rule which will ensure the quality of analysis being done (researchers should follow this rule always while performing purposeful descriptive statistics paper or report) like first thing researcher must pay attention towards is “covered samples” i.e., how many number of interested individuals participated in their study so…

What is Quantitative Data?

Number of things can be categorized into quantitative data means all the information which can be measure or expressed using specific numbers e.g., how many citizens used internet in given country; so this information must include: 1) countable numbers (which are called whole numbers aka integers); 2) natural numbers (which are also known as counting number); 3) rational numbers (meaningless without a fractional component, like halves, fourths and etc.). Common examples of quantitative data sets include salary, length, weight etc. which have some measurement attached with them while analyzing these collected evidences… So now let’s discuss about few most frequently used tools/techniques about each type of data i.e., qualitative and quantitative.

How to analyze Qualitative Data?

There are many procedures for analyzing collected and gathered qualitative information based on your research objectives; but there is one general rule which will ensure the quality of analysis being done like first thing researcher must pay attention towards is “covered samples” i.e., how many number of interested individuals participated in their study so…

What is Qualitative Data?

Qualitative data usually refers to those types of information that does not have any value attached with it e.g., color, shape etc.; usually considered as parts or whole e.g., letters are part of alphabet while language English is a whole i.e., collection of all alphabets (consisting both lowercase and uppercase letters). Common examples of qualitative data set include alphabets, colors etc. which have some certain meaning attached with them while analyzing these collected evidences…

Statistics analysis paper writing tips

  • Make sure your statistical analysis paper is well-written, and has proper grammar.
  • Be creative with word choice! You may also choose to add quotes from the literature that support your hypotheses and claims.
  • Using quotes from reputable sources will strengthen the impact of your work. Remember, one must cite their work when using information taken from another source (i.e., a book/journal article).
  • When referencing a quote, make sure you include page numbers!
  • Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages long.
  • A statistics analysis research paper should have an intro section which includes problem statement and research question; methods used; hypothesis development; results conclusion; discussion section regarding finding relevance to real life problems, any limitations of study, future studies that could be done; reference list should be at end.
  • Avoid grammar mistakes when writing your statistics essay!

Note:  Include your name, course number and lecturer’s name on the top right hand corner of the first page of your statistical analysis paper.  

Tips on Writing a Statistical Analysis Essay

  • Ensure you interpret statistical data correctly
    • Support calculation of the statistics with the procedure used to reach the final figures
    • Include visuals such as tables and graphs in your essay.
  • Avoid grammatical and spelling errors in your essay.
  • If necessary, include as much information as possible to enable the reader to interpret and reconstruct your argument.

Writing a statistical analysis essay can be challenging without the right format. We hope you get it right after going through the outlined process. Nonetheless, if you find the writing too demanding or overwhelming, then you can gladly request us for assistance.

5 steps if writing a good statistical analysis essay

Following steps will guide you through the process of writing a good statistics analysis paper:

Step 1: Exploring your topic and gathering information .

Step 2: Making outline for statistical analysis paper (or report).

Step 3: Drafting the paper using different paragraphs i.e., body paragraphs; each one describes a part of the research i.e., data analysis process

Step 4: Editing and proofreading your draft.

Step 5: Make sure you have included the correct referencing style/methods for writing your paper (or report)

Statistical Analysis Paper Example

Title: Statistical Analysis in Psychology – A Case Study

Authors’ names and affiliation: Student Name, University of New York State School of Psychology

Abstract or Summary: Social psychologists have studied aggression for decades, yet results are still misinterpreted by the public and the media. In fact, social psychologists themselves continue to debate key issues such as whether aggressive behavior is caused by circumstances or personality traits. This paper aims to analyze a case study of violent criminal acts committed in 2004 , with particular emphasis on how aggression is manifested in individuals who commit such crimes. We begin by making observations based on our research findings from past studies of violent crime. Using these results, we hypothesize that violence has more to do with environmental factors than innate biological dispositions. Next, we take a look at the environment where this robbery took place (e.g., physical setting), again using data from our research base for further analysis. Then, we describe ways in which schools can implement effective methods for reducing the risk of aggression occurring on school premises. This paper will not only call attention to the shortcomings of past research in this area, but also make recommendations for further studies .

Finally, we conclude by thanking our readers for their interest in psychology as a science and encourage them to review other works in the field (e.g., books, journals), which provide useful information and help individuals lead happier lives.  

Main body: With crime rates increasing every year all over the world , it is essential that social psychologists study aggressive human behavior from scientific perspectives so as to develop effective prevention strategies at both individual and community levels . The term aggression can be defined as any kind of hostile behavior with the aim of hurting another person or depriving him/her of a desired object, whereas violence refers to the use of physical force against another person with the intention of causing severe harm. In this paper, we present the findings from our investigation into violent crime at College Avenue, New York City (A case study). Our goal is twofold: firstly, and most importantly, we aim to determine whether aggression is innate in criminals; secondly, we hope to determine why crimes like these continue to occur in such large numbers.

About Author: John is a third year Psychology student at the University of New York State. He is particularly interested in studying human aggression and its causes. The purpose of this paper is twofold: firstly, and most importantly, he aims to determine whether aggression is innate in criminals; secondly, he hopes to determine why crimes like these continue to occur in such large numbers.

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