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What is spatial order in writing essays

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What is spatial order in writing?

Writing good essays depends on more than just the quality of your English. Well, it is one of the elements that make a good writer but there are many more elements that one needs to write well. Among them is the choice and organization of words. 

What is Spatial Order in Writing?

What is Spatial Order in Writing?In the dictionary, spatial means ‘pertaining to (the dimensions of) space. In writing, spatial order is the method of organizing content in a way that the details, ideas, or the elements of an essay are described in the order of their location. Usually, this logical progression of a view inside an essay moves from the left to right or/and top to bottom.

How to Use Spatial Order in Essay Writing

The best and most appropriate way to use spatial order is in the description of a place or setting. It can also be used to give instructions or directions. It offers a logical progression of one thing as it relates to another.

Technical writers may use spatial order to explain how a mechanism works. Architects use it to describe building designs. Even so, this form of writing does not factor time.

To use spatial order in writing an essay follow the following steps;

  1. Decide what is it that needs to be described.
  2. Work out the details of that scene.
  3. Sort out the details.
  4. Outline your ideas.
  5. Write your essay for cheap.

When all said has been said, you are set to begin writing your essay. Just have a list of signal words beside you. Do not forget to read through and correct any mistakes.

Below are 30 examples of spatial ordered sentences.

  1. Attached to our sitting room wall is a wooden rack with a red and blue necklaces.
  2. Turning to the right a saw a car parked in the shade of a huge mahogany tree. 
  3. Against the wall opposite the purple curtains is an antique dresser on top of which sits a jewellery box and some necklaces.
  4. A tall mirror was attached to the wall just next to the dresser.
  5. In front of the bed there is a large grey carpet on the floor on which a pair of sneakers lay.
  6. As you turn left you will see a large wardrobe from which a wall mirror was hanging.
  7. The magma chamber is under the Earth surface beneath the bed’s rock. 
  8. A two-foot black electric fan is placed just beside the dollhouse. 
  9. My unzipped laptop is leaning on a row of books.
  10. Behind the desk items are a row of textbooks.
  11. A book about political theories and my pencil case lay on top of the papers.
  12. He sat on the third desk, in the third row just nest to the window.
  13. My pocket power supply lay next to my wooden case.
  14. An assortment of toys adorned the top of the cabinet. A glass bedroom table is right next to it.
  15. To my right is a wooden cabinet constructed between a plastic five-layer drawer and a dressing table.
  16. The iron box was placed on the ironing table standing next to the dresser.
  17. She placed her bag closely next to her glasses which lay on the table.
  18. On the upper rack were green apples placed next to 3 bananas.
  19. To the left of the class was a rainbow poster followed by an alphabets’ chart.
  20. To my left is a dark brown cabinet containing my sibling’s activity book.
  21. Below in the cubby at my centre is a pen cup. 
  22. The television is mounted high on the wall and to the left are its speakers.
  23. Across from him was a tall building with faded shutters. 
  24. Directly beneath the old mural was a rusted lamppost. 
  25. She was tall, dressed in a flower-patterned skirt and billowy white shirt.
  26. Across the street further to the right was a woman staring into the window display of a clothing boutique.
  27. I found the flowers on my right, followed by fresh fruits and vegetables in a long bin.
  28. At the end of this path is a convenient check-out area.
  29. Moving along to the left is a wonderful array of meats and packaged dinners.
  30. The lowest section of the tower contained a restaurant, gift shop and a lounge area.

Final Thoughts on Spatial Order In Essay Writing

Spatial order is the best and the most common organization method used in scene descriptions. The writer is free to choose the section they want to start with then express it from left to right or top to bottom.

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