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cultural identity essay

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Cultural identity is the social constructedness of our personal identities. The way we look at ourselves, and through that lens the others, is based on shared systems of symbols, systems which people have created. So your cultural identity will shape how you see yourself and act towards others.

When asked to describe your cultural identity, you may feel as though the question is asking too much. You would probably never normally think it necessary to explain where your culture has come from or why you have chosen to identify with a particular culture. However, when writing a cultural identity essay there are several aspects of cultural identity which can be emphasised or expressed in these essays.

When writing an essay on your cultural identity it would be beneficial to use the essay as an opportunity to express how aspects of your culture have shaped you, whether these are negative or positive. It is often said that people can be shaped by their cultures; this refers to various factors including beliefs and traditions. These essays will enable you to express how aspects of your culture have affected your life and developed you into a particular person.

Also, when writing about cultural identity, it is important not only to explain why you identify with a particular culture but also to explain why other people may share different identities; for example, some people may identify with more than one cultural background. This essay could therefore consider what factors cause people to choose or reject their original cultural identity and whether these factors are applicable to varying degrees amongst people in different situations.

An essay about cultural identity can be approached from many angles and when writing it, you should ensure that you consider all sides of the question; for example, if your own culture is defined by a particular group of people rather than a geographical location. Although this may possibly make an essay more difficult to write, it will provide a greater insight into why someone might identify with one religion or another. This type of essay could also explain how modernisation has had an effect on cultural identity ; explaining how much faith some religions place upon tradition and explaining how other cultures adapt their traditions according to changing circumstances.

These essays can therefore be used in order to understand yourself better or how you relate to other people; for example, if you have a particular connection with another person of the same background. Explaining how cultural identity has played a part in your own life will allow others to learn more about yourself and others who may share similar characteristics to yourselves.

This type of essay can also be used when considering issues surrounding world cultures and conflict between them. For instance, an essay could explain why conflicts arise over religion or national identity , which are often linked closely together. This would therefore involve explaining the history of cultures and where many of these differences originate from; as well as discussing ways that this issue should be approached in order to avoid future conflict. These essays can provide valuable insight into diverse religious problems including terrorism, war and religion based arguments; which are often neglected by media outlets due to their sensitive nature.

The main aim when writing this essay is to explain a culture as it affects you and your life . Because of the fact that people may identify with more than one culture, they may have many influences, which must be considered in essays concerning cultural identity. Therefore, when writing an essay on cultural identity , it is essential to consider how aspects of different cultures can affect those who have mixed identities. These essays provide valuable insights into the reasons behind cultural choice and how these choices affect others around them. Cultural identity presents several issues for debate and therefore these essays should be used as a starting point for debating and discussing all sides of the issue.

Cultural identity essay outline example

Here is an example outline for a cultural identity paper.

Introduction (1 paragraph)

  • hook, direct statement of the general idea you will be discussing throughout your essay- introduction should not be a question
  • state the topic
  • summarize relevant points

Body Paragraphs (2–3 paragraphs)

  • first body paragraph
  • second body paragraph- explain another main point by explaining why it is important and how it shows up in other people’s lives
  • third body paragraph- have one more point that ties together others in a detailed way

Conclusion (1 paragraph): restate thesis and provide final thought/conclusion

Paragraph Breakdown:

The introduction part of the essay explains to the reader what you’re going to be talking about and gives them a hook, or something that will make them continue reading. The next paragraph is your thesis statement- it’s your main point in the form of a direct statement (not a question.) This means that it should already have all the information necessary to prove whatever it is you’re trying to prove. After this, you go into body paragraphs, where you do just that- explain different points with evidence from other sources. Each should have at least one line in which you tell the reader why this subject/argument/etc is important , how it shows up in people’s lives, and an example of one way someone has included the idea in their writing. The final paragraph is your conclusion- restates the hook, and gives a final thought that ties everything together and makes it more memorable/meaningful to the reader.

Tips for a perfect cultural identity research paper

A research paper on cultural identity usually follows MLA style , so make sure that if you’re using any outside sources for information (such as from an interview), that you cite them. This means including a Works Cited section at the end of your paper where you list all of the sources used in your cultural identity paper.

Tips to use when writing a cultural identity reflection paper or cultural identity reflection essay include:

  1. Do not use first person. Use I or we when you are writing about your cultural identity but avoid using personal pronouns such as I or we in order to prevent the essay from becoming too wordy and impersonal.
  2. Avoid using vague words; ensure that words used will clearly express your meaning without causing confusion. This means ensuring that adjectives are specific enough to give an accurate description of what you mean, while adverbs should be used sparingly so as not to weaken their effect on the reader.
  3. Organise ideas logically by grouping together similar points before concluding with a few sentences which summarise all your points and leave the reader with something memorable; try to keep paragraphs short so that readers do not become overwhelmed by information, remember to use subheadings to break up the essay.
  4. Start your cultural identity paper assignment with a captivating hook in order to capture your reader’s attention and then proceed to transitioning paragraphs effectively through linking words and phrases; this essay structure will allow you to maintain interest throughout the whole piece of work.
  5. Avoid using textbook language; instead, choose interesting vocabulary which is appropriate for the specific purpose of your assignment giving it more depth an meaning not just educating others on facts.
  6. You should try to stay away from clichés, but if they are used try making them as original as possible, for example: “A picture paints a thousand words”; could be restated thus: ” One picture can express many things “.

My Cultural identity essay example

My cultural identity is considered to be a little different from the average person. I was born in Ecuador and moved here when i was only eight years old, so you may think that I would not have had much of an impact on my identity because i am now American. However, I am unable to speak Spanish fluently like many other Spanish speakers. In fact, I can barely hold a conversation with anyone. This has led me to become very interested in learning about both cultures. My desire for knowledge has led me to participate in several activities aimed at teaching myself about my native culture as well as my new one . While volunteering in this school library program hosted by Hispanic community center where participants meet weekly and read classic Hispanic children’s books. The objective of the program is to allow children to be able to participate in their culture. To learn about language, and experience being a part of this culture . As well as reading books with Hispanic themes I have joined my school’s Spanish club that participates in activities such as eating traditional foods, having discussions on various topics, and other things of this sort. This club has helped me to become more comfortable with speaking Spanish fluently , but there is always room for improvement.

Another activity that I have participated in is volunteering at my local Catholic parish helping with after-school tutoring sessions where elementary students are taught Spanish through art. What makes these lessons different from others is that they incorporate both languages so that the children can understand concepts better because instead of saying “What is this?” they are asked, “¿Qué es esto?.” By providing these lessons to students who may be in danger of falling behind on their Spanish skills it helps them learn the language and can also help with integrating these children into society.

This experience has had a major impact on my identity because it allows me to connect with and appreciate both cultures that I belong to. It is important that we take advantage of opportunities like these so that we do not lose sight of our heritage.

In addition to being part of a Spanish club, and participating in various types of cultural activities in order to learn more about Hispanic culture , I have also been involved in other extracurricular activities such as marching band, concert band, and both jazz and pep bands. These opportunities have not only helped me to develop my interests in music but they have also given me the opportunity to gain leadership skills that are essential for future careers. I plan on attending college with a major in either graphic design or education so these experiences will help me later down the road when dealing with other students who might be struggling to learn certain concepts.

The part of being involved in music has been extremely challenging at times because it requires a strong level of commitment and dedication . As well as you having to practice quite often before performances so that your performance is flawless. But regardless of any challenges i may encounter throughout this experience it has led to helping me develop a strong work ethic that is essential when trying to succeed in the working world .

Over the course of my life, I have been able to learn about both cultures by participating in many different types of activities. These are some great opportunities for any student who would like to be more informed and knowledgeable about their heritage or students who are interested in expanding their horizons. This is why i am thankful for becoming involved with these cultural activities because they have given me the opportunity to become a better person as well as making me appreciate the culture we live in. By allowing us to embrace our identity through various mediums it allows us an opportunity to enhance knowledge and understanding so that we can develop into good citizens of this country.

My cultural identity essay example 2

My cultural identity essay is about my experience with both of my cultures. I love how proud i am to be a Mexican-American. 

At home we speak Spanish and English because my parents are from Mexico . But mostly Spanish because that’s where they grew up. As for me, i was born here in the United States so I don’t always remember everything in Spanish as well as some of the words but I can still understand most of what they are saying.. They’ll have conversations with each other and sometimes talk about me when I’m not around which helps me learn their language more. Sometimes if it’s something important that has been discussed or if they want to tell me something then they will say it in English so I know exactly what they are talking about. 

My mom and my grandma have their own traditions that they follow. Some such as the holidays like Christmas and Halloween. They decorate the house with lights for Christmas . For Halloween it’s more about the kids dressing up in costumes trick or treating, eating popcorn balls and candy corn, bobbing for apples in a big bowl of water , etc. My dad on the other hand likes to practice his traditions from Mexico such as placing candles on an altar for our family members who have passed away and celebrating child’s day which is something similar to Valentine’s Day; by giving cards, flowers, balloons , etc..

Because I’m older than most of my cousins , I often look after them when we go to family gatherings . It’s usually me who is the one that makes sure they are safe and don’t wander off from our group. I also help them get when it comes to protecting themselves from dangerous situations such as crossing the street or if there starts to be a fight between certain family members. Usually when something like this happens, my dad is able to break up the argument without having any physical contact but if he can’t he’ll call for someone else to come help him out.

In school i was fortunate enough to grow up in an area where we weren’t surrounded by just Mexican-Americans so I got to interact with other people of different ethnicities such as black, Asian, Native American, etc.. In some instances my friends would invite me over to their house for the holidays so I was able to participate in some of their traditions as well. 

But it wasn’t only my friends who invited me over, sometimes i would just go by myself. In fact pretty much all of my best friends that i have made through school are those of different ethnic groups . Another way we were exposed to other cultures is when we had to do projects on something and then be assigned a partner from a different group.

This is really important because us kids need to know what others may have gone through or are currently going through; especially by learning about discrimination due to race, nationality, etc.. It also helps open up our minds and makes us recognize that everybody’s culture is equally important and unique. It also helps us maintain a better understanding of other people’s cultures so that we can try to not over step and cross the line while doing things such as throwing a party or cooking food from another country.

For me, i have found this experience to be very helpful because it has helped me broaden my mind by actually experiencing other cultures first hand . I have gotten to learn what it is like living in other families and how they live their lives differently than mine. By doing this I was able to appreciate what I had at home more while realizing that there are many different ways of living life; all which are equally important.

My cultural identity essay example 3

The culture we live in has no boundaries with respect to being a huge part of our daily lives. It can be shown in many different ways, from food to the manner in which we speak among others and we all have a culture that is ours and only ours. This essay on cultural identity will show you how this impacts me as an individual.

My culture has played a major role throughout my life because it has shaped me into the person that I am today. As a child, the kind of person I was could easily be influenced by my surroundings and more than often it did affect who I was to become . Seeing other people’s cultures around me allowed me to learn about their history , their beliefs and what they stood for. While mine remained the same, it gave me a chance to explore what other cultures were like and what they were all about.

A very good example of my cultural identity is the fact that I got to experience turkey for one of the first times out with friends for thanksgiving . One would think how different could this bird actually be, especially when compared to chicken or duck but in reality turkeys are much smaller birds. They also have a completely different taste then their other counterparts because we usually don’t cook them as often so it brings a unique factor into play. This specific Thanksgiving was spent at my friend’s house and her family made sure to do everything from scratch including cooking the turkey itself which added an extra twist on the old tradition by having a new way to enjoy your favorite dish. Her family did not bring over their entire culture, but they did merge some of their traditions with the American one to have a new experience.

Another good example was when I went to Mexico and had a chance to see how everyday life could be like for another person living outside of the United States. This also made me realized that even though we are all people with different skin colors and speak different languages, there is still a lot in common between us . We all share love for our families just as much as we care about how we can impact them through our own actions such as helping out around the house or giving them advice on certain things. No matter where I go in my life or what kind of work I end up doing, it will always reflect my Mexican heritage because it is a part of me that helps shaped me into the person I am today .

Another thing about this cultural identity is how it reflects directly on a person’s way of thinking, which to be honest can be quite different from one another. For example my mother always told us to take things seriously and never just for granted based off of what she has lived through in her lifetime. Every decision we make whether it was big or small would impact our future for good or bad therefore making us realize that every choice matters . In other words, understanding the consequences behind each action or comment made were very vital especially when growing up. We would also hear stories like “why didn’t you do this” or “I wish you could have done that”. This not only added to our personal experience but also played a factor on how we looked at the world around us .

Through my own cultural identity I have experienced things that most people don’t even get to see in their lifetime. Some of these experiences include living in both Mexico and the United States, making lasting friendships with great kids and going out of my comfort zone to try new things that could help me grow as an individual which is essential for success throughout life. I am proud to say that even though I was raised by Mexican parents, I do not like eating spicy food which can be very surprising when you think about it because almost everything they put into their dishes consists of hot peppers or chili peppers. In some cases, when we wanted Mexican food back home in the States, we would go to a restaurant called Chipotle which has now spread like wildfire all across America.

I am my own person who can proudly say that I have learned how to make them proud along with being an individual who was born into a culture that did not hold me back from becoming anything I wanted and always encouraged me for bettering myself!

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