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How to make an essay longer

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How To Make An Essay Longer In 7 Steps

Making an essay longer is a rather daunting task for students, but it can be done. However, you have to think about how to make your essay longer from the very beginning if you hope to accomplish this feat. In this article I will outline several methods that should help you out a bit with making an essay longer.

1.  Just write more content.

This is the simplest way to make an essay longer. If you feel like there is not enough information in your paper, just write more stuff. Go into greater detail about things, provide the reader with more examples, etc. The one drawback to this method is that you have to be careful that you don’t create filler content because then your essay will become bloated and the reader will become bored.

2.  Streamline your sentences.

If you have a large number of sentences that go into great detail about one particular thing, then consider combining some of those sentences together. This can make your writing seem less bloated and you can still get across the same point as before because you didn’t really change anything. You could also look at cutting down on adjectives or adverbs if they are taking up too much space in your sentences because this would accomplish the same goal as condensing your sentences without changing the meaning behind them and it may allow for more to be written anyway.

3.  Just write more words.

While I just told you not to do this, sometimes there is no other choice but to do this or your essay will not be long enough. You can split up sentences, combine them together, streamline them, etc., but sometimes you need to just write more words. If you feel like something is lacking in your paper because it’s too short for what you’re trying to convey then by all means go ahead and add some adjectives or adverbs or whatever.

4.  Add extra content.

Suppose that your essay was originally only supposed to be five pages long but you haven’t even hit the third page yet. This could mean one of two things (or both). The first possibility is that there isn’t enough information in the paper yet; the second possibility is that you are writing about useless things and should cut out the fluff. If it is the former then just keep writing and you will eventually hit your page count and be okay (although you may need to write extra content to make up for lost time if you fall behind). But if it’s the latter, cut out all of the useless words and paragraphs until what remains actually provides value to your essay.

5.  Add more sources.

Suppose that again your essay is only supposed to be five pages long but now you’re almost three pages in and still don’t have enough information. Usually this means that either there isn’t enough information or that the quality of the information that you do have is lacking; either way, adding more sources should help because those sources can provide additional detail which helps stretch out your paper. There is also the very good possibility that one of your sources can be used to break up a large block of text and this would help too.

6. Cut down on quotations and paraphrasing.

This is sort of contradictory to what I said in the last method, but there’s a difference between adding more sources and cutting down on what you already have just so it stretches out further. If you find yourself using quotes or paraphrased content from your sources without providing additional analysis then consider removing some of them because they are pointless to begin with (unless they provide direct support for an argument but even if so there could still be too many). You will need evidence from your sources in order to prove points which brings me to the next method.

7.  Cut down on proofreading.

If you find that your essay is too short for what is was meant to be then it could be because the quality of your writing is poor and that means having to cut back on proofreading (the editing process). You obviously cannot do this with all essays but if you are looking at missing a page count by one or two pages then this may be an option so long as the content of your paper isn’t altered by cutting out anything significant. You need to make sure that there aren’t any glaring logical fallacies, spelling/grammar errors, etc., in order for this strategy to work though, otherwise just keep revising until you’re happy with how it looks.

If you follow these methods then your essay should be long enough. But sometimes essays are too short for what they were meant to be and utilizing the tactics from this article could help stretch it out so that everything is all good.

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