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How to write a deductive essay

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How to Write a Deductive Argument Essay Effectively

In writing most essays, one works on a specific deductive argument to draw a general conclusion. The discussed points or experiments determine what conclusion the writer will arrive at. These essays are known as inductive essays. On the contrary, deductive essays apply a bottom-down logic. One starts with general knowledge and works downwards to reach a specific conclusion.

What is a deductive essay?

As earlier mentioned, deductive essays are, pieces of writing that start with general information and eventually arrive at a specific conclusion. Students might get goosebumps on the mention of terminologies like deductive reasoning, deductive thinking, and premise among others. However, upon understanding how deductive reasoning works, writing a deductive essay becomes rather straightforward. The process of deductive reasoning involves identifying some circumstances related to the topic. These clues will help the writer to use a logical approach and get more specific until they get to a conclusion.

Writing an effective deductive essay

Like any other essay, this type of writing also requires a systematic approach. The logical flow of your ideas determines the deductive reasoning process. The following steps are crucial in coming up with a flawless deductive essay.

Set the right tone

Deductive essays are based on facts rather than subjective arguments. Therefore, you must set a factual and objective tone to remain convincing and relevant. This type of essay requires that you suppress personal opinions by making evidence-based conclusions. By setting the right tone, you will remain within the framework of your topic.

Choose a topic for your deductive essay

If you are writing from scratch, you will require an appropriate topic. From the tone required, it is clear that not all topics can be written deductively. Be careful not to choose a topic in which you are overly emotional. Such subjects make you subjective and alter you from arriving at the proper conclusion. However, you should choose a topic that interests you rather than one in which you are clueless. Deductive essays provide the writer with a chance to learn new things, not prove themselves. Political science, philosophy, mathematics, ethics, sociology, and history are some of the fields that apply deductive reasoning. In Math, for instance, if A=B and B=C, then A=C. That is a simple way of illustrating deductive reasoning.

Introduce your deductive essay

The introduction of your essay tells what argument you are investigating. Your essay requires thorough investigation since it is evidence-based. Therefore, your introduction should not generalize the concept to be studied. This makes it easy to focus on the specific topic and remain relevant all through. You should have a short and concise thesis statement that clearly states the subject of investigation.

Supporting paragraphs

Since your essay is based on certain arguments that will help you conclude, display them here. The paragraphs in this type of essay comprise of a premise and evidence. Deductive reasoning can be illustrated by the deductive argument below;

Premise: All dogs are animals

Evidence: Tommy is a dog

Conclusion: Tommy is an animal

The premise

The premise is the general fact that helps the writer reach a certain conclusion you can have single or multiple premises in a deductive argument. As you logically progress, the background will get you to a more specific conclusion.


As opposed to the general premise, evidence represents more specific information. Upon analysis, the evidence acts as the link between the premise and conclusion. In this part, the writer must use credible sources to prove that the information is true. Consider an essay discussing whether smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. The evidence will prove the existence of patients of lung cancer, who are smokers. You can use scholarly articles, books, statistics or other people’s findings to back up your claims.


The truth of the premise determines the truth of the conclusion as well. Therefore, combining the premise and evidence gathered gets the writer to the conclusion. If the premise is false, so will be the conclusion and vice versa. In a situation where there are various premises to a single argument, there will be multiple conclusions too. However, the writer must settle on the strongest of the conclusions to validate their argument. The conclusion should be convincing beyond any reasonable doubt, from the analysis and proof provided. It should be brief and straight to the point, not deviating from the main topic.

Common styles used in deductive essays

While deductive essay writing can adopt a variety of styles, two are frequently used

Categorical arguments: these arguments include various items and use words and phrases such as “none”, “all” and “some”

Propositional arguments: these arguments manage the sentences in which they are used. Words adopted in this style include; and, or, if.

Essential tips in deductive essay writing

The crucial point in writing this type of essay is to remain focused, lest your arguments lose meaning. However, from the styles we have identified, your sentence structure also determines the understanding of the reader. Therefore, as much as you need to be factual, you should also possess undisputable writing prowess. Improper use of words will result in incorrect analysis and, eventually, wrong conclusions. In a situation where there are multiple premises, the writer must exercise impeccable analytical skills. Deductive essays rely on the most reasonable, likely path. Hence, one has to way the various probabilities but choose one that has solid rock evidence.

Post-writing requirements for your deductive argument essay

The most crucial element in a deductive essay is the flow of logical arguments. Therefore, you should go through your essay to establish whether the topic, premise, evidence, and conclusion relate well. The general grammatical correctness matters in any type of essay that you write. However, deductive essays’ meaning could be swayed by the sentence structure.

Consequently, you must check to ensure that the words you use give the right meaning to your arguments. In the course of proofreading, make sure that you have concluded with the most superior of the points from your argument. We cannot emphasize enough on the logical flow of ideas in this type of essay. The deductive reasoning process is a crucial determinant of how accurate your conclusions are.

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