How To Write A Short Essay

How to Write a Short Essay

Writing a short essay as an assignment may prove to be a headache for many students compared to a more extended and lengthy essay. It is because, in a more extensive essay, you have room to explain your points. For a short essay, that room is limited; you have to be as brief as possible simultaneously. However, you have to ensure you deliver strong points. In this article on how to write a short essay, we will discuss;

  • Definition of a short essay
  • The length of a short essay
  • The structure
  • Writing a short essay
  • Tips in writing a short essay

What is a short essay

A short essay also called an easy essay, is a writing piece where the writer expresses their argument on a particular topic. It is short because it has a limited word count as compared to a standard essay. It requires one to be brief and exact. For relative sized essays, check out how to write a five paragraph essay.

The Length of a Short Essay

While a more extended essay has up to a thousand words, an easy essay only requires 50% of the words, which is about 500 words. It is about two pages depending on the line spacing used. Even though it is a short essay, the writer should use full sentences and proper grammar.

Structure of a short essay

An easy essay has the same form as any other essay; the only difference is the number of words used. It has three main parts; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction

It is the window through which the readers see what the essay entails but from afar. It creates the first impression, and as they say, 'first impressions matter.' The introduction is what sparks the interest of your readers. With the opening sentence, how you use it will determine if your readers continue reading your essay. The introduction is brief and precise, but catchy. Write down your thesis statement here. It should be the closing line of your introduction.

  • The body of the essay

The body of the essay expounds more on the thesis statement. In the body, the main ideas are discussed and supported by pieces of evidence. Divide the body into three paragraphs. The trick here is to use the most relevant and essential ideas. In the first paragraph, discuss the most crucial point and support it with evidence.

  • Conclusion

 Here the writer summarizes everything from the thesis statement to the last paragraph of the body. Slightly mention each point. The writer should keep in mind not to start a new idea in conclusion. The aim is to conclude, so as a writer, choose a strong finishing remark.

Writing a short essay

When writing a short essay, you should keep in mind three things. These are;

  • The length. Remember, it is an easy essay; therefore, the number of words to be used is limited. If you have 6 points, compress them into 3. 
  • Have a thesis statement. It is the main idea of the essay. Having one helps you revolve around the essay around a central point. Your thesis statements can be either explanatory or argumentative.
  • Have sections and all the parts that make up an essay. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Both the introduction and conclusion are one paragraph each.

Writing a short essay quick tips

  • Have a topic for the essay and from the topic form your thesis statement. 
  • Use a few words for the essay since it is short. Alternatively, you can do the whole essay in long-form the high light to use in the short essay.
  • Have credible sources of information to use as support.
  • Use catchy but straightforward words. Have transitional words to connect the dots of your essay
  • Use an active voice and avoid the use of passive voice.

short essay writing conclusion

In writing a short essay, the writer should ensure that they follow the required length. Writing down the whole essay and then cutting it down is one way to write your essay. Even though it is easy, ensure you provide enough details for your points. Write in full sentences because, after all, it is an essay.

How long is a short essay supposed to be?
How long is a short essay supposed to be?...