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How to Write an Informal Essay

by tutlance

How to Write an Informal Essay

Students are often caught in the worry of having to write essays for their classwork. They find themselves going through various research materials to come up with the most reliable information. However, it is not always the case that your professor will require you to write a formal essay. Research essays and essays based on certain subjects studied in class take a formal approach. Have you ever written a blog? Or a long post on social media or in your diary? Well, if you have, then you have a clue of how to write an informal essay

What is an informal essay?

This essay is self-explanatory from the name “informal”. It expresses an individual’s point of view in a more relaxed manner. It does not necessarily adhere to a certain set of strict rules. This means that the writer uses a conversational tone to express his/ her ideas. The informal essay gives the writer a sense of entertainment while writing it. However, these essays can be written to convince the reader or provide a piece of crucial information. The writer ought not to write aimlessly since the piece is informal. Some of the considerations to make while writing this type of essay include;

  • Audience

When indulging in any writing experience, it is essential to consider who will read your work. This way, you will understand what information to include and how to convey it. Most informal essays appear like the writer is talking to friends or acquaintances. Some informal essays are meant solely for individual use, making the writer the audience as well. If, on the other hand, you intend to have your work read by someone else, you will write differently. An informal essay you are submitting to your professor will differ from one directed to friends. The way you write is also dependent on what purpose you aim at achieving with this piece of writing. Are you writing to enlighten the youth about certain fashion? Are you writing to make your audience laugh? Is your target audience a group of advanced-age people? All these types of audience mean that your essay will differ in content and seriousness

  • Tone

As opposed to formal essays, informal essays can use common terminologies, quotes and so forth. It is more like you are holding a conversation with your audience. You do not have to write in the third person language or write all the words in full. However, this again depends on your target audience. You can throw in some jokes in the right proportions but ensuring you remain relevant to the purpose.

Structure of an informal essay

If you are used to writing formal essays you might find yourself tempted to stick to the five-paragraph rule. However, this is not necessarily the case with informal essays. Although you can adopt this format, you do not require to arrange your ideas logically. Some crucial components that will make your essay easier include;

  • Topic

Despite writing in a relaxed manner, you must be writing about something specific. Therefore, it is essential to give your essay a title and focus on a given matter. In classwork, you will mainly be given a topic but for individual purposes, you have to settle on one. Your topic must be something that interests you if you are to enjoy writing the piece. Some topics that suit informal essays are;

  • Is there a specific way of raising children?
  • The role of social media in moral decadency
  • Choosing the right attire for an occasion
  • Introduction

Since the informal essay is not dependent on any research work, there is no single way of writing your introduction. You can begin with a sense of humor or a story that leads to what you intend to write about. If it is fashion, you can start with an embarrassing moment when you dressed inappropriately.

  • The body

This is where you express your thoughts without necessarily following any order. Depending on the audience, you can include some slang. Your sentences must be short and concise; long sentences and paragraphs are discouraging to read. If this type of essay turns out boring, it beats the purpose of entertaining. You should be keen to avoid confusing the readers even if you are not required to follow a definite order. Using too many jokes makes the essay lose its meaning and look like a comedy instead (unless it is). Therefore, you should use the right doses of informal ideas.

While formal essays have a defined number of words, informal essays have some freedom. If you are submitting the paper for grading, your professor might specify the word limit. Informal essays are mostly brief and are characterized by short paragraphs too.

  • Ending an informal essay

This essay allows you to provide a summary of the ideas you have discussed before. However, you should do it in a manner that leaves an impression on your reader. By ending the essay on the right note, the reader will easily remember everything you have talked about. Your conclusion does not have to be too serious since this is not a case study. Will the audience look forward to reading your next essay? Are there any emotions you have triggered in the reader?

Remember to proofread your informal essay

The fact that you are writing an informal essay does not mean it does not require re-reading. It would be embarrassing to write an essay and receive feedback on typos, poor punctuation, and grammar. Therefore, you should take some time to go through your essay before publishing or submitting it. If you feel that, something does not feel right, scrap-off some parts or add necessary ones. How do you feel after reading the whole essay? If it does give you some level of achievement, then you have missed something. You can also have a friend read through the essay and give honest opinions or even pay an online essay writing help service to help you. Ensure that they can follow the entire essay and understand the message you intended to deliver. An informal essay is not a chance to be sloppy in your writing. Nevertheless, you do not have to follow any specific formatting style.

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