How To Write An Opinion Essay

How to write an opinion essay

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing that requires your opinion on a particular topic. 

Therefore, the purpose of this type of paper is to elicit your opinion on a specific topic of discussion. 

You are free to air your views throughout your writing and defend them. State your argument clearly and then back it up by relevant examples and explanations.

Generally, there are two types of opinion essays.

  • A one-sided opinion essay
  • A two-sided opinion essay.

As the name suggests, a one-sided opinion essay can either promote or disregard a particular topic. 

On the other hand, a two-sided opinion essay gives the writer a chance to discuss a topic exhaustively, giving both sides of the coin.

What is the Outline of an Opinion Essay?

When writing an opinion essay, the standard structure of writing applies. You need to have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. 

The structure is as follows;

  • Title

When writing your title, consider your opinion on the topic. Then write that statement as the title of your essay. For example, if your subject is Female Genital Mutilation, the title could read, “Female Genital Mutilation Should Be Banned.” 

  • Introduction 

The intro’s primary goal is to prepare your readers to dip into the essay. It should contain two parts, namely:

  • The catchy phrase/sentence – An Exciting phrase that leaves your reader wanting to read the rest of the essay.
  • The thesis statement – Forms the part that describes your topic. It gives the reader an in-depth understanding of your subject. As such, they will be able to relate to your arguments.

Apply the following techniques to introduce your essay;

  • Address the reader directly.
  • Start with a quote, a provoking thought, or a rhetorical question.
  • Refer to some striking or unusual facts, ideas or situations.
  • Body

The body of an opinion essay is organized depending on which type you are writing. 

Write several paragraphs, each presenting a separate point of view supported by reasons.

Start every paragraph with a topic sentence. You will back up each first sentence with arguments. 

Begin a new paragraph only when you want to discuss a new idea. 

How to organize the body of a one sided opinion essay

Since a one-sided opinion essay hosts one prominent feeling on the topic. It is pretty straightforward to organize your thoughts. Here we go:

  • Group your points into paragraphs.
  • Let each paragraph begin with the main point, then give your supporting argument stating relevant examples and explanations.
  • Write a linking statement to the next paragraph.

How to organize the body of a two sided opinion essay

While writing a two-sided opinion essay, you give an account of both the pros and cons of the topic.

There are two ways to organize the body.

  • Alternative paragraphs. Here the paragraphs alternate between pros and cons.

That is; paragraph 1 stating Pros

Paragraph 2 stating Cons

  • Grouped paragraphs – Arrange the paragraphs such that all the supportive points come first while the opposing points come last.
  • Conclusion

A conclusion is a simple summary of the whole paper. The writer uses their own words to express their agreement or disagreement with the main topic. You can restate the thesis statement. 

Examples of Opinion Essays

Do you need something for reference? Read the following opinion essay to expand your knowledge.

Homeschooling Should Be Adopted In Our Education System
The homeschooling systems have a significant contribution to the mental health of most students. I firmly agree that interactions among students are essential and they should be around other mates. However, the emotional mistreatment that occurs among school-going students may create dysfunctional coexistence, which is not easy to identify. Take an example of the rising cases of bullying in schools. This may be difficult to point out and if not well addressed can result to mental illness on the affected child.

Secondly it is easier to develop functional relationships with your when they are constantly around you. Home schooling serves this purpose as time spent at school is now saved. Therefore, I suppose that home schooling be incorporated in our education system.

Opinion essay is a form of formal writing which asks the writer to include their thoughts when it comes to a topic. This is then backed by a logical explanation and examples. If you are still struggling with your opinion essay, take advantage of our skilled writers to help you out.

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