How To Write Leadership Essay (Research Paper Tips And Examples)

A Leadership Essay is a type of academic writing that is not as time-consuming or overwhelming as the book report or report essay, but it gives the teacher a chance to evaluate your knowledge on the subject. A leadership essay is often used when you are assigned a composition in class, such as an English composition class.

The purpose of this type of essay is to let you demonstrate a basic understanding of aspects about leadership and how they affect your life. Your essay will also provide some kind of proof, whether it be facts from books, character references or interview content.

A leadership essay can run anywhere from 250 word essay to 1000 word essay (the length depends on what standard it is being graded for). However long or short your paper may be, every leadership essay should have a clear thesis statement, 3-5 main points and a strong conclusion.

To write a grade winning leadership essay, start from the hook and thesis statement. These two come in the introduction. Then develop your points in the body paragraphs to affirm your hypothesis before finally taking your reader through a short rundown of the restatement of your essay's main idea.

That shouldn't be difficult, should it? But it is easier said than done. So, in this guide, we break it down, setting you on the right path.

Let's dive in, shall we?

What is a Leadership Essay?

A leadership essay is a well-formatted and organized formal writing that expounds on a general leadership topic or a person leading a group of people. A leadership essay helps the reader to understand the concept of leadership, identify the leadership that surrounds them, and reflect on their leadership experiences. Leadership essays are typical across all academic institutions and also in our daily lives.

We all have leadership structures within our local set-ups. It could be within your family, school, workplace, or even your community. Leadership is the art of guiding a group of people to act towards achieving a particular goal. For example, in a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues to meet the company's needs.

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Components of a good leadership paper

I have listed below what is generally accepted as the components of this type of essay:

Introduction Paragraph:

A good paper will also include some sort of intro paragraph that establishes your knowledge on leadership in general, so you need to be somewhat knowledgeable about your topic before undertaking an essay like this.

Thesis Statement: A thesis in a leadership paper is a line that establishes what you are going to say in the paper. It is always written in the present tense and it has to be an opinionated statement, not just information. Your thesis should also not be a question.

For example: The best way to teach leadership is through experience, because students learn by doing it themselves and seeing if they can do it right or wrong.

The key to writing this type of essay effectively is having a strong thesis statement as well as plenty of details that back up your points. It doesn't matter how organized the paper is if there are no real facts or data to support what it is that you are trying to argue about.

Body paragraphs:

Main Points: Every time you write this type of essay, you have to make sure that you include 3-5 points where you develop your ideas about leadership from different angles and perspectives.

Evidence: A strong leader needs supporting evidence in order for his or her argument to hold up, so make sure to provide at least one bit of concrete proof (or more depending on what your teacher asked for) to back up each idea.


Your conclusion needs to wrap things up by showing how you came to the same point you started at with your thesis statement. This is a time to show that this entire essay has been relevant, that it all fits together and makes sense in the end. In addition, make sure to reiterate your opinion/argument in the final sentence so there's no question about where you stand with this topic.

Sources: List of sources you have used when writing your essay.

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Brainstorming Question When Writing Leadership Papers

The following questions can help shape the outline of your leadership essay:

  • What can be considered as a good leader?
  • What makes someone a good one?
  • Can any person be a good leader?
  • Who are some famous leaders from history and what lessons can we learn from them?
  • What are the best ways to educate people about leadership?
  • What is the difference between a good leader and a tyrant?
  • Why can't everyone be his or her own leader in life?

Notice that these are not just open-ended questions. Every one of them has a clear purpose and it all comes down to your thesis statement at the end. If you are stuck with where to start, this kind of question can help you narrow things down. Also, notice that they all focus on leadership in general rather than one person or event in particular. This makes for an essay that has more breadth and depth.

If you want some additional help with writing your leadership essay, I would suggest checking out the leadership essay examples below or asking our online tutors to share some samples once you post an order.

How to Start a Leadership Essay

Like other academic assignments, leadership essays begin with an introduction. You apprise the reader with an overview of your topic. 

To develop an astounding leadership piece, include the following items in your introduction:

  • Importance of your essay. Tell the reader why the topic you chose is viable. 
  • Add an attention-grabbing sentence or phrase, often called a hook. You want to fuel the reader's interest in your work. 
  • Explain your understanding of the concept of leadership.

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Leadership Essay Structure - Format

A proper plan for an essay enhances the depth of your writing. It is essential to make the paper logical and neat. A good essay structure also simplifies the writing process. The structure of a leadership essay cuts across the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction – Give an overview of leadership. Add a phrase, quote, rhetorical question, or a statement that will get the audience interested in the rest of the paper. Then end the introduction with a thesis statement.
  • Body – In 3 to 5 paragraphs, express your thoughts on the topic. If you have been in a leadership position earlier, tell your experiences through the essay, the lessons you learned. Explain the challenges you encountered, and relate them to daily challenges in leadership. Personal relations in these experiences captivate the readers as they want to learn how to act in such situations.
  • Conclusion – Summarize the essay in a few words. Reaffirm the thesis statement. Show the reader how you have accomplished the purpose of the paper. 

How to write a Leadership Essay

Brainstorm topic Ideas – In some cases, you have the topic to write, so you get spared of this part. All you need to do is read and understand the topic. However, in most cases, the topic is not guided. Examiners want you to come up with your topic. To choose a topic for a paper on leadership, you need to do some research on the concept. Familiarize with the current leadership trends, and pick a title that easily relates to your audience.

Make a skeleton of your essay - You already know how an outline of the piece appears. Go ahead, develop a detailed structure, highlighting where you want each point to appear, right from the introduction, through the body, to the conclusion. 

Research – Regardless of the type of essay you are writing, carrying out research is indispensable. It helps make your article informative and useful. You don't want to write on something you don't have a clue. It also can explain the points in detail to your audience. Inadequate research makes your essay shallow and repetitive. 

Make a draft – A draft is the first written paper. Follow the outlined structure and write your essay. Begin with an introduction, follow with the body, and end with a conclusion.

Include the following information in the body:

  • Examples of leaders and leadership positions surrounding your audience
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Personal leadership experiences.
  • Explain the importance of leadership.
  • Describe the challenges faced by leaders.
  • Guide those who aspire to lead.

Proofread, make corrections, write the final copy – Read through the paper, and correct any mistakes. Mistakes range from typing and grammatical errors to omissions and repetition. Write a clean version of your essay to submit to the audience. 

How to End a Leadership Essay

You don't want to leave your reader hanging by ending the essay abruptly. Like most essays, in the end, give a summary of the body. Encourage the readers to take up leadership roles. Be careful not to present new ideas at the conclusion.

Your leadership essay should follow a predetermined style and format. Use simple sentences to make it clear. Avoid excessive use of vocabulary. For further guidance and improvement, don't hesitate to reach out to our pro-writers.

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Example Leadership Essay

Below I have added a sample essay on leadership for your reference written by a student as a part of learning process:

The best way to teach leadership is through experience, because students learn by doing it themselves and seeing if they can do it right or wrong. A lot of people seem to think they can be leaders based on their age alone, but this is not always the case. The adult who is turned down for a promotion at his workplace may feel he does not get what he deserves because of his age; however, sometimes good leadership has nothing to do with being older than someone else. This is why teachers should instruct young people in methods of showing leadership from an early age.

I believe that the best way to teach leadership is through experience, because students learn by doing it themselves and seeing if they can do it right or wrong. For example, learning how to be a good leader means having the chance to make decisions on your own about your personal life, which may make you face an upsetting moment when you realize that playing with your friends games isn't always going to go the way you want. This is a good situation for young people because they will see what happens when things don't work out as planned and realize that there are other ways of handling this kind of situation.

Wise teachers will allow their students the freedom they need in order to make mistakes so that later on these kids won't hesitate making quick decisions when they are involved in a leadership role. The worst way to educate people about leadership is by only reading books or listening to boring lectures on the subject; this is why I strongly believe that real-world experience is the best way of education.

Avoiding examples from history and modern leaders can be confusing for young students who don't have years of practice under their belts. It's difficult for young people to comprehend what it means to be a good leader just by hearing someone tell them so, because they don't know how they should act if faced with particular situations. By experiencing different kinds of situations first hand, students will learn how it feels like to either succeed or fail at something important, which can help them understand what kind of leader they want to be in the future.

A lot of people seem to think they can be leaders based on their age alone, but this is not always the case. The adult who is turned down for a promotion at his workplace may feel he does not get what he deserves because of his age; however, sometimes good leadership has nothing to do with being older than someone else. This is why teachers should instruct young people in methods of showing leadership from an early age.

Younger people tend to be more enthusiastic and energetic, which makes them the perfect candidates for demonstrating leadership through their actions. If students are allowed to take initiative and show what they know about leadership, teachers will have a better chance of gauging each individual students' strengths and weaknesses while they teach the class as a whole how to deal with specific situations that require leadership .

I believe that no matter what age someone is, everyone has something important to learn from the experience of learning how to become an effective leader who can make good decisions in any situation. The key is for teachers to give young people the freedom they need so that educators can see who in there class shows signs of having potential as a strong leader. By showing younger students what it feels like to either succeed or fail at something important, teachers can help them understand what kind of leader they want to be in the future.

Final Writing Tips

Remember, when you write a leadership essay, you want to prove that leadership exists. Leadership isn't just something used by commanding officers and people in charge; it can be used by anyone who has ever been involved in a group project or has led anything at all (whether it be a little league team, a group of other students or even the free world). Leadership Essays can be especially useful in school because they provide the teacher with an opportunity to evaluate your knowledge on specific areas rather than just basing it solely off of a book report or response paper.

You may also find that you need to do more research or more field work in order to make this paper as detailed and specific as possible; if you fail to give the teacher adequate detail on your topic, then you will not get a high score. However, remember that while leadership is an extremely important part of society, it is one area of study where you need to showcase your writing skills.

When you write your leadership essay, don't just regurgitate what some other author said; make sure that your evidence supports your point. Follow MLA or APA guidelines for citing sources properly so that never will it be said that you plagiarized portions of your paper .

A leadership essay will focus on something specific, whether it's a certain aspect of leadership or specific person who embodies good leadership traits.

It is really up to the writer as to what angle he/she takes with this type of writing assignment; just make sure that whatever angle you take makes sense and that your paper has a theme.

Leadership isn't an easy subject, so don't hope for an top grade without putting in some effort into researching and writing your thoughts down clearly. This way, the teacher can follow along as you support each point with details , facts and data that bring real information to bear on your idea about leadership.

The key words to writing a good essay are clarity, detail and organization. Without these three things, you will sacrifice a score due to lack of understanding.

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