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How to Write a Nursing Essay | Examples, Topics, Outline

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Nursing has always been viewed as one of those professions that require a passion to pursue. This is not a sufficient qualification for one to become a nurse. Nursing students also encounter unique and demanding assignments in the course of their studies. These tasks aim at improving the overall skills of the learner before joining the field. They further help a practicing nurse to conduct thorough research and make proper reports on various issues. Nurses play a crucial role in the recovery of patients and easing the work of the doctors.

Exploring a nursing essay

Unlike some literature essays that may adopt a general nature, nursing essays are quite specific. They are pieces of writing regarding a particular nursing subject that is applicable in real-life. Therefore, this type of essay though theoretical must appear as practical as possible. The issues that one discusses should be relevant to the nursing field.

Writing an excellent nursing essay

To write a flawless paper in nursing, one must make several considerations. In addition to adopting the proper structure of an essay, the writer must also possess an in-depth comprehension.

1. Understand the nursing essay writing requirements

You will require impeccable research and writing skills to come up with a perfect essay. However, these are not adequate when it comes to writing essays with a professional background; nursing being one of them. You must understand what the professor requires of you while assigning a given task. Are there any hidden tricks that you must first unveil? Are you in a position to produce a paper that covers the exact issues that were raised? Do not rush to write your essay until you have understood what it entails.

2. Come up with a topic

Assuming the professor has not assigned you a specific topic, you must choose the most appropriate one. Your topic should be as relevant to your profession as possible. Nursing students have a variety of topics to explore; choose one that interests you. Your topic must also have available and reliable research sources. Some areas that students pursuing nursing courses focus on include;

  • Breastfeeding and HIV transmission
  • Impact of nutrition on overall human well-being
  • Effective palliative care
  • How to prevent and cure depression

3. Conduct thorough research

While some essays rely majorly on personal opinions, nursing papers are more evidence-based. Therefore, the students must carry out intense research to present the most factual ideas. Having settled on a specific topic, use the professional ideas that exist regarding that subject. The readers of your essay are experts in this field, hence, requiring you to take a professional approach too. You can gather as much information as possible and be keen to narrow down your topic. This will allow you to produce rich content about a particular matter.

4. Outline

You might be tempted to go straight to writing since you have the topic and research materials. However, it is essential to have an outline that helps you organize your ideas. An outline is not a long piece but a guide on how you intend to write your essay. It includes the main points and their arrangement on paper. Since you had conducted broad research, the outline helps you to identify which material is most relevant for your nursing essay. Consequently, you will know the most appropriate sources to cite in your final paper.

5. Write your essay following the proper structure

Academic papers require a planned approach due to their formality. As a nursing student, you ought to understand how to organize your work to remain relevant and meaningful. Familiarize yourself with the referencing styles that your institution requires you to use. Like most essays, a nursing essay should be organized into introduction, body, and conclusion.


All essays require that you have an engrossing introduction depending on the field of study. As a nursing student, you can use statistics or facts to begin your essay. You can use a brief experience you encountered in the line of duty. Your introduction should give the reader a reason to go through the entire essay. Let the reader understand the purpose of your essay through a clear and concise thesis statement. Providing the background of your essay justifies why you have focused on that specific subject.


The body of your essay tells how conversant you are with the topic you have chosen. Therefore, ensure that you back up your arguments with irrefutable evidence. Show the reader that you understand the various issues surrounding the matter under discussion. Use the correct citation techniques to cite sources that you have used in your research. These could be textbooks, medical journals or websites. Organize your solutions systematically such that there is a flow throughout the paper. Use the appropriate transitional words to connect the different ideas. Allocate each point discussed a separate paragraph. Some points may take more than one paragraph to exhaust.


Your conclusion should answer the existing question by summing up the discussed ideas. At this point, you must not introduce new information, rather, uniquely restate the thesis statement. Let the evidence, data or solutions you have gathered be seen in this part to help support your topic.

6. Refine your paper

Your essay started from scratch all through the outline, to the actual writing. You must read the completed work to ensure that you rectify any mistakes. Ensure you have adopted the right formatting and referencing styles. Go back to the instructions and check what the professor requires your essay to look like; the font, margins, and so on. If you were to write your essay in APA, ensure you have followed the guidelines.

Check on grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors as well. You can pass your essay through the hands of a professionally trained nurse to help in identifying any flaws.

Eventually, you will not only have a properly structured paper but also one that is rich in nursing concepts. You will effortlessly convince the reader that you are ready for the next stage in your training or career.

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