Writing A Pro/against Gun Control Essay (outline And Examples)

How to write a gun control essay: Guide For Pro and Against gun control

Without proper organization, it can be quite difficult to draft an impressive essay on gun control. Whether you are writing a narrative essay, a compare and contrast essay, an argumentative essay, a cause and effect essay, or a persuasive essay on gun control, you should consider doing extensive research on the topic.

Two steps that can help you come up with a perfect gun control essay

  1. Regardless of the type of gun control essay you are covering, the first step you should consider is to define gun control. Use appropriate definitions for the paper. For instance, you can begin with the most suitable definition for the topic and provide general facts about types and ownership of firearms. You can add a few statistics on gun control.

  2. Once you introduce the topic, the next part that follows is the body. This section contains detailed research on important issues and facts about gun control.

  • For additional statistics, you should utilize studies written on gun control.

  • When writing a pro-gun control essay, statistics, and studies on how private people in American communities have used their guns to commit violent crimes should be extensively used. In the U.S., cases of students who have engaged in assassinations and violent crimes using their parents’ guns are quite common. Studies and statistics on such cases can be a good source of information for the essay.

  • When writing an against gun control paper, you should cite studies and statistics that reveal the importance of gun ownership especially on how privately owned guns have been used to save lives.

How to write a gun control essay

How to start a gun control essay

Starting a gun control essay is the most difficult part for most people. How do you even start? Before making any statements and tackling the essay, you should have a clear understanding of gun control.

You should first define gun control. Simply, gun control can be described as a set of laws and regulations that are set to control the manufacturing, possession, transfer, and use of guns. In most countries, there are strict measures to control the possession and use of guns. This means that only a limited number of people can acquire and use firearms.

For instance, if the essay is concentrating on gun control in the United States, you should do more research on laws and regulations set to control firearms and find out commonly used laws for the topic being covered. The question of whether gun control is a privilege has sparked many questions related to the responsibility of misuse, gun manufacturing, possession, trading, and use.

How to find great gun control essay topics to write about

The increase in violent crimes and misuse of firearms by private citizens to threaten or kill people has made the issue of gun control a debated topic in most countries. There have been many cases that have been featured in the news on the issue. Since gun control is not a new topic, finding great topics to cover on gun control is not complicated. You are only required to select the topic you understand most and express your ideas. The following points should help you know the most suitable topic to research on.

  • What are the causes of the issue of gun control?

  • What is the importance of gun ownership in society?

  • Why should strict measures on gun control be enforced?

  • What measures should be enforced to enhance gun control?

Coming up with a topic sentence in the form of a question that needs answers can effectively transform the topic sentence into a thesis statement. Some examples of topic sentences in the form of questions include:

  • What is gun control?

  • What’s the importance of gun control?

  • How can gun control be made effective?

  • Does gun control have devastating effects on the society?

How to write a conclusion for a gun control essay

In all essays, a conclusion is an important part. Although it should be short, it is supposed to be logical and understandable. When writing a gun control essay, the conclusion should restate the thesis and provide a summary of the main points in the essay. This part should be impressive as it notifies the ready on the main topics covered in the essay.

Gun control essay outline- (Introduction, body, conclusion)

Organizing the points can be challenging sometimes especially when covering an essay on gun control for the first time. Before writing the essay, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of a gun control outline which will help you plan, research, and organize your essay.

A gun control essay is made up of three parts:

  1. The introduction

  2. Body

  3. Conclusion


After coming up with a catchy and worthy title, the next part is the introduction. Starting the essay with interesting gun control hooks is the best way to catch the readers’ attention. After the introductory sentence, briefly describe what will be included in the essay and add an enticing background to the research being conducted. The gun control thesis should be included in the last sentence of the introduction. It shows what the essay is about. The thesis statement should be crafted in a way that makes the reader curious to dig deeper into the article.


The style adopted in the body is determined by the type of essay you are writing. The body contains detailed information on the gun control topic being covered. To prove your points, they should be backed with hard evidence. Statistics should be well-cited.

It contains several paragraphs with each covering a different topic. This section should have a proper flow of paragraphs, points, and ideas to make the essay clear and interesting. Transition words and phrases should be used effectively to make the essay more understandable. For instance, when covering an essay on "More guns – more violence," the first point can be on the prevalence of violence in the United States. The next step can cover how guns are used to cause violence while the third point can cover what regulations should be enforced to control gun manufacturing, possession, and use.


When writing a conclusion for the gun control essay, the thesis statement should be restated. The conclusion contains a summary of the main points presented in the body. It should be phrased in a way that backs up the point being proved or the thesis. It should end with a memorable sentence; either a question or a dramatic plea.

Citations or references

Gun control essays are based on facts, previous studies, and statistics. Citing the work is, therefore, an important way of showing where you sourced the information from. The type of references and citations used varies depending on the essay. In most cases, the references section appears at the end of the essay.

Types of gun control essays that you can write about

There are different types of essays that can be written on gun control. They include:

Argumentative gun control essay:

Since it incorporates the use of different opinions, it’s considered one of the most complicated essay types on gun control. Arguments should be well structured with a proper flow of ideas. It can be written in different styles such as:

  • Classical Argument – it follows a five-discourse start beginning with an Introduction, Narration, and Confirmation by providing facts, statistics, and sources, Concession and Refutation, and lastly the Conclusion.

  • Toulmin’s Argumentation model – support arguments mainly come from news reports and academic sources. The information in the essay has a ground for claims.

  • Rogerian model of argumentation – It picks ideas from both sides i.e. pro-gun control and against-gun control to find common points and uses the points to achieve a mutual understanding.

Definition gun control essay

 – it clearly defines an issue or the term gun control. You are required to clearly define what you understand about gun control.

Cause and Effect gun control essay – In this essay type, you should describe a cause and its effects. For instance, you can pick George Bush's speeches on gun control and describe its impact on American society.

Persuasive gun control essay – This essay type aims to persuade the reader. Unlike the argumentative essay, this essay type appears more of a literature piece of writing and uses a limited number of dry facts.

Types of gun control essays that you can write

There are two types of essays that can be written on gun control: pro-gun control and against gun control essay.

Pro-gun control essay

Pro-gun control essays support the set laws and regulations to control the manufacturing, possession, trade, and use of firearms.

Against gun control essay

These are essays that do not support the set laws and regulations on gun control. They advocate for a review of these laws to lessen their strictness on gun control.

Differences between pro-gun control and against gun control essays

Gun control pros and cons have been discussed and thoroughly analyzed in gun control debates innumerable times, but both advocates and opponents of gun control have stuck to their positions, leaving the issue unresolved. Here are a few important gun control pros and cons.

Pros and con of gun control has been a debated topic for many years. Despite opponents and advocates analyzing the topic on gun control thoroughly, the issue still remains unsolved. Gun control pros and cons include:

Pro-gun control essay

Against gun control essay

Supports the enforcement of stricter gun control laws

Emphasizes that gun control laws and regulations should be lessened.

The essay illustrates the disadvantages of owning a gun.

This essay type shows the importance of having a gun.

The essay uses statistics on how guns have been used in violent crimes, and mass killings.

The essay uses statistics and cases on how guns have been used to save lives.

Pro-gun control essays are phrased in a way they show gun ownership is a privilege.

Against gun control essays are phrased in a way they show gun ownership is a right. According to the Second Amendment, gun ownership should not be restricted.

Intriguing topics on gun control

Here are some of the topics you might find interesting when writing a gun control essay. Remember that these are not the only topics that you can write about. Feel free to post your requirements and get help from experienced essay writers. You can hire an essay writer in less than 5 minutes. 

10 pro-gun control essay topics that you can write about

  1. The implementation of strict gun control laws reduces social risks from gun owners.

  2. Comparison of crime States in the U.S. with strict gun control laws to those with weak laws

  3. Youth violence vs increased crimes

  4. Increased crimes vs youth violence.

  5. More guns – more violence

  6. Will stricter laws reduce the circulation of illegal weapons in California?

  7. The economic impact of gun control in Texas

  8. What is preventing the government from the implementation of stricter limitation laws?

  9. What bars the government from implementing stricter regulations on gun control?

  10. Strict gun control laws deter banned weapons from entering the United States.

10 Against Gun Control Essay Topics you can write on

  1. Conservation take on gun control will minimize violent crimes in the United States.

  2. Taxes vs stricter gun control issue.

  3. Australia and Sweden as examples of recently modified arms control.

  4. Is arms reduction a chance to amend the existing regulations or liberation?

  5. Analysis of arms reduction in Russia and the United States.

  6. What is the hidden agenda in gun control debates?

  7. Gun control leaves innocent people vulnerable to attacks by criminals

  8. Stricter laws do not change the nature of violent crimes

  9. Education is the only solution – gun control is not.

  10. How has strict gun control laws in New York and Chicago contributed to high homicide rates?

Tips for writing a good gun control essay fast

Before writing a gun control essay, you should first choose a suitable topic. The topic selected should be engaging and intriguing. To have a good start and write an impressive essay, there are some tips that you can follow. They include:

  • Do extensive research on gun control before taking any side.

  • Concentrate on one side only i.e. either pro or against gun control laws. Research and write at least 3 – 5 arguments for the body to that support your thesis statement.

  • Find out about your audience to properly phrase your essay. For instance, when your audience is education students, focus on news reports and educational statistics.

  • Add opposing ideas where necessary.

  • Always backup information with sources.

  • Choose an intriguing and engaging thesis statement to gain the readers’ attention.

Does gun control reduce crime essay

I am writing an essay on whether gun control reduce crime. Using clear examples, write a gun control essay on this topic: does gun control reduce crime.

  • Discuss how gun control reduce crime,
  • Discuss how gun control does not reduce crime,
  • What are your final thoughts on the issue of whether gun control is effective in reducing crime.
Should there be stricter gun control laws essay

Should there be stricter gun control laws essay. I need assistance writing an essay on the topic: should there be stricter gun control laws? 

The components of this essay include:

  • Introduction
  • 8 pages body
  • a well thought conclusion

The essay should be formatted in APA 8th edition. Discuss in length why you support or not support: should there be stricter gun control laws

Good hook for a gun control essay

Please share a good hook for a gun control essay. What are various good hooks for an essay on gun control? Discuss

You need to share references where you learnt about how to create a good hook for an essay on gun control.