How to write a descriptive essay about yourself

how to write a descriptive essay about yourself

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How to write a descriptive essay about yourself

A descriptive essay about yourself is a personal account of the writer's personality, and it can be quite an interesting experience. If you already know how to write an essay and are looking for something more challenging, then try writing a descriptive essay about yourself!

A good descriptive essay about yourself should have lots of details and should catch the reader's attention by describing all five senses . Don't leave out any sense in order for the reader to get a clear picture of what you are talking about. 

It would be better if you add some vivid language into your paper because vivid language will help readers truly experience what they're reading. Try writing down everything that popped up in your mind and choose the one that fits best.

If you have no idea of where to begin, this answer will help you get started in your quest towards learning how to write a good descriptive essay about yourself .

Steps on How To Write A Descriptive Essay About Yourself Fast

  • Plan out what you want your reader to feel and know after reading your paper. 
  • Create some ideas by brainstorming with friends or family members who may give you inspiration.
  • Choose your words carefully: when it comes to writing a descriptive essay about yourself, your choice of words is going to be the key to determine whether or not your reader will enjoy reading your paper.
  • Describe yourself using a combination of emotional descriptions and physical traits.

For example, you could use words like pretty, plain etc. to describe how you look physically; or adjectives such as short-tempered, rude, humorous to describe your personality. The reader will feel more engaged with reading about these aspects of yourself when they are constructed into sentences that are descriptive rather than generic. You want to make sure the picture you paint for your reader is real and interesting so experiment with different ways of saying things. 

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  • Be creative when describing the five senses.

Try to write from a first person point of view that way it will seem like you are talking directly to the reader and telling them something new. Make your essay more interesting by using similes and metaphors to describe things, or start your sentence with a preposition because this is a very unique style of writing. 

When it comes to writing good sentences about yourself, you don't have to use just straightforward descriptions. You can also use metaphors, similes, alliteration, and personification. The best essay on a topic will always add in these four elements!

If you're trying to come up with some good adjectives, verbs, or phrases for an essay about yourself, here's a trick: find a mirror. Then stare at yourself in it and describe what you see. The words that pop into your head are the ones you should use!

Always make sure that when you're done writing, you proofread your paper carefully! This is very important since even one mistake can change the whole meaning of what you were trying to say. Proofreading can be tedious so try reading out loud while checking for mistakes . Always remember: don't just tell your reader about yourself instead explain why these qualities are important to you.

When you are asked to write a descriptive essay about yourself, your number one job is to make sure that your reader knows exactly what you mean by using really strong and interesting words.

If you want to make sure that your essay about yourself stands out from the rest, then having an interesting title that describes how you feel about it is a great way to start.

You could use a quote related to what you're writing about, or describe it in terms of its opposites (how I wasn't afraid of public speaking but why I was afraid of being judged by my peers). Start off with something memorable so your reader decides to read the whole thing and not just skim.

You can easily do this by describing things in their opposites (darkness-brightness; silence-noise) or by explaining how certain sounds or actions feel or look. Make your sentences interesting! Give them action verbs, superlatives, or other strong adjectives. The stronger your sentences are the more engaged your readers will be!

One of the best ways to write a descriptive essay about yourself is to use similes and metaphors. Not only will this help you describe your feelings in new ways, but it shows that you have an active imagination! The best metaphors will also make your paper more interesting and fun to read.

The most important thing is to enjoy writing your descriptive essay about yourself and have fun trying new things!

answered 07/06/2021

How to write a descriptive essay about yourself

Are you stuck on how to write a descriptive essay about yourself or another person? Then worry no more because this article has everything you need. 

Let us face it; everything is perfect until someone asks you to talk about yourself.

Where do you even start?

What do you say?

It can be quite challenging, leave alone writing it down in an essay. In writing about you, it can be both challenging and accessible. There are far too many details to write down, but how does one go about it? Well, in this article, we will revolve around answering that question and other related specs.

What is a personal descriptive essay?

A personal descriptive essay is an essay where the writer describes something fully. In this case, the writer describes him/herself. In describing, one writes down almost every detail that makes up the person one wants to describe. In short, this is a type of decriptive essay writing  that focuces on you.

What to write about in an essay about yourself

Writing every single detail about oneself can fill a book. For this reason, it is crucial to brainstorm and create a list. In the list include things like;

  1.  Educational background. It is from the lower level to the current academic level. Mention the schools attended till now. 
  2. Your skills and abilities. It is best to include those skills that you have to learn in school, like playing a particular musical instrument. 
  3. Life experiences. Talk to those particular events in your life that changed you. The stories should be real and not mere imagination. Tell your audience what you learned from those experiences. Use words that capture the reader’s attention.
  4. Talk about your likes, hobbies, and preferences, like your favorite meal, color, your pet's name if you have one.
  5. Your life goals and accomplishments. Write what you have achieved in life and your plans for the future.
  6. Physical apprearance - When writing this kind on an essay, you might encounter a prompt that requires you to write a descriptive essay about a person physical appearance. 

In writing an essay about yourself, it is advisable to avoid giving sensitive information like race and nationality, income level, religion, and ethnicity. 

Outline, Structure and format of a personal descriptive essay

 The structure and outline of a descriptive essay are pretty simple. Like all other essays, it follows a pattern. it entails;

  • Introduction

It is the primary starting point of your essay. The opening sentence you use is very vital. It is what intrigues your readers. It should, therefore, be unique and very interesting. Alternatively, you can pose a question or write a quote. The introduction should be brief and precise. Ensure your introduction is not too wordy. All the juice is for the next part.

  • Body

When answering the question like how to write a descriptive essay about yourself? There are those main facts you want to discuss. Those points are for the body section. Begin by dividing it into three or more paragraphs. In each part, discuss one central fact. You can begin with your educational background. Give as many details as possible, but remember not to write sensitive information.

  • Conclusion

Here you sum up everything by slightly mentioning each key point. For your finishing touch, give your audience something to think about and remember. It is the best way of writing a good conclusion.

How to write in third person

One might ask, how do you write without using I? The best thing to do to avoid using the pronoun I am to create a character. You are describing you but as a character like Miles. Use the right pronouns, those in the third person like he and she. Avoid using those pronouns in the first and second person like me and you, respectively.

Steps and tips to follow in writing

    1. Create a checklist of possible topics to discuss
    2. Choose specific stories to talk about
    3. Know your audience, do they require formal or informal writing.
  • Write in simple words and follow the essay writing structure.
  • Unless stated otherwise, write in the first person.
  • Proofread and edit.

In writing a descriptive essay about yourself, follow the stated tips and steps. Give accurate details; do not lie. Remember to leave out sensitive information like race. For the body, use impressive writing stills to keep your readers engaged. So how do you know how to write a descriptive essay about yourself?

answered 02/26/2021
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