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Write a nursing reflective essay

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A nursing reflective essay is a paper by nurses as a general report of what they learnt or found out during their internship. It is a requirement at the end of your internship.

The essay comprises the daily routine of a nurse, the tasks carried out, the processes involved, lessons learnt, and the impact it had on them. You also analyse the organisation structure of the institution you were working at, in this case, the hospital, and suggest improvements, if any.

Nursing Reflective Essay Structure

As a nurse, a nurse reflective essay is a platform where you pour out your view on the practice. You give your supervisor, or reader for that matter, the insights into your experiences as an intern.

Like other forms of essays and academic pieces, it includes:

  1. An introduction

An introduction equips the reader with information about what you will be discussing. It answers these questions.

  • What’s the reason for writing this?
  • What is written in the body?
  • Why should I read the essay?

As such, the introduction has three sections to answer these questions. These sections are;

  • The topic sentences. In other cases, it is called the thesis statement.
  • The relevance of the essay. This tells the reason for writing and the reason the audience should read.
  • A hook. It is a catchy sentence, usually a quote, phrase, rhetorical question, an amazing fact, or a disapproval of a commonly assumed idea. It is meant to make the reader interested in the rest of the paper. It should be relevant/ connected to the paper. 
  1. The Body

Like most other essays is the longest part of the paper. It consists of all the information you will want to convey. 

It breaks into paragraphs that include;

  •  An overview of the daily routine of a nurse. Describe the daily assignments of a nurse and how they carry them out. Base your essay on experiences or observations made.
  • Describe the beauty of being a nurse. If you have any relinquishing moments as a nurse, it is time to put them down. I believe nursing is not that boring. Sometimes you have had some good days. They add to the aesthetic value of your essay.
  •  Share the challenges of nursing. Everything that has pros has cons too, and nursing conforms to those rules. You do not want to seem biased by writing about the pros only. Highlight the challenges nurses go through and how they walk through them. 
  1. Conclusion

Summarize the main points of the essay in this section. Avoid introducing any new information. Restate the topic sentence in different words. Also, add a call of action for your paper. A call to action is an invitation for the reader to take some desired action that the writer suggests. 

Choosing a Nursing Reflection Essay Topics 

Before you begin writing a nursing reflective essay, it is wise to choose a topic that you have good knowledge of. It will allow you to create a comprehensive argument that will build the points you state. 

Choosing a topic for your nursing reflective essay can be difficult. These examples should guide you.

  1. The Life of a Nurse.
  2. Midwifery and New-born Baby Care.
  3. A Day in a Nurse’s Shoes. 
  4. All That Goes on in a Hospital.
  5. Prevention of Illness and Promotion of Health
  6. Introduction to the Nursing World.
  7. Who Takes Care of Nurses?
  8. Should the Nurses be Able to Refuse to Work with Offensive Patients?

Steps to Writing a Nursing Reflective Essay.

The path steps that you take towards writing an essay is what dictates whether you end up with a good or poor paper. If you have been having trouble writing your nursing essay, try following these steps.

  1. Research and collect data from the various sources you can access. You can even have a chat with your colleagues to get a deep insight.
  2. Choose a topic to write on.
  3. Create an outline for your paper. It acts as a guide when you are writing the essay.
  4. Make a draft. Follow the outline and make the 1st sample of your essay.
  5. Read through and correct any mistakes you identify.
  6. Write the final copy.

We hope that the information provided in this article is useful. Have an easy time writing your paper. If you are still stuck, seek more guidance from our professional writers.

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