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Research paper introduction paragraph

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How to Start a Research Paper – Introduction

All academic research papers must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. But how long does it take you to write a research paper introduction? 2, 5 or 30 minutes? How do you start off a research paper? Well, once you read this tutorial, it should take you the shortest time possible. We give you a research paper writing step-by-step guide and useful tips to keep in mind when handling your paper’s intro.

The introduction aims at presenting what the reader should expect to learn from the paper, stating the thesis statement, and giving definitions.

Since it introduces the reader to the topic, it should motivate the reader to continue reading. So, an excellent introduction should invoke a feeling or desire for more.

It is essential to make the beginning of your research paper interesting and engaging. These will help capture the reader’s attention and create interest. Remember, your first lines will help decide whether or not the reader will read through the whole paper. You cannot afford to miss out on any point.

A research paper must have a context that will help readers understand why you decided to study and how your research is useful. Focus on answering the two questions in your introduction section, so take your time and make sure you get it right.

It is best practice to do the introduction paragraph last. First write the other parts of the paper first and then later focus on preparing an ideal opening paragraph.

How to write an introduction paragraph in a research paper

Unlike other forms of writing, research papers focus on facts, studies, and it’s quite a challenge for most students to come up with its introduction.

But remember, you need readers to go through the research. Therefore, entice them at the beginning of your paper.

Here are what should appear in your opening paragraph:

  • Context of your research and background
  • Explaining the significance of your research
  • Stating your rationale and hypothesis
  • Telling the reader about the research, you intend to carry out
  • Introducing your topic

Now that you already know what should appear in that first paragraph let’s take a look at this step by step guide and have a better understanding.

Step 1. Announce your topic

When writing any academic essay, it is always advisable to start with the general information and then narrow down to specific details. Avoid going into more detail when drafting an introduction. Instead, aim at giving your view on the topic.

A topic in the central part of the writing of any paper you prepare, so it is only wise to start by stating your case and then add some issues connected with the given topic.

Step 2. Review the literature

Literature sources are needed when developing a statement in the main body. Present the bases and give citations without forgetting to avoid plagiarism, which is a punishable offense. In your introduction, briefly explain what the literature will entail.

Step 3. State your thesis statement

A research paper thesis statement is more like the aim of your paper. The statement serves a very crucial role in marking the introduction for the research paper and the transition of the actual research. You cannot afford to leave it out. The thesis statement collects all the ideas in a concise and logical sentence. It tells the reader what will run through the paper setting the tone.

Step 4. Draft an outline

An outline will give the research paper a structure. It will help you remember all the essential points and decide what to write when and where. An overview may be a short paragraph representing your plan for the entire paper or the quick notes you made while reading through the sources.

Tips on Writing a Flawless Research Paper Intro

We make writing an introduction for your research paper easier by our easy to follow steps. But to improve your writing experience, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

  1. Aim at communicating your structure
  2. Start the paragraph with a quotation
  3. Define an explain concepts
  4. Be brief and concise
  5. Capture the reader’s attention using catch sentences and topics
  6. Start broadly and then narrow down
  7. Always give an overview of your paper
  8. Check the journal requirements
  9. Cite thoroughly but not excessively.


Writing an introduction can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you will be forced to write the rest of your paper before coming up with an introduction. But with the steps and tips mentioned about learning how to write a research paper introduction has been made easier.

With you having read through the whole article, it is now time to practice what you just learned. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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