Public Company Financial Performance Assessment

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you are going to assess the financial performance of a public company of your choice and present your findings to the class. Remember that public companies are those companies whose shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange. They are required to follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as well as release an annual report to the public outlining their financial performance for the fiscal year. They are also required to release quarterly reports which are much shorter than the annual report and outline their performance for the quarter (each fiscal year has 4 quarters, 3 months each).


You will use the latest annual report (2022) of the public company you selected. Try to select Canadian public companies as their reports are easier to read than U.S publicly traded companies. You will also conduct independent research of the company outside of the annual report. Your findings are to be presented to the class using Google Slides, Canva etc. 


Your presentation should include:

  1. Title Slide: Business Name, Submitted By, Company logo
  2. Business Overview (slide outlining key facts of the business – what they do, short history, current CEO, market share, etc.)
  3. Perform horizontal analysis on key financial amounts of the business. Analyze results.
  4. Perform liquidity ratio analysis (use 3 liquidity ratios). Analyze results.
  5. Perform solvency analysis (use 3 solvency ratios). Analyze results.
  6. Perform profitability analysis (use 3 profitability ratios). Analyze results.
  7. Current initiatives and future plans of the business (from the annual report as well as your research). Basically answering: What are they up to? What’s up their sleeve? .
  8. Should we invest?  Explain why or why not, pulling in findings from the above sections.
  9. Thank You, Any Questions? slide


To also submit a paper report which includes:

  1. Title Page
  2. Annual Report - Balance Sheet â€œStatement of Financial Position”
  3. Annual Report - Income Statement â€œStatement of Operations”
  4. Detailed calculations of horizontal analysis, liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratios

           It is important that you clearly and neatly show ALL CALCULATIONS!

  1. Works Cited: outlining links to websites where information was obtained.
  2. The company i used was tim hortons


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