Advanced Data Structure Homework 1

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This assignment is all done in c++ and needs to have the .cpp file and .hpp files together. - further explanation within uploaded file Any input of a negative number ( -10 and such) cannot compile and should result in a message back to the user as " invalid value, please enter a correct value" I am working on Atom If possible can compile within that program unless Xcode or will be fine as well
CSCI 373 Spring 2022 Prof. Abdu The assignment is due on February 24, 2022. You may submit the assignment after the due date but one point will be deducted for each calendar day the assignment is late. Create a program to calculate grades as well as descriptive statistics for a set of test scores. The test scores can be entered via a user prompt or through an external file. For each student, you need to provide a student name (string) and a test score (float). The program will do the followings: • Assign a grade (A, B, C, D, or F) based on a student’s test score. • Display the grade roster as shown below: • Calculate the following descriptive statistics (as shown below) o Number of students in the class o Average score o Maximum score o Minimum score The program must use o A loop structure (for-loop, while-loop, or do-while-loop) o Conditional processing (if-then-else) o Arrays o At least one function The assignment (.cpp and .h files) must be submitted through the John Jay College blackboard.
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