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THIS FINAL EXAM IS WORTH MANY POINTS, AND I NEED A HIGH QUALITY HELPER; AND SO I WILL PAY HIGH! Hello everyone, Our final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 5-7 PM. I plan to distribute and solicit it by e-mail to everyone. I plan to distribute the exam at 4:30 PM. The submission deadline is 8:15 PM. I expect that all of you will complete the work by 8:00 PM. I add 15 minutes for scanning and e-mailing. Our Final Exam is comprehensive; it covers HW 1-10. It is also worthwhile to look through the answer keys of Quizzes 1 and 2. It is crucial to study those types of HW problems which were not present in the quizzes; they have higher chances of appearing in the final exam.The final exam will contain 8 problems. I think 120 minutes are sufficient for this exam, but I suggest you start immediately after getting the exam to be on the safe side. When you finish, you must e-mail your solutions as (readable) PowerPoint, pdf, or Word files. It is vital that you work on the exam at a place having a reliable internet connection.

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