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This week's class discussion concerns the models of democracy; or, how our democracy works. As you know, democracy is all about government by, of, and for the "people!" Please be sure to read this week’s lesson pertaining to the models of democracy. Descriptive models are important because they help us understand how events and work items/functions such as traffic models, air quality models, and of course models of democracy and many others. Please provide your thoughts and comments concerning the application of both the majoritarian and pluralist models of democracy in American government. What are their similarities and differences? Do you agree with either or both models? Why? Also, provide some examples of how these models work or do not work; and, you may include any level of government (federal, state, regional, or local). Your personal experiences as an employee, customer, or public-at-large and/or your personal observations and thoughts are fine and appreciated. Also, any thoughts on which model is more realistic in explaining our government system? Any thoughts on another model to assist us in understanding how government works? 100-150 words

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