Basic R Project In My Intro To R Class At Ole Miss.

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This project is meant to assess your ability to program in R based on what we’ve done in the course. The result should be a report with a narrative throughout, section headings, graphs outputted in appropriate places, etc. To be clear be sure to include markdown text describing what you are doing, even when not explicitly asked for! The audience you are writing for is someone that has taken an introductory statistics course (and did well :). You will create a .Rmd file and HTML output that answers the questions below. Then you’ll upload the HTML file to Moodle on the assignment link. Note: Your file should follow good programming practices as outlined in the top section of the course. All code chunks should show in your HTML document. The final document should be at maximum 5 pages. Recall you can change the size of graphs on your outputted document using code chunk options (out.width = for instance). GOAL We will read in a data set, do some basic exploratory data analysis (EDA - numeric summaries and graphs), data transformations, and then fit some linear regression models. It should be fun :) You should use the tidyverse to read in, manipulate, and graph the data set.

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