Bootcamp Exercise Marker. A Program That Administers And Grades A Multiple-Choice Exam.

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A program that administers and grades a multiple-choice exam. It starts off with 5 questions and repeats the questions that were incorrectly answered until all question have been correctly answered.

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# Abdur-Raheem Lee <> def read_file(): ''' Reads contents from the text file (questions.txt) @return a list of five random questions ''' def ask_questions(list_of_questions): ''' Sends quesions one at a time to be displayed @param list of five questions @return a list of questions the user answer incorrectly ''' def display_question(question_number, question): ''' Displays a single question from the list of questions Takes in an answer @param a single question @return the answer given by the user ''' def is_correct_answer(solution, user_answer): ''' Checks if the answer given by the user is correct @param solution - The correct answer @param user_answer - The answer entered by the user @return boolean indicating if user answered correctly or not ''' def next_round(current_round): ''' Calculates the next round @param current round completed @return integer next round ''' if __name__ == '__main__': score = 0 current_round = 0 question_list = read_file() while score < 5: current_round = next_round(current_round) question_list = ask_questions(question_list) score = 5 - len(question_list) What are variables used for?, A, A - Variables are used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program and can change throughout the life cycle of a program, B - Variables are used to store information that will never change, C - sdjhdsjhfdhjsdfdbfhsd How many leaves are in a tree?, C, A - 23, B - 45, C - 78 _______ is the process of finding errors and fixing them within a program?, C, A - Compiling, B - Executing, C - Debugging Which command will stop an infinite loop?, B, A - Alt + C, B - Ctrl + C, C - Esc A loop that never ends is referred to as a(n)_________., B, A - While loop, B - Infinite loop, C - Recursive loop What does HTML stand for?, C, A - Hyper Trainer Marking Language, B - Hyper Text Marketing Language, C - Hyper Text Markup Language Special quatity whose value doesn't change during the whole program is classified as?, A, A - Constant, B - String, C - Variable Animations and interactivity with the user on web pages can be done by?, A, A - Javascript, B - HTML, C - PHP
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