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Part A: Create an Input Processing and Output. Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise. You have been contracted by a local fair to design an algorithm determining the total charges for rides at the fair. For the Merry Go Round it 5 Tickets, For Bumper Cars 7 Tickets, Face Painting 2 Tickets, Cartoon Painting 3 Tickets, and Zipper is 6 tickets. A customer can purchase 14 tickets for $20 and 2 tickets for $1. The algorithm should ask the patron for which rides or fun they would like to participate in. Then perform the correct total calculations of tickets required, then calculate against ticket pricing to get final total cost and ticket count. Establish any variables required. Be sure about the logic and design first (IPO chart). Create a Word Doc or Excel. Part B: Write a pseudocode that performs the following: You have been contracted by a local stadium to design an algorithm determining the total seating charges for any game held at the stadium. Lower level seats cost $25 per seat, mid-level seats cost $15 per seat, and upper-level seats cost $10 per seat. The algorithm should ask the user for the number of seats being purchased at each seating level. Then, the algorithm will determine the total for each level and a grand total for the entire purchase. Create a Word Doc.

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