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This assignment is to help you develop your skills. You can include all of this into one program or two. There should not be any two programs that are the same….This is all made up. Please include comments…example #This is #1 declaring a variable. Declare a variable of any data type and assign data to it. Use that variable in a cout statement. Create a for loop Create a nested for loop Create a do-while loop Create a while loop Create function (understand prototypes): Passing by value Passing by reference Implementing parameters Implementing arguments Create an array of any size and implicitly assign values to it. Two-dimensional arrays Searching and Sorting Arrays Pointers Initialize a pointer Pointer arithmetic Comparing pointers Dynamic memory allocation Structs Initialize a struct Arrays of Structs Pointers to structs Classes Define an instance of a class Private members Constructors Destructors Passing arguments to constructors Arrays of objects

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