Capstone Project: Keypad Based Door Lock System Using Arduino

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Capstone Project: Keypad-based door lock system using Arduino. I need to buy a project and report for my capstone Project. Want to make a small house using cardboard. I should look like a student made it. The report should have the detail of components pricing and pictures of different steps of making the project.
PROJECT PROPOSAL These sections present an outline for the written organization of the research project; however, the contents of the sections will vary greatly due to the variety of problems to be addressed in different research approaches that can be employed through these projects. The report can be broken into few sections: tittle page, abstract, introduction (including review of literature), design, and methodology (includes schematics, software etc), timeline, budget, results and conclusion. The following provides some details of the major sections: Title Page: This page shows title of project, participants, school and department, submission date, etc. Table of Contents: Topic/title and page numbers Abstract Page: It provides a brief overview of the proposed project. It should include a clear statement of the hypothesis or major questions to be investigated and the proposed activities for the project investigation. Objectives: This section outlines the purpose of the project, justifies the reasons for the study, and highlights its significance. Information pertaining to the significance of the study should indicate the value of the information gained through the research to the area of study, industry, and the community. Introduction: This section introduces the purpose of the project and the rationale for, or basis of, the approach to be used in the completion of the project. It illustrates the central question or problem associated with the project topic. It should provide some background information and references to literature pertinent to the project topic (literature review). The background information shows what has been published about the topic, conflicts in theory, methodology, evidence, conclusions, gaps in research, or a new perspective. The final section of the introduction Page 2 of 4 states the purpose of the project and the rationale for the approach to be used to complete it. This section must demonstrate the formulation of a hypothesis or identify the major questions to be addressed. A hypothesis is an educated guess regarding an outcome. The hypothesis statement will serve as the basis of the project investigation, determining what information must be obtained in order to assess the hypothesis. In contrast, major questions will identify various questions that will be addressed in the research conducted. Assumptions and Scope: This section describes the context of the project and establishes the assumptions related to the project. The assumptions stated are the set of conditions that are presumed apply to the topic being researched. The description of the scope pertaining to the research defines the restrictions placed on the study to make it feasible. Methodology and Design: This section details methodology of the research/work to meet the project objectives. It should explain the methods and procedures associated with the project, as well as their duration, sequence and particular purpose and required resources. There should be a description of the type of data that will be obtained, and the use of those data, to be employed for the study. Timeline: A tentative schedule of the overall activities related to the project should be included (see Fig. 1 for sample timeline) . As part of required resources, it should specify the materials, equipment, and facilities that will be required throughout the project. Page 3 of 4 Fig.1: Sample project schedule using Microsoft XL Budget: The budget should include an overall estimate of the anticipated costs associated with the project. It should also detail the types of costs expected, amounts, and potential resources available. Participant(s): A brief paragraph should identify faculty adviser and students. A summary of the student participant’s qualifications and skills relative to the project should be included in a brief biographical sketch. It also identifies and describes each member’s responsibility for the duration of the project, and explains how the members plan to work together on the project. Conclusion: This section concludes the report. It states the expectations from the project, and its relation to other works in the literature. It also discusses the limitations of the current study. References: It should include number of sources which have been used in the development of the Capstone Project proposal and cited in the text of the proposal. The References list documents the sources used and provides the information necessary to identify and retrieve each source. The appropriate format for references should be used. Page 4 of 4 MIDTERM PROGRESS REPORT Same as project proposal, except a week by week progress journal added to timeline section. Also must update any change in design with updated schematic, schedule, budget etc. FINAL REPORT The final project report should be similar to the project proposal. It should include updated (actual) project timeline, detailed (updated) methodology and design. It must have an ADDED new section named test and validation describing project implementation process, test result and analysis. The conclusion discusses lesson learned. It should have discussion about future work.
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