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--You don't need to write the questions in your answers. Write your answers in order and clearly indicate the numbers of the questions (i.e. A.1., B.3., etc.) 

--As for the Section B and C, you should not just copy and paste from the lecture slides. Write answers in your own words; You could use key words and phrases from the slides, but the sentences should be your own. I want to see how you understand them. 

A. Answer the following questions (4 points per each question; 4x10=40) 

  1. What are the “Three Rules of Obedience” in Korea’s traditional Confucian society? 
  2. Korea was under Japanese rule between the years ___________ and ___________.  
  3. What is the word to call the traditional courtesans who were trained to entertain men (mostly the yangban class) in Chos?n Korea? 
  4. What is the derogatory word for Koreans, used by Japanese during the colonial period?  
  5. When the four main protagonists of The Heartless ran into at a train, where were the destinations of each of them? 
  6. Where is the spatial setting of “Salt,” Kang Ky?ng-ae’s short story, and what made the protagonists’ lives more difficult in this area than other places in Korea?
  7. In the last phase of Japanese colonialism, the Japanese empire adopted a radical assimilation policy in Korea. Write one example of the assimilation policy. 
  8. “Bildungsroman,” which means a “novel of education” or “novel of formation,” designates a literary genre portraying the psychological and moral development of the main protagonist. Among the course readings, which stories are bildungsromans? List all of them. 
  9. Choose three characters from “Into the Light” by Kim Sa-ryang and write their ethnicities. 
  10. Which literary works among our course readings depict a main protagonist who studies or studied abroad in Japan? List all of the stories. 

B. Answer the following questions in 3~5 sentences (6 points per each question; 6x5=30) 

  1. According to Yi Kwang-su, what makes modern literature different from the literature in the previous era (Chos?n period)? Why does Yi Kwang-su criticize the literature in Chos?n Korea?  
  2. In colonial Korea, what did cultural nationalists argue in order to bring the national independence of Korea and what are the limitations of their argument? 
  3. The scene that happened at a public bathing area in “On the eve of the Uprising” is one of the most important scenes in the novella. Why is this scene important? What does the protagonist experience and feel there?  
  4. How is the relationship between the narrator and his wife in Yi Sang’s short story, “The Wings”? What do you think the author intended to achieve by portraying the dysfunctional narrator? 
  5. What are the main themes of The Heartless

 C. Write your answers to the following questions (10 points each; at least 7~8 sentences; 10x3=30) 

  1. How did women’s status and role change in Korea’s transition to modern society and what were the conflicts between traditional and modern views on women? You can make some examples from the literary works that we read (“Ky?ngh?i,” The Heartless, etc.) and/or a female writer’s biographical details. 
  2. The Japanese empire implemented different colonial policies in Korea in 1910s and 1920s. What caused this change of policies? Explain the differences of the colonial rules between 1910s and 1920s (up to the mid 1930s) and their influences on Korean society. 
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two works: The Heartless by Yi Kwang-su and “On the Eve of the Uprising” by Y?m Sang-s?p. For instance, you can focus on the two main protagonists and historical contexts in which the stories were written, etc. 

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