Creating A Small Village In Pygame And Pyopengl

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A village scene Your task in this assignment is to create a scene of a very small village. The scene must include the following features. A ground plane with a grass texture mapped to it. On the ground plane there must be a street running left to right (in the initial view. (This could change with changes in the viewer’s eye position). Adjacent to the street there must be a row of at least four houses. All houses must have a pitched roof. All houses must have a front door and two windows. The windows must be openings (not just a black polygons). The viewer must be able to see inside the houses. At least one house must have a door that opens and closes under keyboard control. The door must be a movable unit of geometry (not a disappearing polygon). The door should rotate from a fully closed position to a partial, but noticeable open position, but the viewer should be to see it in both positions. Use the o key to open a door and the c key to close the door. At least one house must have a light inside that can be turned off and on under keyboard control. Use the z key to toggle the inside light on and off. At least one house must have a tree in the front or side yard. At least two of the houses must be different colors One house should be bigger than the others. Each house should have a mailbox on a post next to the road and in front of the house. The scene must include light from the sun. The sun must move across the scene over the course of the day. The movement of the sun should be controlled by key presses ( like for example r for movement to the right, l for movement to the left, and yes we will be able to back the sun up). The movement of the sun must create observable changes in shadows in the scene. Ideally the sun should rise in the left side of the scene and slightly back (-z) to cast shadows in front of the houses and move left to right in sky and set on the right side and slightly to the front (+z) of the scene. This should cast shadows of houses (for instance) to the left (-x) and slightly to the rear. Use the n key to change from day to night and night to day. It is not necessary to see the sun in the scene, on the lighting effects of the sun. We need to be able to change the scene to nighttime. In other words, “turn off the sun” under keyboard control. However, nighttime must not be total darkness, but rather a low light condition. You must make the viewpoint of the viewer changeable in the x and y direction. Keep the focus of the viewer on the center of your scene. For key control of the view’s eye movement use a=-x, d=+x, w=+y, x=-y

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