Creating Logical And Physical Diagram Of Floor Plan

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I have attached the file below, of the two questions I need. The first is identifying what kind of equipment is needed, and the second one is creating a physical and logical diagram.

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Floor plan A 1) Based on the floor plan chosen, you will identify and select all equipment needed to outfit and network 15 classrooms (computers, monitors, printers, projectors, switches, cabling, etc..). Hint: create one room classroom as a module and stipulate that all 15 are the same or similar. Using the same line of logic, create 5 faculty offices, and an office for the dean. Submissions should contain product information to identify each component. Budget is not specified but please make realistic choices (25 points). || Classroom: 20 student PCs, 1 printer, 1 networked projector, 1 teacher station, and 1 connection available for visiting lecturers bringing their own laptop. Office: 2 computers, 1 printer, 1 VoIP phone, You are given the network, to use for addressing (note the subnet mask, you are being given a subnet to further subnet – vlsm). 2)Using Visio or a similar product, draw a physical and logical diagram for the network of either floor plan A or floor plan B. Hint: As stated earlier in this document, a modular approach is recommended (25 points).
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